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Kokanee Creek Provincial Park


Thinking an RV adventure might be just what the doctor ordered? Consider a trip to British Columbia's Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. It's a fantastic place for RV campers to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park is situated within the Kootenays region of British Columbia just outside the quaint town of Nelson. This stunning recreational area is a true haven for the outdoor enthusiast looking to enjoy their next great RV adventure. The property boasts more than a full kilometer of lush sand beaches and is also home to three campgrounds for families to enjoy.

For those who enjoy outdoor recreation, Kokanee Creek Provincial Park will not disappoint. Among the most popular activities found at this beautiful park and popular camping facility are a playground, a visitors center, a salmon spawning ground, a boat ramp, hiking trails, and a marina. Kokanee Creek Provincial Park is also nestled near to many area attractions including Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. The grounds span 260 hectares in total, offering families plenty of ground to explore during their RV stay.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park rests on a property once owned by Mr. Charles W. Busk, a prosperous businessman from England who settled in the region in the late 19th century. The grounds originally were the site of a mansion just a short distance from Nelson. It was here that the Busk family enjoyed receiving visitors. Mr. Busk was a man with many interests, including mining, surveying, and the growing of fruit. In the pursuit of his passions, Mr. Busk quickly ran through his money and died in poverty. The park in its current incarnation was founded in 1955.

The park is surrounded by the Slocan Range section of the Selkirk Mountains and rests in close proximity to Kootenay Lake. Fishing is plentiful in the region. In season, salmon spawning occurs in the creek, and a viewing platform has been erected where visitors can watch this interesting event.

For a wonderful vacation in the heart of the British Columbia wilderness, you won't want to miss a trip to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. It's an amazing place for your next RV getaway.

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The route to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park proceeds along a country highway which cuts through a rich growth of forest while traveling from Nelson, British Columbia. This popular park is best accessed from Highway 3A, a stretch of road that consists of two lanes, and that is paved. Highway 3A is kept in good condition year-round to permit easy access to this beloved recreational area and set of campgrounds.

From Highway 3A, travelers will need to turn off onto a well-marked two-lane path comprised of dirt and gravel which winds its way to the provincial park grounds. This rustic road has a few twists and turns but is easily navigated regardless of the time of year.

Due to the lush woods surrounding the highways and the park itself, wildlife will sometimes make its way onto the road. Travelers should remain alert to avoid any collisions with animals.


There are several different lots provided throughout the grounds where travelers can safely park their cars, RVs, or trailers at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. There is a large gravel lot at the entrance to the park itself. Each of the campgrounds also offers ample parking for those in need of a place to leave their vehicles.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park due its remote locale.

Campgrounds and parking in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

Campsites in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Sandspit Campground

Sandspit Campground is the largest camping facility found in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. Reservations are accepted at this busy campground for stays between April 26th and September 29th each year.

Sandspit Campground is nestled within a thick outcropping of tree growth, providing families with both shade and privacy.

Families can choose from sites of different sizes with some moderate in size and others easily able to accommodate large RVs and trailers. Each of the campsites is organized into four lanes that run parallel to one another and are joined by a central road known as Park Lane.

Sandspit Campground has 113 campsites in total. The on-site amenities include a boat ramp, beach access, group campsites, flush toilets, showers, and a waste disposal station.

Dogs are welcome but must remain leashed at all times.

First-come first-served

Friends Campground

Friends Campground is one of three camping facilities found on the grounds of Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. The property is home to 39 campsites in total, with 13 of them offering power hookups. Campsites are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Camping is restricted to stays from April 26th through October 7th at this camping facility.

Among the on-site amenities found at Friends Campground are a boat ramp, flush toilets, showers, and a waste disposal station.

Dogs may join their owners on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

Several of the campsites at Friends Campground have water views. Parking is available via an on-site lot for cars.

There are many recreational activities for families to enjoy here including boating, swimming, hiking, and photography.

Redfish Campground

Redfish Campground is the smallest of the three camping facilities found at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. There are 19 sites in total available on a first-come, first-served basis. This camping facility is open from June 1st through September 16th each year for RV and tent camping.

Two group campsites are available directly next to the parking lot at Redfish Campground.

The on-site amenities include beach access, a boat ramp, flush toilets, showers, and a waste sanitation station.

Dogs are welcome at this campground but are to be kept on a leash at all times.

Among the most popular activities here are canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

Seasonal activities in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park


Salmon spawning

During the months of August and September each year, it is salmon spawning season at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. This exciting time draws visitors from all across the province to stand atop the glass viewing platform and watch the event.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park has erected a boardwalk above the creek from which families can have a bird's eye view of the spawning area. Visitors to this recreational area at this time of year must be aware that bears like to stop by the breeding grounds in search of their next meal. For safety, all posted regulations should be strictly adhered to.

During spawning season, dogs are prohibited from entering the boardwalk or any of the trails in close proximity to the spawning grounds. Bicycles are permitted in both of these areas but must be walked when alongside the channel.

If the presence of bears feeding in the region is detected during spawning season, the platform and surrounding trails will be off limits to the public for their safety.

Watersports and swimming

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park is a great place to visit for families looking to enjoy some time in the water during their RV stay. Between the creek itself and several area lakes, there are lots of spots to choose from to enjoy the finest water recreation of the season.

Canoeing and kayaking are both exceptionally popular here. The creek meanders its way through wooded areas that are heavily populated with rich and diverse birds, making it an interesting path to follow. The lake has a boat ramp where families can enjoy paddling their canoes or kayaks around the shores of the beloved beach found just outside Sandspits Campground. Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards can be rented at a local concession stand on the grounds.

Both Sandspit and Redfish Campgrounds have their own beaches where families can enjoy a refreshing dip when the temperatures start to rise. Both have picnic areas on the premises which feature picnic tables. With vast shorelines to explore, beachcombing for treasures from the sea is also a favorite activity here.

Other popular activities at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park include waterskiing and windsurfing.


For families looking to enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch, there are two picnic areas on the grounds of Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. The picnic section that sees the most use is located near Sandspit Campground and offers beautiful views of the lake. Nestled just outside the beach, this picnic area rests on a portion of sand and stretches for nearly a kilometer in length. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the sand with many situated near to the water. Nearby tree cover offers shade for protection from the sun and the heat of the day. The property also houses toilets, fountains, and several barbecues for public use.

Redfish Campground has a much smaller picnic section which is located across the highway and must be reached by car. The facilities here are best suited to large groups of campers looking for a spot for a picnic.

Next to the boat ramp is a specific beach that is designated for dog use.



Hiking is an extremely popular activity at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. The property is home to nearly 10 miles of trails that are well-suited to gentle walking and some hiking.

Most of the trails found on the grounds are located within the camping areas and run towards on-site attractions such as the spawning grounds and the visitor center.

To reach trails located near the Redfish camping facility, there is a bridge that families can traverse.

It is recommended that hikers stick strictly to established paths for their safety as this is bear country as well as to preserve the integrity of the landscape.

The three most visited trails on the grounds are the Canyon Trail, the Pine Trail, and the Woodland Trail.

For those looking for more vigorous hiking conditions, Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park offers 100 km of trails that lead through an incredibly beautiful mountainous landscape.


Anglers from all across the province love to come to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park for the excellent fishing conditions. With several creeks and Kootenay Lake to choose from, avid fishermen are spoiled for choice when it comes to spots to try to reel in a haul. The waters are chock full of many different types of fish including kokanee, rainbow trout, and bull trout.

Several of the beaches offer boat ramps where fishermen can launch their powerboats out on the water. For those who prefer the old-fashioned way but don't own their own canoe, there is a concession stand where one can be rented for the day.

Visitors planning to do any angling during their visit to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park must pick up a fishing license from the nearest town. The province places limits upon how many fish can be taken from BC waters. Consult with the municipal office to determine what the allowed quota is.

Winter sports

When the snow starts to fly, there are still lots of fun things to do at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. The many trails found throughout the grounds begin to look like a winter wonderland when they are blanketed with snow, making them a great place to get out to practice some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Though many of the trails are not maintained in winter conditions, they are still navigable, but visitors must come dressed for the weather conditions.

During the coldest times of the year, the delta will freeze. When this occurs, many families love to dig out their ice skates and head off for an afternoon of fun. All you need is some woolly mittens and a thermos full of hot chocolate., and you've got a wonderful afternoon of memory-making ahead of you!