Lake Lowndes State Park
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Located on the border of Mississippi and Alabama, Lake Lowndes State Park is a popular waterside retreat with an excellent range of aquatic activities. You’ll have 150 acres of lake for water and jet skiing, as well as relaxing canoeing and kayaking. Lake Lowndes is also populated by a variety of fish species, making it a great destination for anglers.

Lake Lowndes State Park also has plenty to keep you busy out of the water. The park has over five miles of hiking trails that loop around the lake and through the forests surrounding the waters. You’ll spot a wide range of southern bird species and a variety of plant and tree species in the park. There is also a self-guided nature trail where you can learn more about the park’s wildlife.

The RV campground in the park is fully modern, with electrical, water, and sewer hookups at all 50 sites. You’ll also be within walking distance of the park’s swimming areas and the boat launches, as well as the network of hiking trails.

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Lake Lowndes State Park is located in eastern Mississippi, right on the border with Alabama. All of the park’s roads are well developed, so there will be few issues navigating large RVs through the park.

You can reach Lake Lowndes from many major cities in the South, such as Jackson, Birmingham, and Memphis. If you are driving from Jackson, take MS-25 north from the city to arrive at the park in a little less than three hours. From Memphis, take I-22 and US-45 to reach the park in around three hours. Driving from Birmingham, take I-20 and US-82 and you will get to the park in around two hours.

The park is a popular lakeside destination, so the roads are wide and well paved, so large rigs will be able to move through the park without any issues. The temperatures stay fairly warm throughout the year, so you shouldn’t have any issues with icy or snowy roads.


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Campgrounds and parking in Lake Lowndes State Park

Campsites in Lake Lowndes State Park

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Lake Lowndes State Park Campground

There are 50 sites at the campground within the park. The campground is fully developed, so every site has electrical, water, and sewer hookups. The sites also have grills and picnic tables. There is also a comfort station that has hot showers, restrooms, washers and dryers, and vending machines. The campground is pet-friendly, but all dogs must be kept on leashes.

The campground is located along the shore of the lake, so most sites will have views of the water. You’ll also be close to a boat launch, as well as the disc golf course and the hiking loop. The sports facilities and main picnic areas of the park are still within walking distance, but you may prefer to drive.

The Lake Lowndes State Park Campground is open year round. Reservations should be made at least a day in advance, although you can call the park same day to see if there are any spots. If you are visiting during peak season in the summer, you should book as early as possible, as the campground tends to fill up quickly.

Seasonal activities in Lake Lowndes State Park



Lake Lowndes is a popular local destination for fishing, with a wide variety of fish species populating the lake. You’ll find bream, catfish, bass, and crappie in the waters, all of which tend to be active throughout the year. There is also a boat launch that is accessible from the main campground.

If you plan on fishing catfish, there is a daily creel limit of 10 fish per day. Fish will bite year round, although you’ll get the most activity in spring and fall.


The waters of Lake Lowndes make a perfect destination for relaxing boat rides along the shore. Bring a pleasure boat out onto the water and soak in the breeze from the water. Or take a kayak and paddle along the shaded shores.

The park does not rent boats, so you’ll have to bring your own with your rig or rent one from a nearby rental business. There is a boat launch, so getting your vessel out onto the water is simple.

Water Skiing

RV campers who come to Lake Lowndes will find plenty of water activities to keep them busy. The 150-acre lake is perfect for water skiing and jet skiing, as motorized boats are allowed on the water. You can also use speed boats to enjoy the lake at a faster pace.

There is a boat launch near the park’s main areas, so getting your vessel onto the water is easy. The lake does have motorized boat hours, so check with the park office to see what current times are.



The forests surrounding the park also make for great birdwatching. There are dozens of species that visit the park, some of which are native to the state of Mississippi.

The forests tend to be most active in the spring and fall, when birds are on the move. However, you’ll still spot plenty of species year round.

Mississippi has multiple birdwatching societies that produce excellent material on the birds in the area. Consult their websites to find more information about the species of birds that visit the park throughout the year.


Lake Lowndes State Park also has a network of hiking trails that lead you through the woods surrounding the lake. The trails are moderate to easy, so they are accessible for hikers of all ages and experience levels.

There is a five-mile loop that leads around the lake, giving you scenic views of the water. This hike is excellent year round, but best in the fall, when the autumn colors light up the shore of the lake.

Playing Sports

The park also has a range of sports facilities for you to use when you’re tired of the water. There are football, soccer, baseball, and softball fields, as well as tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts.

There is also a disc golf course and a gym. All of the facilities are open year round, and can be accessed by RV campers. They are also within walking distance of the RV campground.