Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

Koroneburg Old World Festival is perfect for an unforgettable RV camping experience complete with endless fun in a medieval village set up.

Event information

The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival began in 1998 in Southern California. It is a permanently-built festival that gives guests the unique opportunity to experience the age of renaissance in Germany from 1450-1600 A.D. From historical events, period games, sword fights, and puppet shows to musical dramas and authentic period cuisines, this is one great festival to enjoy with the whole family. The festival is ideal for an RV camping trip in the wine and food country.

The Koroneburg Old World Festival is organized by a group called the Loyal Order of Reenactment Enthusiasts. This festival is celebrated at the Riverview Recreation Park in Corona in an area sprawling nine acres of land amidst the 120 acres scenic park region. The festival opens during Memorial Day Weekend. Apart from the events and games, guests may also participate in interactive content-based fun educational workshops. Shopping lovers can purchase authentic and unique period handicraft items from the vendors.

Children can learn the traditional historical arts and crafts in a traditional school on site. Those seeking an adrenaline rush can enjoy power-packed jousting. In a nutshell, the festival is a rich blend of history, education, and endless fun for festival lovers to enjoy the artistic and scientific breakthroughs that took place during the Renaissance period.


Ticket sales typically go live after the festival line-up is announced in late winter every year. Admission passes are usually priced between $20 to $40 for adults and $10 to $20 for children below twelve and seniors over 62 years of age. No tickets are needed for children below six years. Special group discounted prices are also available in addition to season passes. Visit Koroneburg Old World Festival online to get your tickets.

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Koroneburg Old World Festival is held in a Renaissance village in Corona in Southern California. The venue sits just west of I-15 and is very close to several major metropolitan cities in Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino. The festival venue is just under 60 miles away from both Los Angeles and San Jacinto. Motorists can also monitor road and weather reports via Caltrans when traveling through the region.

Parking areas

The festival maintains general and VIP parking and issues separate passes for these options. RVs may park in the designated zones at Koroneburg Old World Festival. Organizers request that vehicles be parked on one side of the road only on the one-way streets. Watch for signs and instructions as you drive on the entrance and exit roads.

Public Transportation

While attending the Koroneburg in an RV can enrich your festival experience, public transportation may help get you to the area. Local buses, Metrolink, and Ridesharing services in the City of Corona can help your crew get around the area but may not bring riders all the way to the venue site.

Where to stay


The Koroneburg Old World Festival has a permanent village setup with camping facilities provided to guests who wish to stay in the park overnight. If you'd like to camp in an RV, you will need to purchase a camping pass. Remember to arrive with your RV's water tank full as no water hook-ups are available on the camping grounds. Generators are allowed, but electric and sewer hookups are not available.


The Corona region is surrounded by a number of beautiful state parks and forest zones. Campers may also appreciate staying at Chino Hills State Park, just a 20-minute drive from the venue. You will find full-service RV campgrounds near the venue with electrical and water hookup facilities including Los Angeles / Pomona / Fairplex KOA about half an hour to the north.

Getting around

The Koroneburg Old World Festival is organized in a large village compound, so be prepared for a bit of walking. Hide your athletic shoes with creative costume pieces or include comfy boots that fit your attire.

What to pack


The temperature in Corona typically varies between 50 to 80 degrees during late spring and early summer. Dressing in costume is a favorite part of attending a Rennaissance festival. Check the theme for the days you plan to attend and expect to see mermaids, knights, kings, Vikings, pirates, and peasants. Do not forget to pack in a light jacket for the early morning and some raingear for the spring weather.


Most electronic gadgets, professional cameras, binoculars, and speakers are allowed as long as they comply with the safety and privacy norms of the festival. Guests can also enjoy playing personal musical instruments or fit these into a costume. Sun protection is also something to try to fit into your costume's side pouch or have available in your campervan.

Health & Safety

Always carry a water bottle with you; cover it with leather to blend into your Rennaissance attire. Leave a small first-aid box with any essentials in your rig for easy retrieval. Smoking is prohibited in public view, but the festival provides designated smoking areas.

Where to eat


Festival management permits propane fires in approved areas only. Guests cannot use charcoal, white gas, and wood for setting up a campfire in the park. Each encampment needs to have certified fire extinguishers ready for use. Campers may want to load up on supplies before arriving, but a few meal items may also be available through the onsite vendors.


Want to dine out after a day of celebrations at the Koroneburg Old World Festival? The Corona region is home to a number of grills, barbecues, Mexican kitchens, pubs, cafes, and pizzerias. Sink your teeth into something you may not have tried before, or share a plate with a friend and save room for dinner at the festival.


The Koroneburg Rennaissance Festival offers gourmet delights from the 15th and 16th centuries. Ice cream, popcorn, authentically flavored pickles, bakery items, and Celtic cuisine add something delightful to your day. There are also vendors serving alcoholic beverages that can be purchased by adults over 21 years of age. The festival park provides a pub-style dining experience in a renaissance-themed restaurant complete with local exotic beer and mead, cocktails, and alcoholic beverages.

You can also visit the art vendors’ booths for authentic handmade art pieces. Koroneburg features bookshops for book lovers who’d like to quietly slip away into the medieval era with a cup of hot tea. Guests can also purchase jewelry, period clothing, and leather goods. You can also enjoy potters, soap-makers, glass blowers, blacksmiths, and carpenters at work who will mesmerize you with their art and beautiful artifacts on display.



Guests may include period-authentic weapons as a part of a costume. These weapons must be peace-tied and sheathed and will be inspected upon entry. The festival has a dedicated security team that helps in maintaining a peaceful environment inside.


Late spring and early summer are usually very pleasant in Corona. Guests can expect moderate temperatures but should be prepared for inclement weather. Festival events and shows depend on the prevalent weather conditions. Management has no refund policy for severe weather and unavoidable circumstances.


Guests can reach out to the nearest festival volunteer or medical staff in the event of an emergency. The medical team is well-trained and provides basic first-aid support. For any severe medical emergency, several medical practitioners and hospitals are located within a 10 to 20-minute drive of the venue.