Lacks Creek Management Area


Think an RV adventure is just what the doctor ordered? Consider a trip to California's Lacks Creek Management Area.

Lack Creek Management Area, a Bureau of Land Management property, is situated just outside the small quaint town of Arcata, California in Humboldt County. This remote and picturesque property runs along the California coastline and offers families some of the finest outdoor recreation in the state. From horseback riding by the water's edge to mountain biking through the diverse terrain on the trails, families are sure to get in a great workout during their visit to this much-loved destination.

Dispersed camping is permitted on the grounds, and there are also several campgrounds located in neighboring towns for RV and tent campers looking for a place to enjoy an overnight stay. Lacks Creek Management Area is nestled amidst the Coast Range of mountains and is just 15 miles away from the ocean. The property consists of 8,673 acres in total, providing families with ample grounds to leisurely explore.

A vast portion of the land is covered with redwood trees which are harvested for commercial purposes. Redwood Valley lies just beside the park where several working ranches are housed.

Among the most popular activities at Lacks Creek Management Area are cycling, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, hunting (in season), wildlife viewing, and photography.

For an amazing vacation you'll not soon forget, load up the RV and head out to enjoy a visit at Lacks Creek Recreation Area. It's an amazing place for your next RV holiday!

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The route to Lacks Creek Management Area is quite easy to navigate. Travelers should begin on Highway 299, continuing for nearly 18 miles until they reach the turn off for Highway 101. From here, motorists should follow the Redwood Valley exit, a stretch of road also commonly referred to as Bair Road. Upon reaching a sign for Hoopa, continue to the right. At this point, the two-lane paved road turns into a gravel path that is well-renowned for its many twists and turns. Six miles down this road is the entrance to the park which can be accessed by taking a left hand turn into the gravel parking area out front.

Travel to Lacks Creek Management Area proceeds through several rural communities, many of which offer such amenities as fuel stations, convenience stores, and small restaurants.

The gravel pathway should be undertaken at slow speeds to prevent vehicle damage from flying rocks.


An extremely remote area, there is no formally designated parking lot for vehicles at Lacks Creek Management Area. However, there is ample parking in a gravel-lined section at the entrance to the park.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation available to Lack Creek Management Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Lacks Creek Management Area

Campsites in Lacks Creek Management Area

Reservations camping

Abalone Campground

Abalone Campground is located in Patrick's Point State Park. It is the largest of several camping areas found within the popular recreational area. The campground is easy to locate, nestled near the entrance to the park.

There are 70 campsites available at Abalone Campground. Seven of these sites are reserved for tenting with the others earmarked for small RVs or trailers. The maximum trailer or RV length permitted here is 24 feet.

Reservations are required for all stays.

Camping is permitted from May through September at this much-loved campground. Pets may join their owners so long as they remain leashed.

The on-site amenities include picnic tables, food storage units, barbecues, fire rings, bathrooms, tap water, showers (for a fee), and an amphitheater. There is a waste disposal station only a short drive from the campground.

Penn Creek Campground

Penn Creek Campground is also found within Patrick's Point State Park. One of the smaller campgrounds, this facility offers easy access to all of the park's best attractions.

There are 14 campsites available by reservation for stays between May and September. Each of the sites is arranged along a loop. This campground is reserved for tent use only. Though reservations are preferred, on occasion, there are some sites that can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis.

The on-site amenities include bathrooms, picnic tables, tap water, barbecues, fire pits, and showers (for a fee). There is a waste disposal station found just a short drive from the campground.

Dogs may join their owners on the grounds, but park officials ask that they remain on a leash.

First-come first-served

Lacks Creek Dispersed Camping

Lacks Creek Management Area permits dispersed camping on the grounds year-round for campers to enjoy. Though RV campers may make use of the premises, travelers should be aware that the terrain can be very rugged, making it better suited to tenting. The campsites sit at an elevation of 3,281 feet in total.

To reach the campsites, travelers will need to drive along a gravel road. There are 10 sites in total.

The only on-site amenity is bathrooms for public use.

Pets may join their owners on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

Since there is no potable water supply on the grounds, families should come prepared with the water they need for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Seasonal activities in Lacks Creek Management Area


Lacks Creek Trail--Mountain Biking

Lacks Creek Trail offers families the opportunity to enjoy some of the most incredible mountain biking on the California coast. The scenery along this nearly 18-mile loop trail is breathtakingly beautiful to behold and includes such sights as the Oak Prairies and old-growth redwood trees.

The route can be challenging in spots with some tough inclines and narrow paths. There are several areas where the trail narrows to only a single lane and navigating through tree growth becomes necessary.

The trail bears few signs; however, it is easy to remain on task as there are very few areas where other paths branch off the main road. There is no water access along Lacks Creek Trail, so cyclists will need to bring bottled water with them to keep their hydration levels up.

Cell service is available along the trail; however, there are sections where it may be unreliable.

Off-leash dogs may join their families on their cycling adventure.


With such vast terrain to explore, there are many spots found throughout the grounds that are the perfect backdrop from which to enjoy a picnic lunch at Lacks Creek Management Area. Though there are no picnic tables provided here, a blanket on the ground is a great place on which to recline and enjoy a picnic lunch prepared at home.

Find a secluded spot in the redwood forest or a more sunny place by the banks of the creek and drink in the beauty and tranquil air of this idyllic haven.
Lacks Creek Management Area is not near to a potable water supply, so families should come prepared with ample drinking water.

Dogs may join their owners on their picnic adventure but should remain leashed here.

Arcata Community Forest

Located just outside town is Arcata Community Forest, a property that consists of 790 acres in total. This beloved wooded region is a hotspot for families that enjoy outdoor activities. The property has an extensive trail system that is suited to hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Each of the lots outside any of the trailheads offers maps of the area to assist with hiking or biking excursions.

Arcata Community Forest's landscape includes many different hills and streams. There are several bridges and staircases which allow navigation across bodies of water and up steep inclines. The highest elevation found here is 1010 feet.

The popular Redwood Park is located directly next to the forest and can be reached via a trail. Here, families will find such amenities as a playground, a picnic area with picnic tables, and bathrooms.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is one of several Redwood National and State Parks found in and around Arcata. This property consists of 14,000 acres in total and prominently displays lush tree cover and rainforest-like conditions. Here families can enjoy meandering along moss-covered trails with an abundance of overhead ferns providing shade and trapping in warmth and moisture. There are several trails to choose from in this park with one of the most popular being Prairie Creek and Cathedral Tree loop.

The property is also home to a visitor center where families can obtain more information about things to do during a visit to this popular park.

There are many different varieties of animals that make this region their home including such creatures as Roosevelt elk.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is also bisected by a scenic pathway known as the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. A picturesque drive, this route covers 10 miles of ground and travels through rich countryside where wild elk can be spotted grazing in the fields.

Gold Bluffs Beach awaits the bold soul that is willing to take a risk and drive down Davison Road, a stretch of rugged road which leads to a stunning waterfront property that was once a popular spot for prospecting. Gold dust was once found here in amongst the grains of sand.


Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is situated within Humboldt State University's Figureido Building in the town of Arcata. The museum houses many different fossil remains, ancient artifacts, and interactive exhibits for families to enjoy.

Natural History Museum is open to the public year-round from Tuesday through Saturday. For more information about any associated fees, hours of operation, and special events, contact the museum's website.
Following a visit to the museum, families can stop by some of the other attractions found in the area including the popular Redwood National and State Parks and the university itself. Also found nearby are the Arcata Marsh and a wide sampling of beaches that are ideal spots for doing some beachcombing, taking the dog for a walk, or simply enjoying the ocean air.

Phillips House Museum

To enjoy a taste of what life was like in Arcata in the not so distant past, it is worth a visit to Phillips House Museum. This property, which was built in 1850 and offers incredible views of Humboldt Bay, has been preserved to represent the average home in working farm country in the region. The house itself is representative of Greek Revival architecture. The contents of the home prominently display artifacts and memorabilia depicting what life was like in Arcata between the years of 1854 and 1932.

Tours are provided at no cost on a year-round basis. To schedule a tour or learn more about hours of operation, contact the museum's website.

Phillips House Museum is located near to many other area attractions, affording families the opportunity to explore several different cultural landmarks during a single trip to Arcata.