Lake Poinsett State Park
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Have you ever felt the burning desire to go on a mini vacation with your kids and let your mind and body relax? Well, if the love for nature flows through your veins, and you can have no more of this urban lifestyle, pack your RVs and plan a visit to beautiful Lake Poinsett State Par.

Nestled on top of the rolling green hills of Crowley’s Ridge in northeast Arkansas, lies Lake Poinsett, a 640-acre lake that will help you relax and reconnect with nature. Lake Poinsett is encompassed by quaint and serene surroundings including clear waters and dense woodlands that will leave campers enthralled and entertained.

The natural beauty of the park isn’t its only highlights. The lake is a popular fishing spot among locals and there are various short hiking trails that will keep you busy and active all day. The park's rangers are also known for their friendliness and easy-going persona. Recreational activities offered by the park, include kayaking, wildlife excursion, canoe tours, and many other adventurous and enjoyable outdoor activities.

Grab your things, pack your RV, and get ready to spend a night or two amidst nature in this cozy and remote Lake Poinsett State Park.

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When approaching from Harrisburg, drive one mile east on Ark. 14, from there turn south and drive three more miles on Ark. 163 that leads to the park entrance. The roads and campsites are properly marked, and the entrance road will take you directly to the park’s visitor center where you need to check-in.

The bait shop is also on the premises of the park, and we suggest you make your purchases before heading to your campsite. You can also inquire about the ongoing interpretive programs from the visitor center before heading towards the RV sites and various facilities.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Lake Poinsett State Park

Campsites in Lake Poinsett State Park

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Lake Poinsett State Park Campgrounds

Lake Poinsett State Park has 29 campsites in total out of which three are tent only sites, while the rest are water and electric full-hookup RV campsites. The 26 sites designated for RVs are spacious and can easily accommodate trailers and even big rigs. All 26 sites facilitate vacationers with electric hookups of 30/50 amp and water hookups along with adequate privacy and shade. The sites have concrete parking spaces and each campsite comes with a picnic table, grill, and access to toilets and clean showers nearby. The campsites are also pet-friendly making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reclusive retreat that gets them close with nature and the great outdoors. The park is open all-year round and is a fantastic spot to visit at any time in any season.

Seasonal activities in Lake Poinsett State Park



We spend all of our time on the land, so how about a little foray into the deep waters of Lake Poinsett?

The lake is surrounded by thick foliage all around it, and boating in the lake is an exhilarating experience. The state park provides boat rentals and has launch ramps in place.

Kayaking and canoeing can also be enjoyed at Lake Poinsett. Boating is quite popular in the summers and allows the vacationers to bond with their loved ones while cruising, or get some alone time with nature.


Lake Poinsett State Park might be small, but it still doesn’t leave hiking enthusiasts wanting. Great Blue Heron Trail is the only trail in the park and is over a mile long which serves as a leisurely hike for both new and seasoned hikers. The trail is relatively flat and most hikers can complete it at a leisurely pace in about 45 minutes. Along the trail, hikers can take in the scenic views of rolling hills and Crowley’s Ridge that serves as a backdrop to the park and lake.


The star recreation activity at Lake Poinsett State Park is fishing. Fishing here is so popular that even derbies are held every year. Some of the common fish found in the lake include bass, crappie, catfish, and bream. There is an on-site bait shop available. Campers need to bring their own fishing gear.

Fishing can either be enjoyed from the fishing dock or on boats that are available for rent at the park store.


Playgrounds & Other Activities

There are tons of recreational activities offered by Lake Poinsett State Park which campers can enjoy during their stay at the park. Friends too can come together and enjoy activities they usually don’t get time for. The state park has designated a route for bicycling which campers can bring along with them to enjoy a leisurely bike ride in a natural backdrop. A volleyball area along with a net is also available on the premises. Campers will also enjoy stargazing, walking in the woods, enjoying the beach side and lake area and letting their kids play by the playgrounds.

Interpretive Programs

Lake Poinsett State Park is known for its various interpretive programs that run year-round. These programs include guided kayak tours, canoe tours, wildlife excursions, trail walks, and informative sessions that teach you about nature and trees while you are standing amidst it all.

There are also Dutch oven cooking workshops and sessions that take vacationers on a journey of learning about the history of the area and its origins. It makes the vacation even more insightful and you return back home much more enlightened.


Other than fishing, picnicking is the other highlight of Lake Poinsett State Park. The serene environment of the park makes it a picnicking hotspot among the locals. Picnic tables are generously scattered all around the park so guest can select ones that most suit their needs.

In close proximity to the picnicking area is a capacious space for an impromptu softball game which families and friends can enjoy together.

There is also a children’s playground located between the campground and the picnicking area where the kids can play and run around, without parents having to worry about them getting hurt.