Lahontan State Park

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Stretching along 69 miles of shoreline, Lahontan State Park located just east of Silver Springs in Nevada is one of the most popular camping parks for RVs. Surrounded by willows, cottonwoods and 12,000 surface acres of lake, campers can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities here, from boating and biking, to hiking and horse riding.

Such easy access to the lake makes this camping spot particularly popular during the summer months. Bring your own watercraft along and enjoy boating, water skiing, canoeing, and fishing just a stone’s throw from your campsite. Boat launch areas are available.

Nature lovers will love spotting all sorts of wildlife in the park. Keep your eyes peeled for wild horses, bobcats, foxes and deer. Bird watchers can spot a variety migratory waterfowl, pelicans, egrets, herons and hawks here. Plus, the area is also a nesting site for bald eagles!

Camping at Lahontan State Park truly takes you back to basics. You can camp right along the shore of the freshwater lake, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed a lake view. If you’re in a truck or smaller rig you can pull up right beside the water, but larger rigs are recommended to set up camp nearer the tree line. Paved campsites are available at Silver Springs Beach for those who would prefer more developed facilities.

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Transportation in Lahontan State Park


Lahontan State Park can be accessed from several entrances off of US Highway 50. It is located to the east of Silver Springs, Nevada. Once inside the park, please keep to a speed limit of 25 miles per hour within the recreation area, and 15 miles per hour near the beach and within the busier areas of the park.

If you’re in a large rig, set up camp by the treeline. If you’re in a smaller rig, you can set up camp closer to the lake. Boat launch areas are available on both sides of the park and on the beach, so getting around by boat is another way to explore the park. Please make sure that you keep to the five mile per hour speed limit within 100 feet of swimmers.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Lahontan State Park

Campsites in Lahontan State Park

Reservations camping

First-come first-served

Developed Campsites

For those looking to stay in a more developed campground, there are about 25 paved campsites available at Silver Springs Beach. Each campsite has a picnic table and some have fire pits. Most of these campsites can accommodate big rigs and some of the waterfront sites are not level. There are no hookups available, but water spigots are nearby.

Primitive Campsites

Lahontan State Park offers year-round camping facilities in Silver Springs, Nevada. Campers can choose to set up their own primitive no-hookup campsites anywhere they like, except near the day-use and boat ramp areas. With miles and miles of shoreline along the lake, you’re bound to find a waterfront campsite.

Facilities include a dump station and water facilities at both entrances to the park and restrooms with showers and flush toilets available at a cost. These facilities are closed during the off season, October to May.

Campsites are limited to two vehicles each and up to eight people per site. They are available on a first come, first served basis only. Lahontan State Park is pet-friendly, provided you keep dogs on a leash at all times.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Lahontan State Park



Anglers can enjoy catch and release fishing at Lahontan State Park. The lake is filled with a variety of fish, including walleye, white bass, catfish, trout, and hybrid wiper. Please note that you will need to get a permit from the Nevada Department of Wildlife in order to fish here.


If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, you can launch your boat off the beaches at Lahontan State Park, but there are two paved boat launch facilities on either side of the park with parking too. You will find the Silver Springs boat launch near the day use area, while the Churchill Beach boat launch area can be found at the North Shore Marina along US Highway 50.


Lahontan State Park is a great spot for a summer picnic. There are two developed, day use picnic areas built for this purpose at Lahontan. You will find one directly across Lahontan Dam and another on Silver Springs Beach. Picnic facilities include picnic tables, fire pit, as well as modern restrooms nearby. The park’s new facilities are ADA-friendly.



Catch and release fishing can be enjoyed at Lahontan State Park all year round. The reservoir is filled with all sorts of interesting fish, including walleye, white bass, catfish, trout, and hybrid wiper. Please note that you will need to get a fishing permit from the Nevada Department of Wildlife.


Whether you’re camping near the shoreline or the trees, you’ll have access to a wide stretch of beach where you can launch your own canoe. For those interested in bird watching, canoeing in the off season is a great way to get around without disturbing the wildlife. Don’t forget your binoculars!


Hunting is allowed in designated areas at Lahontan State Park in Nevada. Please make sure you are aware of the hunting areas and stay well clear of the designated use areas in the park, including in and around the camping area. Please note that you will need a hunting permit from the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

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