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Lake Eaton Campground is a peaceful campground located in the Adirondacks of New York that offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its secluded campsites, water boat rentals and several trails for biking and hiking enthusiasts.

The park has seasonal openings with peak season being from mid-May till June, while non-peak season starts from July till September with the park closed during winter months starting from October until May. RV enthusiasts and campers planning to visit a camping place with a variety of recreational activities including hiking, fishing, and boating will find this campground great fun, especially with family and friends.

Surrounded by the lake, the park is filled with several picnic areas with tables and fireplaces along with many tent and trailer sites. The weather usually remains dry and sunny at the Lake Eaton Campground. Facilities include the availability of drinking water, pet-friendly, sanitary dumping, toilets, showers, as well as firewood for lighting up a toasty and cozy fire.

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If you are traveling from NYS Thruway take Exit 27 at Amsterdam and continue north on Route 30 until you reach the beautiful village of Long Lake. From here, Lake Eaton Campgrounds is just one and a half mile away and located to the left of Long Lake Village. Many routes lead to Lake Eaton Campgrounds and all the roads leading to the park are wide enough for RVs, trailers and motor homes. The drive offers amazing views of the High Peaks Wilderness and the Coney Mountains.

Once inside the park roads are paved for a smooth driving experience and fairly spacious campsites. There are parking spaces and picnic spots dotted around the park with most camping sites allowing up to two vehicles per site.


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Lake Eaton Campground

There are over 127 campsites facilitated with tent and trailer sites that do not offer any water or electric hookups. Lake Eaton Campground offers minimal amenities to conserve the natural landscape and offers a more rugged camping experience for guests. Each campsite and picnic area does come with the bare necessities, however, and include picnic tables, fireplaces, flush toilets, hot showers, trailer dump stations, recycling center, and disability access. The campground is open during summers and closed during winters. Most sites can be reserved up to 9 months in advance or at least one day ahead of arrival online.

A maximum of six people can stay at each campsite. Campsites are located near to each other, so privacy is limited in most campsites. Generator use is allowed for a maximum of 5 hours a day between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Visitors can stay at the park for 14 days at a stretch and bring their pets along as long as they are vaccinated and on a leash.

Black bears dwell in the nearby mountain wilderness and even though they avoid human contact they may be attracted by food, and may sometimes even show aggression by damaging tents, coolers, and vehicles. If you are traveling to Lake Eaton Campground, keep your food hidden in safe locations. Also, pack an insect repellent if you are planning a visit in May or early June, as you might find swarms of black flies.

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Surrounded by the Sargent Ponds Wild Forest, Lake Eaton Campgrounds offers a serene hiking experience for campers. The Lake Eaton Trail begins at the campgrounds and moves along the shore of Lake Eaton merging into the larger Sargent Ponds Wild Forest Trail System. There are many other well-known hiking trails including The Owls Head Mountain Trail and Fine Tower Trails that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and wildlife.


Anglers love Lake Eaton for its fishing experience. The serene, peaceful and relaxing backdrop combines with calm lake waters offer the most tranquil experience for both amateur and professional fishing enthusiasts. Lake Eaton is also a great fishing ground teaming with lake trout, brook trout, white fish, smelt, smallmouth bass, sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead, sucker, rainbow salmon and minnow. If you’re planning to fish at Lake Eaton Campground, make sure you purchase the fishing license online or by phone.


Having a lake in front of you and not being able to dive into its cool water would just be a shame. This is why Lake Eaton offers several campground locations that are accessible to the lake waters for a bit of swimming. Swimming is allowed only under the supervision of lifeguards. In case, lifeguards are not on duty, beaches will be closed for the safety of visitors. The water is shallow by the shoreline which makes it great safe for children to swim in.


Boating and Kayaking

Lake Eaton Campground is a popular destination for canoeing and kayaking enthusiast who take to the vast lake waters for a spot of fishing or nature gazing. Lake Eaton Campground has a store that provides several options for renting, where guests can choose from a canoe, kayak, and rowboats if they fancy a boating adventure on the lake.

Seaplane and Boat Tour

There's a 22 mile round Long Lake Boat Tour, which is a great opportunity to marvel at the clear waters of Long Lake, it's beautiful campsites, islands, and mountainous backdrop all while sitting in a comfortable pontoon boat. A seaplane tour is also available from June 26 to September 6 from 11 am to 2 pm in Long Lake Village for those who want an exclusive aerial view of this untouched and surreal landscape.


The park offers many spots that offer the perfect recluse for a picnic with family and friends. Being surround by rolling hills, mountains, woodlands, and of course the lake is just the ideal setting to sit back relax and enjoy the view, weather and some delicious old fashioned BBQ. Picnic sites have picnic tables, grills, fire pits and access to drinking water and nearby vault toilets for a comfortable and relaxing experience. Playgrounds including a basketball court are also available if you want to add a little exercise to your day out picnicking.