King Top Wilderness Study Area


King Top Wilderness Study Area (WSA) lies within the Confusion Range in the Great Basin. It is characterized by desert shrubs and pinyon-juniper woodland in the lower and higher elevation areas, respectively. These beautiful landscapes and vegetation add a particular splendor to its corridors, making it a great choice of holiday destination. Lots of backcountry areas are present within this Bureau of Land Management wilderness in Millard County, Utah, offering memorable primitive camping experiences.

A host of activities are open to all guests and visitors at this WSA, chief among which are day hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding. Guests whose primary aim is to get a good spot to spend time away from the rush to enjoy some peace and quiet find plenty of space in this remote setting to pursue their interests. Wildlife and bird viewing enthusiasts can, in addition to the sightseeing opportunities available here, visit Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area for more pleasure viewing opportunities. Even more things to do outdoors are present at Fishlake National Forest.

Feel free to pick a spot for primitive camping in this BLM wilderness, but be sure to come along with all you’ll need. Developed campgrounds are available outside the wilderness areas.

RV Rentals in King Top Wilderness Study Area



King Top Wilderness Study Area lies about 50 miles southwest of Delta, Utah, within the southwestern part of Millard County, in the Confusion Range. Access to this BLM wilderness area from Delta, Utah, takes guests west along US Highway 50 to junctions of local routes such as Tule Valley Road. Several dirt roads and unmaintained routes branch off the highway.

It’s best to come in high clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicles so that negotiating these areas won’t be a problem. It’s helpful if you have a map and GPS units to guide you as you approach the wilderness area, particularly after you leave the highway.

The use of motorized vehicles and mechanical equipment within King Top WSA is not allowed, similar to other BLM wilderness study areas. A parking area is provided for guests to park vehicles in different locations from the highway to the region of the wilderness. Wheelchairs are allowed in the WSA.

There are no direct transportation services to this Bureau of Land Management property in Utah.

Visitors who wish to rent RVs and camping equipment for developed camping in the region will find rental services at Millard County and Delta.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in King Top Wilderness Study Area

Campsites in King Top Wilderness Study Area

Reservations camping

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum Campgrounds

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum lies southeast of King Top WSA, within the vicinity of Fishlake National Forest. This park offers developed camping facilities and services to interested vacationers. A wide variety of camping options are available, including cabins, group day-use areas, primitive campsites, tent-only campsites, and RV sites.

There are two developed campsites that accommodate RVs and tents here – Castle Rock Campground and Sam Stowe Campground. Full hookup options (electric, water, and sewer hookups) are available at Sam Stowe. Amenities available for campers’ use within the park facilities include comfort stations, potable water, picnic tables and fire pits, and a picnic shelter.

The maximum RV/motorhome length is 45 feet.

Things to do include picnicking, hiking, nature viewing, and OHV riding.

Campsites are available by reservation.

Seasonal activities in King Top Wilderness Study Area


Bird Watching

Clear Lake Wildlife Management Area, a 9.6 square mile wetland and upland habitat, serves as a critical nesting area and stopover point for waterfowl and shorebirds around King Top WSA. This wildlife management area hosts about one hundred species of birds annually, amounting to tens of thousands of birds. Consequently, this site is a premier bird-watching location.

Popular birds you should look out for here are harrier hawks, Canada geese, avocets, and various ducks.


King Top WSA is a unique wilderness area that offers pristine solitude like no other. The outstanding opportunities for solitude that campers enjoy here make it a popular destination for those looking to escape the rush and noise of daily life.

Contributing factors to this excellence of quiet time include the general remoteness of the park, its vegetative prowess, and topographical setting. Many spots are available to be along within the pinyon-juniper forests and the canyons in the wilderness.


Fishing is not an activity that you can engage in at King Top WSA. However, excellent opportunities to enjoy the sport are found in the numerous streams and lakes that are in Fishlake National Forest. The most popular site for fishing here is, perhaps, Fish Lake from which the Forest derives its name. Commonly caught fish are Mackinaw, a native species also known as lake trout.

A visit to the park in winter offers anglers the chance to go ice fishing.

A fishing license is required if you wish to angle here.


Horseback Riding

Amazing horseback riding opportunities are available to campers and visitors who bring their horses to this BLM wilderness. Not only can guests explore the extent of the park on their horses, but they also enjoy breathtaking views in the process too.

Additional horseback riding opportunities are also available at Fishlake National Forest, where riders can enjoy the use of numerous dedicated and non-designated equestrian trails.

If you fancy seeing wild horses, feel free to visit King Top Mountains Herd Management Area.

Flora and Fauna

The lower elevation areas of King Top WSA are dominated by beautiful desert shrubs that please flora enthusiasts. On the King Top Plateau, however, the predominant vegetation is pinyon-juniper woodland.

For wildlife enthusiasts, plenty of fauna resides in this park’s areas for your viewing pleasure. Look out for bald eagles, wild horses, golden eagles, and peregrine falcons. Some sensitive species also call this wilderness home, examples of which are ferruginous hawk, kit fox, long-billed curlew, and burrowing owl.


Pack your best hiking boots as you make your way to King Top WSA so that you can enjoy good day hiking and backpacking exercises through the BLM property. Come along with enough water too, as there are no facilities/services available in the park.

Additional hiking opportunities are provided at Fishlake National Forest on 20 trails that offer spectacular wildlife views and wildflower sceneries. It’s advisable to come along with cameras for nature photography as you stroll through the forest.