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Lake Waramaug State Park


Located on the beautiful Northwestern shore of Lake Waramaug in the town of Kent, Connecticut, Lake Waramaug State Park is a scenic lakeside getaway for even the most demanding RV drivers. It has a plethora of activities on offer to satisfy anybody, from the watersports thrill-seekers to the land lovers, and at 95 picturesque acres, is well worth the trip to Connecticut’s Northwestern end. Not only does Lake Waramaug offer fishing, swimming boating, but also hiking and picnicking, as well as numerous breathtaking sightseeing opportunities within easy reach.

There are more than 76 different sites to choose from, in both wooded and open areas. Whether you like the shade or the sun, you’ll find that Lake Waramaug can accommodate you and your RV or trailer.

There’s also a bit of history to be found at this lovely campsite; Lake Waramaug is named after a Native American chief of the Wyantenock Tribe, who historically had hunting grounds near Lover’s Leap in New Milford, CT. Lake Waramaug was the place where he and his tribe spent their summers, moving elsewhere when it got cold. In other words, Lake Waramaug State Park has been on the radar of vacation seekers for centuries. If that’s not enough to convince you to come check out the beautiful scenery, we don’t know what is.

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Located in Northwestern Connecticut, Lake Waramaug State Park is fairly close to CT’s Eastern border. This means the closest large cities are Hartford, CT and New York, NY.

Getting there from Hartford is simple: start by taking Route 202-W out of the city, and continue until you take a right on Route 45. Then take a left onto North Shore Road and follow the road around the lake until you hit the park. Altogether, the trip should take you slightly over an hour as long as there’s good traffic. You can expect slight delays in either direction during rush hour or peak travel seasons.

Getting to Lake Waramaug from New York is equally easy, though the trip might take a little longer. You can take Route 684-N, which then transitions into 84-E, to access Route 202-E. From there, you get to Lake Waramaug the exact same way, by taking a left on Route 45 and another left on North Shore Road. You can then follow the signs around the lake until you reach the park.


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While Lake Waramaug is more than amenable to RV’s and trailers, it’s a pretty old-fashioned campground that also welcomes many tent campers every year. You won’t find any hookups here. But for those who like the idea of roughing it a bit and getting even more in touch with nature, Lake Waramaug is a perfect solution.

Reservations at Lake Waramaug State Park must be made at least one day before your arrival and can be made up to 11 months in advance. The peak season generally goes from mid-May to mid-September each year. There are grocery stores and restaurants both within ten miles, so finding the necessary supplies shouldn’t be a problem. There are large sinks for dishwashing as well as public-use bathrooms available.

As stated above, trailers and RV’s must be limited to 35 feet at a maximum.

Seasonal activities in Lake Waramaug State Park



As you might expect with so scenic a lake, swimming is one of Lake Waramaug State Park’s most commonly enjoyed activities. If you time your visit with the coming of summer, the lake can become the perfect place to take a dip and cool down in the July heat. The lake is also bordered by picturesque sand beaches that you or your family can relax on, as well as designated picnic areas with tables, located conveniently close to the swimming areas. Taking in the scenic views from the Northwestern bank of the lake, there’s simply no way you won’t be able to relax.


Fishing is also very popular at Lake Waramaug. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, brown bullhead sunfish can all be found at this lake, making it a plentiful choice for anybody who wants to work on their game while taking an RV vacation. No matter what time you come, fishing in the middle of this lake while observing the natural beauty around you is a great way to make the most of your time in Lake Waramaug.


Finally, even if you’re not much of a swimmer, or if you prefer to come during the Fall when weather is a bit cooler and the beautiful fall foliage is out on full display, you can still enjoy watersports at the lake. Boating is another of Lake Waramaug’s most popular activities. There’s a boat launch dock available at the lake to facilitate easy access.



Hiking is an on-season activity as well, but it’s equally as appealing when done off-season at Lake Waramaug due to the State Park’s leisurely, scenic views. You can choose to take a leisurely walk around the lake if you’re in the mood for a light workout.

For hikers who want something a little more intense, visitors can hike to the top of the Pinnacle and see Lake Waramaug from a truly breathtaking perspective on the Maricostas Preserve, which is part of the Steep Rock Association. The leisurely but steep seven and a half miles might seem challenging, but the views from the top are more than worth your time.


Lake Waramaug has the best of both worlds, being surrounded by nature but also having a relatively developed shoreline. The nearby Maricostas Preserve, which we also highlighted in the hiking section, is a must-visit for any nature lovers who want to spend some time on trails in the forest. Hopkins Vineyard is also nearby for RV campers looking for a small taste of culture while they get their vacation in. Finally, if conservation is your cup of tea, White Memorial Conservation Center can offer a host of compelling day activities for you or your family.


Finally, if you come during the off-season and need to get your fix in for winter sports and snowy fun, skiing and snowboarding can both be done at nearby Mohawk Mountain. Just because the snow has started to fall doesn't mean that the fun has to stop. And with the colder temperatures, you may find that you have the trails all to yourself.