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If you're looking for a great RV trip by the lake, Lake Perris State Recreation Area should be on your top places to visit. There are many amenities within the RV park, as well as countless opportunities to experience the great outdoors throughout the park. In addition to its many features and amenities, it is also conveniently located within an hour and a half of both San Diego and Los Angeles!

Picnicking, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, nature viewing, and even a Native American Museum are some of the most popular activities throughout the park. The lake itself is 2,250 acres, which makes it big enough for everyone to enjoy without being crowded. Whether you're looking for a great hiking spot or a place to ride jet skis, Lake Perris has something to offer everyone.

Lake Perris also offers a huge beach area for swimming and is popular in the summer months, as the temperature can reach well over 100 degrees in direct sunlight. So grab your swimsuit and cool off in the cool waters! For those with children, it is encouraged to wear life jackets, and life guards are on duty during in-season months!

The campground in the park is located off the main road that accesses the park, making it close to anywhere you'd like to go within the park. All roads are paved and maintained, so navigating your RV will be a breeze!

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Navigating your RV through Lake Perris State Recreation Area is a breeze. All roads that lead to the campground and beach are fully-paved, and wide enough for RVs to easily maneuver. Although the streets are wide and paved, be aware that there are a lot of sharp curves within the park.

If you're planning to stay a while, biking is very common within the park, as the campground is closely located to many of the most popular areas. At the beach area, there is ample parking for cars, but most spaces are not large enough to accommodate an RV. There are three parking spots available at each campsite, so if you tow your vehicle with you, it would be perfect for getting to and from the beach area.

There are two main entrances to the park; one on the North end and one on the West end. You can access the campground via either of the entrances, but the West entrance is the most direct way to the campground!


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Campsites in Lake Perris State Recreation Area

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Lake Perris Campground

Lake Perris Campground is the perfect RV destination for those looking for a park that has a little bit of everything. Swimming, hiking, attractions, and events are just a few of the things you'll find within the park.

The campground is located on the main road that accesses the park and is in a central location to easily access the beach and hiking trails.

Some of the features of the campground include water and electric hook-ups, as well as grey water hook-ups. There is a dump station within the park that is free for those staying at the park.

Each site includes a picnic table, fire ring, and a grill. This is a great feature, as it eliminates having to find an open picnic area! There are 254 RV campsites within the park that are all easily accessed. If you don't have restroom facilities in your RV, there are showers and restrooms within the campground as well.

If you're planning a group trip, there are campsites that can be explicitly reserved for groups. These sites can accommodate up to 20 vehicles and 100 people per campsite. Note: There are no hook-up options in group campsites.

Seasonal activities in Lake Perris State Recreation Area


Nature and Wildlife Viewing

Lake Perris State Recreation Area is home to many different wildlife species, plants and animals alike. While much of the wildlife found in the park can be seasonal, there is always something to see in the primitive areas of the park.

Bobcats, mule deer, rabbits, coyotes, quail, and snakes are some of the common animals that you may see in the park. Always remember to keep your distance, as some of these animals can be dangerous. If you're a wildlife enthusiast, most of these animals will be seen at night, and they get spooked easily. So, get your camera and binoculars ready!


Swimming is one of the most popular in-season activities in Lake Perris State Recreation Area. The majority of the Northwest portion of the lake consists of sandy beaches and even has lifeguards on duty during the in-season months.

Scuba diving (with certification) and snorkeling are also encouraged in the lake! Keep in mind, the beach is only open from 7 am to 7 pm, and the time is strictly enforced.

Boating and Fishing

Boating and fishing are some of the most common activities in Lake Perris State Recreation Area aside from swimming. While many state parks have strict trolling speed restrictions and boat size limits, Lake Perris allows jet skiing, as well as motorized boats. The boat ramp to the lake is located just South of the campground.

Bow fishing is also popular in Lake Perris. While there are tight restrictions on what type of fish you can bowfish for, it is a fantastic place for the sport. There are even tournaments held on the lake!



Lake Perris Recreational Area is a fantastic place for those looking for hiking trails. There are seven hiking trails within the park that range from under three miles to nine miles. These trails are moderately trafficked, so you may meet some new friends on the trails!

Elevations of the trails can also vary greatly. Ranging from 1,604 feet to 2,565 feet above sea level, you'll be able to get good exercise in while seeing the beautiful rolling hills of the park.

Ya'i Heki' Regional Indian Museum

If you're looking for an indoor activity on a cold or rainy off-season day, the Ya'i Heki' Regional Indian Museum is definitely worth visiting! Initially built in 1974 as a visitor center, the building was converted into a museum to depict the lives and culture of the Native Americans that resided in California.

The museum is located near the entrance of the park, and is easily accessed from the campground! Whether you're visiting for the day or planning to camp in your RV, this is a must see when visiting Lake Perris State Recreational Area!


While picnicking is an in-season activity in most parks, the weather at Lake Perris tends to be warm during the day most months. Even in January, the temperatures can reach the upper 60s.

Lake Perris State Recreation Are offers almost 300 picnic sites that include both tables and stationary grills. While there are picnic areas all over the park, the most popular are close to the beach. There are also grassy areas near the picnic sites to allow for games and relaxation! Bathrooms and running water are also near the picnic areas!