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Ready for your next RV adventure? Take a trip to Florida's Lake Seminole. It's a great place for a camping holiday.
Lake Seminole is located in Pinellas County, Florida. This body of water is where the Flint, Chattahoochee, and Apalachicola Rivers meet in a confluence in the city of Seminole just 20 miles away from urban Tampa.
This popular body of water is quite impressive both due to its immense size, at 37,500 acres, and its location, which ties together the borders of three states: Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The lake takes its name from the tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the region several thousand years ago.
Lake Seminole is essentially a man-made lake, and it is a body of water with a story to tell. Fort Scott, a military fortification constructed in 1816 to provide protection against invading Spanish armies, lies at the bottom of the lakebed. When the fort was no longer in use after 1821, it fell into disrepair. In 1958, following the construction of the Jim Woodruff Dam, the lakebed was filled in, submerging the remains of the fort.
Today, Lake Seminole is a popular location for avid anglers. People flock to its shores to try their hand at reeling in the many species of fish commonly found in the waters including black crappie, striped bass, chain pickerel, and bluegill. It is also a popular spot for observing waterfowl in their natural habitat. Care must be taken to avoid coming in contact with the American alligators and snakes that make this region their home.
There are several different national parks and campgrounds that rest against the shores of this large and much-beloved lake, giving RV campers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor activities. The property is also a fan favorite location for the popular Bassmasters tournament.
If you're hankering to hit the open road on your next RV adventure, plan to stop by Lake Seminole. It's a fantastic place for an RV stay.

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Lake Seminole is easy to reach from each of the three bordering states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Each of the highways leading to this popular body of water is in excellent condition and consist of stretches of two and four lanes. Road construction is seen from time to time, mostly in the summer months. Traffic remains fluid regardless of the time of the year. The terrain is consistently flat with the route to the lake direct from each of the state borderlines.


With many different parks bordering Lake Seminole, there is ample parking via many different lots for families coming to spend the day at the beach.

Public Transportation

At this time, there is no public transportation directly to Lake Seminole.

Campgrounds and parking in Lake Seminole

Campsites in Lake Seminole

Reservations camping

Three Rivers State Park Campground

Three Rivers State Park Campground is found on the shores of Lake Seminole and offers RV and tent camping as well as cabin rentals year-round. All campsites are by reservation only.

Each of these campsites offers water and power hookups as well as grills and fire pits. Generator use is acceptable, and dogs may join their families on the premises so long as they remain leashed.

There are 30 campsites in total. Restrooms are found on the grounds for the public to use. There is also an on-site waste disposal station for RV's.

Seasonal activities in Lake Seminole



Lake Seminole offers some of the best swimming in the region. With its close proximity to Tampa, families can enjoy a visit to the big city then pop over to the lake to dip their toes in the refreshing waters found here. Swimming is not supervised at Lake Seminole. Families are advised to proceed cautiously and to only enter the water when the weather is favorable. Since this region is a natural habitat for American alligators, it is best to steer clear of any areas of marsh or brush.

The shoreline at Lake Seminole is quite vast, so if you enjoy taking strolls by the sea, you have found the perfect place for you. Wander along the coast in search of seaside treasures, take a walk with your leashed best canine pal, or relax in the sand with a good book.

Bring lots of drinking water, sunscreen, and snacks.


With so many recreational areas found along the shores of Lake Seminole, you will not want for places to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch with a seaside view to feast your eyes on. Choose from one of the picnic areas at one of the state parks such as Three Rivers State Park in Florida or Seminole State Park in nearby Georgia and take a seat directly on the sand.
Be sure to pack a delicious lunch and include lots of bottled water for you and your family to drink to keep from getting thirsty on your picnic adventure. Your dog may join you on your picnic but must remain leashed at all times.

Water sports

For those who are dying to get their water sports equipment out on the water, you will not be disappointed with a trip to Lake Seminole. This seaside haven is the ideal place for paddling out into the depths of the lake in your canoe or kayak or getting your pleasurecraft, jetski, or other motorized toys out on the water.

You will definitely want to make sure you wear lots of sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn. Bring along drinking water and snacks to enjoy as well.



Lake Seminole is an extremely scenic spot. You will not want for opportunities when it comes to beautiful things to train your camera lens on. Come prepared with good walking shoes and your camera. As you travel across the shoreline, you will encounter many different species of plant and animal life that make for excellent photo ops.

The landscape itself is quite picturesque, making it a great location for taking some family photos for your mantel.

Dress in layers in case temperatures start to drop. Bring along drinking water and snacks to share.


Many of the state parks surrounding Lake Seminole offer hiking trails for families to enjoy. Each of the trails varies in intensity and travels through different geographical features for families to enjoy. Be sure to select a trail that is best suited to the age and activity level of the each of the hikers.

You will need to be sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes and dress in layers to stave off any chill you might encounter. Since you will work up a sweat climbing hills and down sand dunes on your hike, bring along lots of drinking water and some high-calorie snacks to ensure you have lots of energy. Bring along Fido for your hike but please keep him on a leash.


The fishing is fine at Lake Seminole. This body of water is a favorite locale for the popular fishing tournament known as Bassmasters. The waters teem with many different varieties of fish including largemouth bass, crappie, and more.

Fish directly from the shore or take your pleasurecraft or canoe out on the lake. With some snacks and drinks along for the ride, you are bound to have a ball.

After you've caught your fill, take your bounty back to your RV campsite where you can fillet your fish then grill them over an open fire. That's RV living at its finest!