Kentucky State Fair

Experience Kentucky this summer by visiting the Kentucky State Fair and taking part in a variety of exciting attractions, concerts, and competitions.

Event information

Aside from being one of the most popular State Fairs in the US, the Kentucky Fair retains a rich history. The first event was hosted way back in 1816, which was just five years after the first US fair. However, it was not until 1902 that this event became an official State Fair.

From 1902, the fair has slowly grown a well-known event, with more than 600,000 visitors coming every year. In recent years, the fair has featured multiple stages, exhibits, and performers scattered across 300 acres of outdoor space and more than a million square feet of indoor space. Visitors can expect entertaining and educational exhibits, exhilarating competitions, first-rate concerts, and breathtaking attractions, all aimed at creating unforgettable memories for families and friends alike.

The Kentucky Exposition Center offers an overnight RV parking area for travelers of the primitive fashion and may offer some amenities. RVers can also choose from several nearby campgrounds, set up camp, and explore Louisville and its surroundings.


Ordering Kentucky State Fair tickets online and in advance will be considerably cheaper than buying them during the event. Keep in mind that adult tickets tend to be the most expensive, whereas admission for children of five and under may be free of charge. Group tickets are available as well as tickets for multiple days. To know more about the details and pricing of the tickets, make sure to visit the Kentucky State Fair website.

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The Kentucky State Fair is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center, which is located at 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY. This puts the fair right at the junction of Interstate 264 and Interstate 65, thus making it quite accessible and convenient for drivers coming from all directions. If you are coming to the fair from Indianapolis, it may take you around two hours via I-65. If you are traveling from St. Louis via I-64, your ride may last around four hours.

Parking areas

Parking options are usually plentiful at the Kentucky Exposition Center. There will be standard car and motorcycle parking lots, as well as RV and bus parking lots. Vehicle parking can be purchased online in advance, but RV parking (camping) must be reserved in advance.

Public Transportation

To avoid the hustle and bustle of Louisville's traffic, guests can travel on foot around the city or rely on local public transportation. Buses run from the fairgrounds to different parts of the city. Several taxi services operate in the area as well. A common drop-off point is conveniently located on the plaza, which is close to Lot N. Guests can also find a tram stop near the main gate of the fairgrounds.

Where to stay


The Kentucky State Fair houses an RV campground at the Kentucky Exposition Center. RV parking (primitive camping) must be reserved in advance, so make sure to do that before you embark on your trip. The RV parking spots are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and are located behind Cardinal Stadium in the Kentucky Exposition Center. Minimal hookups may be available based on weather and guest arrival.


If you would like to explore the natural beauty Kentucky has to offer, you may want to head to one of the nearby campgrounds scattered around the City of Louisville. Most of these are located within 20 to 30 minutes of the fairgrounds, and typically feature all the necessary hookup options. If you are a fan of fishing or just want to relax by the river, a couple of RV parks sit along the Ohio River to the west and north of the fairgrounds.

Getting around

Electric scooters, wagons, wheelchairs, and strollers can be rented at multiple locations at the fairgrounds. Rentals cover the entire day, and you will need a valid driver's license for all rentals. Comfortable shoes are in order for enjoying all this fair has to offer.

What to pack


The Kentucky State Fair is held in the midst of summer. That implies plenty of warm days, so remember to pack lightweight clothing items. These should include t-shirts, light dresses and skirts, and some comfortable shoes. Do not be surprised if there are short bursts of summer rain. It would be wise to pack mud boots, hooded rain gear, and an extra pair of shoes because the fairgrounds can get muddy. Also, if you want to camp by the river, don't forget to pack some shades and a swimsuit.


Fair-goers will want sunscreen and refillable plastic bottles for water. Don't forget to bring your grill, kitchen supplies, a bug spray, and a flashlight for your campsite, whether at the Exposition Center or elsewhere. Since nighttime can get a bit chilly, make sure to have some cozy blankets with you.

Health & Safety

To help combat the Kentucky summer sun, make sure to apply sunscreen regularly and to stay hydrated. In case you have allergies or a medical condition requiring a prescription, don't forget to bring the necessary medicine. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

Where to eat


Cooking on a grill is allowed at the Kentucky Exposition Center campsites. Campfires of any kind are not permitted. If you need to replenish your RV pantry, stop by one of the stores scattered around Louisville for some yummy bits to enjoy after a day at the fair.


If you are not keen on cooking, alternatives abound with restaurants situated around the fairgrounds. For travelers interested in exotic, spicy food, there is a well-established Cuban restaurant to the northwest of the fair's location. Interested in traditional cuisine? Head north from the fair to find a few restaurants situated along the Ohio River.


Some of the biggest attractions of the Kentucky State Fair are undoubtedly the vendors. Many people visit the fair every year for the sole purpose of shopping. Hundreds of vendors offer their best products at the fair each year. From tasty food and refreshing drinks to all kinds of home items and electronic devices, there is hardly a product you will not be able to find.



To ensure the safety of all fair-goers, security staff will perform detailed checks at the entry gates. To avoid the hassle and potential unpleasantries, make sure to have a proper ID with you and leave behind prohibited items. The Kentucky Exposition Center Security Office welcomes guests to check for lost and found items during the fair.


Since the Kentucky State Fair takes place in August, guests can expect relatively stable weather with plenty of hot, sunny days. Don't forget to check the weather forecast before you head to Louisville. In the event of adverse weather conditions, some activities and attractions may be canceled, delayed, or closed. To get the latest info and updates regarding the schedule, guests can visit the fair's social media channels.


The Kentucky State Fair will offer a First Aid Station, which will be located near the South Wing B Lobby and remain open every day. There will also be a few stations with personnel from the American Red Cross, as well as a number of Mommy Stations conveniently located around the fairgrounds.