Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Head to Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, the oldest food festival in Hawaii. Enjoy exquisite coffee, music, demonstrations, and dance showcasing Kona’s history.

Event information

Ten days of activities at Kona Coffee Cultural Festival mark the celebration of coffee and its inspiration on the way of life of the people of Kona. Tour an art exhibition in a restored coffee mill, watch processes at a coffee farm, and delve into the story of the coffee industry.

Marvel at the variety of recipes that highlight the ingredient of coffee and learn the art of a barista. If lattes and espressos are your favorites, see exactly how to perfect them. Step back in time and take a tour that explores the coffee pioneers.

Performers take to the stage to honor the culture of coffee in the style of the Samoan, Japanese, and Hawaiian and more. Food trucks, educational seminars, and hands-on crafts like lei-making round out the entertainment. The list of events is long and varied, so attend the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival to see what it’s all about.

While in the area, visit temples in a historic park and explore the beautiful beaches. Look for manta rays and turtles, and snorkel the calm shores. See the wonder of a volcano and be in awe of the allure of this region. After a day of touring, park your RV near the ocean for the sound of the waves, or in a jungle-type setting and sleep to the sounds and sights of a eucalyptus grove.


Fees will vary depending on which events you want to attend, but they are all very reasonable. Visit www.konacoffeefest.com for specifics. If making a traditional Hawaiian craft sounds like fun, expect to pay around $5 to participate and a donation is also welcomed. If you plan to run the marathon or half marathon, register and pay the fee that rests around $50. Many events, like the “seed to cup tour” and the quilt contest, ask for a low admission, meaning that you purchase a festival button for a few dollars allowing you entrance. Other activities may ask a small admission fee on top of the button purchase.

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The events of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival are spread out over the Kona area, with some being in Holualoa, Kealakekua, Kailua-Kona, and other locations. Consult the website for the addresses of the various events and navigate your way there with the GPS coordinates of each. Traveling throughout the area is a wonderful way to explore and see the beauty of this part of Hawaii.

Remember that you will need to make arrangements to get to the Big Island of Hawaii and retrieve your rig after arriving at this incredible location. Keep an eye out for road and weather alerts not only for Kona and Kailua as well as the collection of all Hawaiian Islands.

Parking areas

The ease of parking will depend on the venue where the event is being held. The email addresses of each chairperson are listed on the event page. Contacting them will be the easiest way to learn about the accessibility for your rig. For example, some events are held at the local community college, which may offer a large parking lot, suited to an RV while others are with smaller facilities that may have fewer opens spaces. Be prepared to park in a variety of types of places throughout your adventures in the area.

Public Transportation

There are bus services and trolley options, but their viability in regards to the timing of events will need to be checked for accuracy each day that you plan to attend. If you are feeling adventurous, rent a bike or motorcycle as an alternate means of transportation for the festival areas. Taxis are available but may be pricey depending on your destination.

Where to stay


With the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival being held in various areas, there is no specific onsite camping available. The region has a multitude of fabulous camping options for the RVing family who likes to seek out adventure, explore new spaces, and learn about the wonders of the world.


Fancy camping in the sight of a volcano? This region can offer you that and some of the secluded campsites are free. You're not likely to have amenities like full hookups, pull-through sites or hot, indoor showers but the cost, if there is one, is usually minimal and the ambiance cannot be matched. The abundance of starry nights will more than make up for the creature comforts of home. Be sure to head there early in your vacation as you may need to visit a few campgrounds before securing a spot. Several of them have only a dozen or so RV spots for the taking.

Getting around

You will need your vehicle to move from place to place when enjoying the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, but many of the events are wheelchair, stroller, and wagon friendly. Some may not have easy access for all, so call ahead to make sure before heading to the event. Plan your route ahead of time and be sure to note travel times if you plan to explore some of the reserve areas this gorgeous island setting offers on the Big Island of Hawaii.

What to pack


The enjoyable weather in Hawaii is one of the best things about visiting there. Expect warm days and pleasant nights, allowing for the packing of light clothing. A hat is a must when attending outdoor events at the festival and a light coverup to protect the shoulders from the sun is a wise choice. Pack clothing that is quick-dry in case there is a rainy day here and there.


A Hawaiian camping trip calls for a well-stocked RV. The list of gear must include sunscreen and bug spray, refillable water bottles for toting to all activities, flashlights for ventures beyond the RV to check out the stars, and all necessary kitchen utensils and cooking supplies for easy meal prep after a busy day. Rain boots are a necessity if puddle jumping is part of the plan after a rainfall, and beach gear like buckets and pails cannot be left at home either.

Health & Safety

Sunscreen application and hydration with cold, fresh water will make each day a happy one. Plan to keep everyone in the family from sunburn and equipped with plenty of drinking water for a great vacation. Grab a spot in the shade now and then even though you may not feel like the sun is affecting you. In between coffee tastings, hydrate with a glass of water.

Where to eat


With delicious fish and produce within close access, foil meal packets will be the ticket to a fast and easy meal. Those who don’t like fish paired with peaches can enjoy a combination of ham and pineapple. Make separate veggie packets full of corn, peppers, and onions. Stock the refrigerator with an abundance of fresh fruit for yogurt parfaits as a healthy head start in the morning before heading to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.


Enjoy a quiet and formal meal overlooking the ocean or watch the sunset while eating in a casual setting. Kona has a lot to offer in the restaurant department, and you will not be disappointed if you decide to take a break from cooking and partake in a meal Hawaiian style. There are options for a luau for two, seafood fresh from the ocean or the typical American fare of pub food in the form of burgers and fries.


Vendors at the various event locations will have merchandise for sale such as coffee-related trinkets and clothing. Buy a mug to savor your favorite cup of coffee. Sample local delicacies, made especially to tantalize visitors to the area who may not know just how many ways coffee can be used in sweet and savory dishes.



Kona is described as a coffee paradise. The event draws lovers of the beverage, and with dozens of happenings ranging from barista demonstrations to a lantern parade, the area will be full of people ready to participate. This festival caters to those with an interest in coffee and its history. Respect those who take the events seriously and who eagerly await the culmination of the festival with the crowning of the best coffee of the year. Back at camp, ensure that your site is clean and all valuables locked up for the day while you are at the coffee celebration.


It’s not unusual for a bit of rain to fall in November, but you aren't likely to have it interfere with your daytime activities, as rumor has it that the wet weather typically comes at night. The family will be tucked in for a good sleep after a busy day. The RV should be comfortable temperature-wise with evening lows in the 60s and 70s. You will be able to leave the windows open to hear the sounds of the ocean or the bug life at night.


When making your camping packing list, add necessary medications to the top of the list. Make a note to top up the first aid supplies ensuring you have plenty of bandaids, antibiotic ointment and peroxide. Keep all medical supplies out of the reach of children and pets.