Kelleys Island State Park

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Looking for a unique island RV getaway? Kelleys Island State Park is a 676-acre state park that is located on most of the northern third of Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. Renowned for its unique geological, ecological, and archaeological features, the island was formed by glaciation when massive ice sheets from Canada made their way down into Ohio. You can still see evidence of the glaciers in the grooves in the island’s limestone bedrock throughout the park. Before the 19th century, this region in and around Lake Erie was inhabited by Ottawa and Huron Indian tribes while also being visited by European explorers. In 1840 the community was renamed Kelleys Island and it was a hub for wineries, quarries, and fisheries until the land was acquired by the state of Ohio. Kelleys Island later officially became a state park in 1956.

The most popular recreational activities revolve around using the areas of Lake Erie that surround the park. There are some incredible boating, fishing and swimming possibilities during the summertime and during the winter, park guests enjoy ice skating, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. The area also offers some excellent birding opportunities due to the many species of migrating songbirds and waterfowl species that rest on the island before flying across the lake.

RV campers can call the well-maintained campground home during their visit with 48 electric, 41 non-electric and 36 full hook up sites. Camping is available all year round and peak season runs from April to the end of October.

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Transportation in Kelleys Island State Park


Getting to Kelleys Island State Park is a bit out of the ordinary from the usual state park trip as there are no roads that give you direct access to the park. Instead, there are private ferries that can transport you and your RV from the mainland from downtown Marblehead. There are a few different options to get to the island, but there is only one car ferry so that will be your only choice if you are coming in an RV. The running schedule of the ferry depends on what the current season is, but during the winter time if there is bad ice on the lake the ferry will be shut down until the spring time. Because of this, make sure if you plan on coming in winter that you double check with the ferry operators. You need to be sure there is a service going to and from the island as there is no other way to take your RV there.

Before you catch the ferry over to Kelleys Island State Park you can stock up on any last minute shopping in Marblehead with groceries and other supplies being readily available. There should be no problem with your journey to Marblehead since the roads are mostly flat and there are no obstacles such as trees overhanging or skinny lanes.


There is ample parking available at Kelleys Island State Park.

Public Transport

There are no public transport options to get to Kelleys Island State Park. All the ferry services are run by private companies.

Campgrounds and parking in Kelleys Island State Park

Campsites in Kelleys Island State Park

Reservations camping

Kelleys Island State Park

The large campground at Kelleys Island State Park is home to a total of five loops that provide 125 RV sites. There are more electric sites than non-electric, with a total of 84 sites that have a 50 amp connection. Out of those 84 sites, 36 are on offer that also have water and sewer connections to make them full hookup sites. The park is well equipped with useful amenities such as toilets, showers, a dump station, picnic areas, swimming beach and a playground.

If you want a site that has lake views, the sites on the eastern side of the campground will suit you. Pets are allowed in one specific loop only, so make sure you book one of those sites if you have a pet. Phone reception should be available for all networks in the campground and you may also pick up some TV stations. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance and camping is open all year round. If there is ice on the lake the ferry will not be operating, so camping in your RV at the park during winter really depends on weather conditions.

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Seasonal activities in Kelleys Island State Park


Exploring Via Golf Cart

Vehicle access to the park is somewhat limited, so exploring via golf cart is commonplace at Kelleys Island State Park. The roads of the park are great for driving around on a golf cart and it can be a fun way to see more of the island then you would if you just explored on foot. There are numerous places that you can rent golf carts from that are located near the ferry terminal in Marblehead. If you want to rent a cart, make sure you do it before going over to the island.


Since the waters of Lake Erie surround the park boating is also an extremely popular recreational activity. If you brought your own boat there is a double-lane launch ramp that is located on the island's north shore. If you don't have a boat, the sandy beach at Kelleys Island State Park is also the spot from where you can rent water crafts from to explore the waters of Lake Erie. Renting a kayak or paddle-board and seeing the park from the unique perspective of the lake is very popular and you can do it daily from Memorial Day through to Labor Day.


One of the best parts about visiting a state park located by a beach, lake or on an island are the swimming opportunities that are available during the warmer months. At Kelleys Island State Park there is a 100-foot public swimming beach that gives you the opportunity to frolic in the waters of Lake Erie. The beach is located an easy walking distance from the campground and it is open during daylight hours. If you have pets with you keep them at your campsite as they are not allowed on the beach. Restrooms and changing rooms are also available nearby.



Kelleys Island State Park will be a haven for birding fans as there are excellent birding opportunities. The island has been classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Audubon Ohio’s lead conservation initiative. The goal of the program is to identify key areas that are critical to the survival of birds, and to promote conservation of these areas to help maintain healthy bird populations. Kelleys Island Audbon club hosts events year round, so check out their website to see if there are any group birding opportunities that are happening when you are visiting.


Kelleys Island State Park is home to some of the best natural areas in the region, which makes it a great place to hike. There are a few different trail options in the park, but the most popular is the North Shore Loop Trail. This is an easy hiking and biking trail that is only a mile long, but it leads to the rare alvar habitat located along the northern shore of the island. The impressive Glacial Grooves are also only a two minute walk from the start of the North Shore Loop Trail and is definitely worth checking out.


Known as the "Walleye Capital of the World", Lake Erie is a great spot to fish no matter the season. You have a few different fishing options in the park. In the north of the island there is a stone pier which you can fish from along with shoreline fishing. If you really want to have a big fishing experience there are private fishing charters that operate in the lake that depart from Marblehead. If you do land a nice catch there is a fish cleaning house located in the campground that is free to registered campers. A valid Ohio fishing license is required when fishing in Kelleys Island State Park.

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