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Kilby Provincial Park


Located on a beautiful riverfront and containing a rich pioneer history, Kilby Provincial Park a perfect place for a quiet RV getaway. There is a lot of history within the area. Before settlers arrived to south-eastern British Columbia the area in and around the park was a major transportation route for the local First Nations population thanks to the Fraser and Harrison rivers.

In the mid to late 1800s gold rushes in the Fraser River and Cariboo created considerable activity along the Harrison River, including in areas near the site of this historic park. The first settlers in the area were farmers, and from 1870 to 1910 sawmills opened up which grew the community. The early life of these settlers has been preserved thanks to the original general store being transformed into a museum. This museum is a must see for visitors interested in the history of the area and in it you can view and experience rural traditions and lifestyle that were prevalent in British Columbia.

Despite Kilby Provincial Park only being around eight acres there are still plenty of fun recreational activities to enjoy once you have learned about the history of the park. Fishing, swimming, waterskiing and paddling are all allowed on Harrison River and Harrison Lake and they are great locations for picnics. The park is also famous with bird watchers due to the hundreds of wintering bald eagles feasting on spawning salmon and trumpeter swans also migrating to the area all the way from Alaska.

The park is a great place to spend a few nights and there are 35 RV friendly campsites by the river. All sites are primitive but there are basic facilities provided. Kilby Provincial Park is open year-round and peak season runs from April to October.

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Kilby Provincial Park is a little different from the majority of parks in British Columbia as it is located within a community. Known as Harrison Mills, this community is a part of the Fraser Valley Regional District and features agricultural farming and tourism. The park is very small at only seven acres and it has one entry and exit point that can be found off Kilby Road.

Despite being in a community there aren't too many services and amenities that you can use, however the area is close to many other townships. These include are other towns located close by to the park, including Lake Errock (around six miles or 10 km away), Kent (around seven miles or 11 kms away) and Agassiz (around 10 miles away or 17kms). The park is also only 65 miles away from the City of Vancouver which is one of the most diverse cities in Canada.

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the roads in and around the park are suburban roads that are flat, very well maintained and have no obstructions. The road into the campground is also kept in very good condition. During the winter the park is still open and you should be able to access it, however we recommend that you call ahead call to confirm that snowfall isn't too large.


There is plenty of parking available at Kilby Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to Kilby Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Kilby Provincial Park

Campsites in Kilby Provincial Park

Alternate camping

Kilby Provincial Park Campground

Kilby Provincial Park Campground is the only campground at the park and is located on banks of Harrison River. The campground is quite small but is very popular with visitors during the summer months and features campsites that are RV friendly and suitable for tents.

In total there are 35 primitive sites that have no power, water or sewer hookups. The sites at Kilby Provincial Park Campground are known for being very level and each site is also equipped with a fire ring. Other amenities within the campground include pit toilets that are kept in great condition, water collection points, picnic tables and easy access to the boat ramp and the beach. The campground is also pet friendly and you will be able to get cell phone reception on the major networks.

The park has both reservable and first come, first served sites available but be aware that there are no permanent park staff to assist you finding a site. If the campsite doesn't have a ticket number on the post it is not reserved so you can set up there. The campground is also open during during the winter months with cheaper site rates available.

Seasonal activities in Kilby Provincial Park



Love to go birding? If so then you will thoroughly enjoy visiting Kilby Provincial Park. Despite being a small park you will have the ability to view hundreds of wintering bald eagles as they come to the area to feast on spawning salmon during the late autumn months. Along with bald eagles another popular birdwatching option is to view the beautiful trumpeter swans that migrate to areas in and around the park all the way from Alaska. For more information on birding opportunities contact the park office.


Harrison River is perfect for those looking to cast a line and try land the big one during their visit to Kilby Provincial Park. The river is full of a healthy abundance of all salmon species so it is one of the more popular salmon fishing spots within the greater Vancouver area. Besides salmon the river is also full of trout and char throughout the winter and spring months. Before you go fishing make sure that you have the appropriate fishing license.

BC’s Museum of Rural Life

The magnificent 1906 General Store Museum is the main attraction to Kilby Provincial Park. Visitors to the museum will be able to see intriguing artifacts and a fantastic collection of original store items, including product packaging dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. There are also three exhibit rooms, restored family living area and the historic post office. Opening hours to the museum vary throughout the year so make sure you check the website to confirm when it will be open during your visit to the park.



The day-use area at Kilby Provincial Park is located right on the river and is a perfect place for you to have a relaxing afternoon picnic. The area is equipped with picnic tables and pit toilets, but if you want to do some cooking make sure you bring your own barbeques and briquettes as there are none at the day-use area. None of the picnic tables are reservable so make sure that you arrive early if you are looking for a specific table to set at for the day.


Harrison River is also a great spot for those looking to do some boating. There is a paved single wide boat launch located in the day-use area for visitors to use that also features parking for vehicles and boats trailers. You are allowed to leave boats in the water or beached overnight if you are staying at the park but do so at your own risk. Along with exploring the river via a boat waterskiing is also very popular for the adrenaline junkies looking to have some fun.


Although Kilby Provincial Park may be small that doesn't mean you have to miss out on going for a dip during the summer months. There is one sandy beach located along the banks of the Harrison River that is a great place to cool off and relax. Before you go running into the water be aware that there are drop offs in the water that could mean you are out of your depth and there are also no lifeguards on duty. The water is known to be very cold too, so for those who don't like chilly water remember that we warned you!