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Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is a historically significant state park with many recreational opportunities and it is a must see for RV lovers traveling through the south. Consisting of 1,293 acres, the park is famous for containing the Kolomoki Mounds, which is one of the largest and earliest Woodland period earthwork mound complexes in the Southeastern United States. Constructed from 350CE to 600CE, the mound complex is the largest that can be found within Georgia. In 1964 the mounds were officially designated in 1964 as a National Historic Landmark. A museum highlighting the mounds that was built to incorporate part of an already excavated mound to authenticate the setting for viewing artefacts. The museum also features a film about how this mound was built and excavated.

Along with the mounds, Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is also a great place to come and enjoy its wide range of outdoor activities. There are two lakes that provide fishing, swimming and boating, hikers can choose from three scenic trails and there is also a playground, pedal boats and mini-golf available for use. Camping at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is provided in the form of 25 RV-friendly sites that have 30-amp electrical and water hookups. Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is open all year round and peak season runs during the summertime.

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Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is located in southwest Georgia with Early County. Getting to the park is quite easy to navigate and there are multiple different ways to access it, depending on where you are coming from. Some of the most common routes include driving north from the town of Blakely (around seven miles away), south-west of Blufton (around eight miles away) and west of Arlington (around 19 miles away). The closest major city to Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is Dothan, which is located around 38 and a half miles to the south-west of the park.

The roads in and around the park are very well maintained, quite wide and feature no overhanging trees so you should have no problems with terrain issues. One thing that you should be aware of is that this area of Georgia is prone to hurricanes and the park has been damaged by them before. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you begin your journey to the park to make sure that you won't end up in a storm. If you are unsure of conditions we recommend calling the park office for more details.


There is plenty of parking available at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park

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Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park Campground

Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park has an impressive campground that is renowned for its accessibility for big rigs and for being very well maintained. The campground is on the smaller side, with 25 RV friendly sites available for campers to choose from. Most sites can fit a rig up to 60 feet long, but some of the sites are gigantic and can accommodate RVs up to 135 feet in length. Along with this impressive feat, all 25 of the sites have 30-amp electrical and water hookups. A few host sites feature sewer hookups, although this option is only available to campground hosts.

The sites are shaded, level and are located near one of the lakes, so if you stay in campsitea 1 to 11 you will have a lovely view. Other amenities in the campground include toilets, showers, a dump station, playground and easy access to the lake. You will struggle to get cell reception in the campground but it is pet friendly. Reservations are available up to 13 months in advance and the campground at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is open all year.

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There is even something for the hiking lovers out there who are planning a visit to Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park. There are four trails that are available for you to explore that are up to two and a half miles in length. If you are short on time we recommend checking out the Indian Mounds tour, however if you have some more time to spare take on the Spruce Pine Trail. This is the longest trail in the park and features rugged terrain, wildlife obersvation platforms, footbridges and walking around magnolia, dogwood, spruce pine and water oak trees.


The small museum located at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park is a must visit for those who are looking to find out more history about the area. The museum is located within Mound E, which was excavated by archaeologists. The mound is shown as it was left after excavation and there is information within the exhibit that provides background information on the site. There is also a short film that will play during your visit that you should watch if you would like to learn more. The museum is open daily from 8AM to 5PM.


Mini-golf is a great family friendly activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Those visiting Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park are lucky enough to be able to play some mini-golf on the course that is located within the confines of the park. If you don't have any putters or balls you are able to rent some from the mini-golf station that is located at the start of the course. You can also bring your own if you are a seasoned veteran of the mini-golf greens.



There is nothing better than spending an afternoon relaxing during the summertime over a picnic with some friends or family. Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park. has some impressive picnic facilities that visitors are able to use. In total there are seven different picnic shelters that all feature some great amenities. All of the shelters are open-sided and five out of the seven can be reserved online so you can guarantee that you will have the space booked for you picnic.


If you love to get out on the water than you will love your stay at Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park. There is not one but two lakes available for you to use throughout the year to go boating on. There is a boat launch available for you to use along with watercraft rentals being available to rent. If you want to relax there are boat tours held for a small fee that will show you around Lake Kolomoki. Check out the park website for specific times on when these are available.

Visiting the Mounds

The mounds are undoubtedly the main attraction within the park. Go for a walk and see for yourself how big they are, you will be impressed! Georgia's oldest great temple mound, known as the "Indian Mound" stands 57-feet high and dominates two smaller burial mounds and several ceremonial mounds that are also in the area. For those who want to explore you are able to walk to the top of the Indian Mound but be warned, it has a lot of stairs!