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La Mauricie National Park


A large uneven expanse of green located right in the middle of Montreal and Quebec, La Mauricie National Park offers pristine views of mountains and valleys winding with rivers. Just a 2-hour drive from both Montreal and Quebec, explore this little slice of heaven filled with conifer and hardwood forests.

With over 150 lakes, both big and small, you're never short of a spot to relax at. If sitting around and being lazy isn’t your cup of tea, then enjoy the hiking trails or various recreational activities which are available in the summer, fall, and winter months.

Whether it is canoeing, camping, hiking, or cycling, La Mauricie has it all. Hike through forests and walk up mountains and down into valleys, all dotted with rivers and waterfalls which will make you forget all the stresses in life.

The Park even offers ice climbing for the more extreme outdoor enthusiast wanting to scale the 60-meter-tall ice cliff (among many others) which form part of the Canadian Shield. La Mauricie National Park truly has something for everyone and offers an amazing outdoor escape from the busy city life of Montreal and Quebec City.

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RV Rentals in La Mauricie National Park



Located north of Trois Rivieres, the Park is halfway between Montreal and Quebec and is a two-hour drive from both cities. The only way to reach it is by car and the best route to take is Highway 55. To access the Saint-Jean-des-Piles entrance, come off highway 55 at exit 226 and to access the Saint-Mathieu Entrance come off highway 55 at exit 217. The roads are wide and well-maintained and once inside the park paved and gravel roads lead to the many campsites and facilities.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in La Mauricie National Park

Campsites in La Mauricie National Park

Reservations camping


WAPIZAGONKE Campground has 219 sites with electric and water hookups. There are also on-site restrooms and showers. A playground is available on-site for children. Close to the lake with campsites set in the woods for a more shaded and relaxing camping experience.

Mistagance Campground

Mistagance Campground offers 91 campsites with 26 campsites offering electric hookups. Restroom, playground and shower facilities are available on site. The campsites are close to the beach front and the Corner Store Cafe. The campground has family-friendly and pet-friendly campsites that are spacious and offer plenty of privacy.

Riviere-A-La-Peche Campground

La Mauricie National Park has three campgrounds that can accommodate RV, motorhome and trailer camping with semi-serviced campsites.

Riviere-A-La-Peche Campground offers 223 campsites with 98 of them offering electrical hook-up only. Restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities are available on-site. A playground is available on-site as well for children to keep busy and you also have the option to set up your own tents. The campsites are spacious and equipped with picnic tables and close to a large network of trails.

Seasonal activities in La Mauricie National Park


Snow Tag

For seasoned snowshoers, this experience will make sure you get the most out of visiting the winter wonderland of La Mauricie. Using tools (or even without them) you can draw pictures in the frozen lakes. Go to the Rivière à la Pêche Service Center and choose which picture you would like to draw (or better yet bring your own). The staff will even help you with your plan before you leave. It takes between one and two hours to complete the formalities (choosing the picture, getting the tools and finding the lake), but the wait is definitely worth it.

Ice Climbing

If you want to take a somewhat different approach to explore the beauty of La Mauricie, why not try your hand at ice climbing? With a cliff that forms parts of the Canadian Shield, adventurers are ensured an extreme experience, especially in the winter. Maikan Aventure, a company that provides ice climbing facilities to visitors, also ensures that supervisors are on site to assist so everyone can enjoy their experience with relative safety.

Cross-country Skiing

During the winter, the Park has 68 km or over 42 miles of trails in a protected natural area for visitors to enjoy the untouched landscape and nature. The entire network of trails is marked and groomed for both classic and freestyle cross-country skiing, with a few, even having been specially prepared for ski skating. Maintained from December through March, and despite the brutal cold, heated shelters can be found approximately every three miles. Based on the weather conditions, it might be possible the condition of the trails might be compromised so it’s best to check before you plan your trip.


Canoeing and Boating

With over 150 lakes to choose from, its no wonder Mauricie is considered canoe country. Spoil yourself with a leisurely paddle along some of Mauricie’s most magnificent lakes. While you’re out there, also try your hand at fishing and see if you can catch some delicious wild trout. If you’re looking for something extreme, you can also try the canoe camping expeditions.

Canoeing isn’t the only way to enjoy the water though. Visitors can choose from canoes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and pedal boat, to enjoy the view in whatever way and at whatever speed they want. Depending on the season, there are thirty lakes which are accessible from the Parkway and through a network of canoe trails.

Biking Trails

In the Rivière à la Pêche area there is a 55 km (34 miles) network of bike trails that offers cyclist the opportunity to paddle past some truly majestic landscape. In the middle of the forest, tourists have a variety of trails to choose from. Enjoy the idyllic scenery with a little bit of speed. Trails on which bicycling is allowed are trails 3, 5, 6a, 7, 8, 9, 11, the Parkway, trail 6 (between Bouchard lake and lac du Pimbina), and the Vallerand Trail.


Whether you want your hike to last for a few minutes or a full day, the beauty of the La Mauricie landscape will keep you thoroughly engaged. Being a protected area, the area is in pristine condition and offers spectacular views of mountains, valleys and lakes - sometimes all three together! The hiking trails available in the Park are split into two sectors, Saint-Mathieu and Saint-Jean-des-Piles. Each sector offers numerous trails ranging from less than half a mile to over ten miles in length. Each trail has its own uniqueness and level of difficulty so hikers are always spoiled for choice.