Lake Texoma State Park
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Lake Texoma State Park is excellent for those that love being out on the water. The park is located along the shore of Catfish Bay, so you'll be beside the water no matter where you go in the park. Whether you're visiting the park for fishing, boating, or relaxing, Lake Texoma State Park offers something for everyone!

Lake Texoma is the twelfth largest reservoir in the US, with over 90,000 surface acres of water. This large lake offers many opportunities for boating, jet skiing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. No matter what you love about lakes, you'll find it at Lake Texoma. There is even a marina within the park!

If you're planning to camp in Lake Texoma State Park, you'll find three campgrounds located on the peninsula and Southwest of the bay. Catfish Bay Campground is the best campground for those looking for boating and fishing, as this campground is located on the peninsula north of the bay! Ben's Campground and Joe's Campground are perfect for those looking for swimming, bank fishing, and relaxation!

Make sure to pack your rod and reel, sunscreen, and relaxing clothes; Lake Texoma State Park is one you don't want to pass by!

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Lake Texoma State Park is located on the Northwest portion of Lake Texoma, on the North side of Catfish Bay. The park is easily accessed by any camping rig, big or small. Just a short drive from Dallas, Texas, the park is located on State Park Road off of US-70.

Lake Texoma State Park encompasses land both North and South of Catfish Bay. If you're planning to camp in your RV or camper trailer, you will have no problems maneuvering around the park. The park roads are well-maintained, as they are wide enough to accommodate large RVs and trailers.

To access the park office from US-70, you will head South on State Park Road. This route will get you to the state park office, Catfish Bay Marina, Catfish Bay Campground, and Catfish Bay Boat Ramp! If you're staying at Ben's Campground South of the bay, you will head South on Texoma Park Road from US-70.

When camping at Lake Texoma State Park, walking and cycling is an excellent way to explore the park, although you may be limited to the North or South of the bay. If you want to access a different section of the park, walking or cycling may take a long time. If you're walking and biking for leisure, though, these are excellent alternatives to driving!


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Campgrounds and parking in Lake Texoma State Park

Campsites in Lake Texoma State Park

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Ben's Campground

If you're planning to camp at Lake Texoma State Park, Ben's Campground is located on the South side of Catfish bay! This campground is the perfect summer destination, as it is home to the park's swimming beaches.

At Ben's campground, there are many amenities for those camping in an RV or camper trailer. Campsites at Ben's Campground offer full hookup sites, as well as water and electric sites. Each campsite includes a fire ring, picnic table, and a grill. Ben's campground only offers back-in campsites.

Ben's Campground is home to two picnic shelters, two restrooms with showers, two swimming beaches, and a small boat ramp.

Joe's Campground

Joe's Campground is slightly smaller than Ben's campground, but it features many of the same amenities. While Ben's campground offers both "modern" (full hookup) and "semi-modern" (water and electric) campsites, Joe's campground features all full hookup sites. All of the sites at Joe's Campground are back-in sites.

Although Joe's campground features more full hookup sites, most of these sites don't have picnic tables, fire pits, or grills, with the exception of several that have fire pits. If you have the spare room in your RV, this would be a great place to dust off that old folding chair and table and light up your portable fire pit!

Catfish Bay Campground

Catfish Bay Campground is one of the most desirable campgrounds in the park, as it has water on both sides of the campground! If you're staying in the park primarily for boating, this is also the closest campground to the marina, in addition to the two boat ramps within the campground.

Catfish Bay Campground features many of the same amenities as Ben's campground, as it offers a picnic table, fire ring, and grill at every campsite. Catfish Bay Campground also has the largest tent camping area of the three campgrounds.

In addition to campsite features, many of the campsites are full hookup, as well as the rest being water and electric hookup. Catfish Bay Campground features both back-in and pull-thru campsites.

On the North side of the campground, you'll find restrooms with showers, located within walking distance of any of the campsites.

Seasonal activities in Lake Texoma State Park



Boating is one of the most popular activities within Lake Texoma State Park! The lake is open to all kinds of boats. Whether you're kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, or taking your pontoon boat out on the water, Lake Texoma is perfect for all water sports!

Within the park, you'll find the Catfish Bay Marina, the Catfish Bay Boat Ramp, and a small boat ramp South of Ben's Campground! Lake Texoma boasts as one of the largest reservoirs in the US, so you'll have plenty of waters to explore!


Within Lake Texoma State Park, you'll find a swimming beach on the East side of Ben's Campground. Swimming is the perfect way to cool off on a hot Oklahoma summer day. If needed, there are restrooms within walking distance of the swimming beach.

Although swimming is permitted in the park, it is limited to the swimming area. Swimming is not allowed near the marina. If you're planning on swimming, don't forget your beach umbrella and sunscreen!


One very unique feature of Lake Texoma State Park is that it features a volleyball court within the park. Very few state parks offer facilities for team sports.

Volleyball is a great way to spend time with friends and family, as well as meeting some new friends. Make sure to bring a volleyball with you if you plan to play.



Hiking at Lake Texoma State Park is an excellent activity for those of all ages and experience levels. Whether you're looking for good exercise, peace and quiet, or nature viewing, Lake Texoma has much to offer.

While there are no designated trails, the shoreline of Catfish Bay is within the park, as well as the wooded areas within the park. No matter what you're looking for in a hike, looking over the beautiful Lake Texoma makes the entire hike a joy.


Fishing is the second most common activity within Lake Texoma State Park. With its miles of shoreline, there are many fishing opportunities. Located in the park, you'll find many opportunities for bank fishing, boat fishing, and even a guide service for those that want an experienced fishing tour of the lake.

Some of the most commonly fished for species in the lake include many species of bass, catfish, bluegill, and crappie.

Two Rivers Nature Center

Two Rivers Nature Center is located in the Park Office in which you check into when you arrive. This nature center is perfect for learning about all of the wildlife within the park, as well as the environmental significance.

As the park is regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers, they keep all of the stats within the Nature Center updated. You'll be able to learn about current water levels, water qualities, and ecological facts.