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Lake St. Catherine State Park is located on the shores of Lake St. Catherine in Vermont. It is a 117-acre park, so it is relatively small compared to many other state parks, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in relaxation. You can bring your boat to the park to enjoy a day on the lake fishing or water-skiing. If you don't have a boat, don't worry - the concessions area offers boat rentals including paddleboats and kayaks. You can also enjoy a day of fishing at the lake when you visit here in your camper or trailer.

The lake features two sandy beaches that you can relax on before or after a dip in the lake. There is also a grassy hill that you can play on with your family, including a playground for children to enjoy. A hiking trail provides views around the lake, as well as the surrounding forest known as the Big Trees of Lake St. Catherine and Birdseye Mountain.

Lake St. Catherine State Park features 61 different campsites, with 50 sites for tent and RV camping and 11 lean-to sites. There are no hookups at the park, but there is a sanitary dumping station for RVs and campers The park has restroom facilities with hot showers, perfect for after a day biking or hiking on the trails around the park.

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Lake St. Catherine State Park is located in Vermont, near the town of Poultney. From the town, you can get to the park by driving approximately three miles down Highway 30, which the park is located directly off of. You will want to be careful when driving to the park, especially during winter months as northeastern winters can be especially harsh. The area has rolling hills and mountains, so you will want to navigate the roads carefully when driving your RV or camping trailer.

The park has several parking lots. One of these is large and located near the northern swimming beach, providing easy access for day-use visitors to the lake. This lot is also adjacent to the concessions stand. A smaller lot is next to the nature center, while the third lot is near several of the campsites. You should not have to compete with day-use visitors for parking near the campsites due to the location of the largest parking lot closer to day-use facilities.

Lake St. Catherine State Park has several camping loops that the campsites and lean-tos are located around. When you check in at the park office, which is at the entrance of the park, you will want to find out where exactly your site is so that you don't get lost.


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Lake St. Catherine State Park Campground

Lake St. Catherine State Park campground has 50 sites that you can camp at with your tent or RV, but you will want to check on which site you are reserving, as not all can hold an RV. The park also has 11 lean-to sites. There are no hookups in this park, but there is a sanitary dumping station for waste from your RV. The park does have paid for hot showers that you can use and restroom facilities, some of which are handicapped accessible.

Campers have access to the swimming beaches in the park, as well as picnicking facilities. In addition, near one of the swimming beaches, the park offers concessions for purchase and boats for rental. The park also has a nature center that campers and day-use visitors can attend programs at. Pets are allowed but are restricted to certain areas of the park, such as not being allowed on the sandy beaches.

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Viewing Wildlife

You should remember to bring your camera or a drawing pad in your RV to illustrate the wonderful wildlife views you have when you are at Lake St. Catherine State Park. Bird watchers can enjoy spectacular views of a wide variety of bird species, including yellow rumped warbler, scaup, common goldeneye, and blue jays. You can also enjoy watching wildlife while you explore the hiking trail around the lake. Some animals that you can see include skunks, black bears, and beavers.


There are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic when you come camping at Lake St. Catherine State Park with your camping trailer or RV. Most of the sites have adjacent picnic tables, and you can also spread out on the grassy hill overlooking the beach to enjoy a bite. If you are looking for snacks to share with your family and friends, there is a concessions stand near the northern swimming beach where you can get things to eat.


At Lake St. Catherine State Park, there is a lovely hiking trail that provides information and stunning views of the lake and the ancient forest that surrounds the lake, referred to as the Big Trees of Lake St. Catherine. While the main hiking trail is only one-third of a mile long, there is an additional nearly one-mile loop that will take you through the trees for more of a trek. The trail also provides views of Birdseye Mountain and the area that used to be farmland around the lake.



You shouldn't forget to pack your swimsuit or swimming trunks in your campervan when you come to Lake St. Catherine State Park. The park features two sandy swimming beaches that you and day-use visitors can enjoy while you are at the park. You do have to share the lake with boaters, but the boat launch is located between the swimming beaches. There is also a concessions stand, so you can get snacks on your break from the water.


If you have a boat, you might want to bring it on your trailer to Lake St. Catherine State Park to use within the waters of Lake St. Catherine. You may even want to pack your standup paddleboard equipment in your camping trailer to use at the park. If you don't have a boat, do not worry - you can rent one from the park. Rentals are offered during the summer months on canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats and still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.


When you come to Lake St. Catherine State Park in your rig, you can enjoy a nice variety of fishing within Lake St. Catherine. Some species of fish that you can attempt to catch include panfish, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass, as well as yellow perch and northern pike. Lake St. Catherine State Park also participates in Vermont's Reel Fun fishing program, so if you don't have have fishing equipment in your RV, you can borrow it and learn to fish at the park.