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Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area


As the largest provincial recreation area in Alberta, Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area sits on 443 sq. km. (171 sq. miles) of land and water, features four lakes, and supports diverse recreational pursuits, making it a premier RV holiday destination. Located east of Lac La Biche, Alberta, this provincial recreation area consists of high hummocky hills and gently rolling terrain, as well as sandy beaches that are by-products of recent erosive action and the glacial activity in the area in the past.

Comprising over 200 campsites available for RVs and tents, in four campgrounds, Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area offers wonderful camping options for vacationers as well as backcountry camping opportunities for adventure and exploration enthusiasts. A wide variety of amenities are also available within the park to enhance the recreational experience of visitors and campers. Park facilities include boat launch, fish cleaning station, pier, and picnic shelters. The campgrounds are equipped with toilets, firepits, firewood and other basic camping amenities.

You can enjoy a wide range of recreational pursuits in the park, including but not limited to hiking, fishing, birding, and boating. During hunting season, the park is also open to the public for hunting. There is no shortage of fun activities at Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area as snowmobiling, swimming, and off-roading are also popular in the park.

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RV Rentals in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area



Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area is located east of Lac La Biche Alberta, and consists of four RV campgrounds that can be accessed via different routes - Pinehurst Lake Campground, Seibert Lake Campground, Touchwood Lake Campground, and Ironwood Lake Campground. From Lac La Biche, you may access the campgrounds by driving along Highways 36, 55 and 881 to the local gravel and unimproved roads that lead to the campground. Access to all but Seibert Lake Campground is on paved and high-grade gravel roads. Seibert Lake Campground is accessible via dry weather trail and the use of four-wheel drive is recommended.


Parking spaces are available at the campgrounds in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area for RVs, trailers, and cars, especially at the campsites within the campgrounds. Overnight parking facilities are also available.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Pinehurst Lake Campground

Pinehurst Lake Campground is located southeast of Lac La Biche along Township Road 654a.

Within the campground, there are 75 campsites available for RVs and tents, and accessible by vehicles. Amenities available at, and accessible from, the campground include boat launch, firepits, pit toilets, and fish cleaning stations. A picnic shelter is also available at the campground. Although drinking water is available in the campground, it is recommended that RV campers bring their own drinking water. No RV hookups are available.

RV length limit at the campground is 50 ft and campsite reservations are accepted.

First-come first-served

Seibert Lake Campground

Your drive to Seibert Lake Campground from Lac La Biche will take you 17 km (10.5 miles) south on Highway 36, 60 km (37 miles) east on Highway 55, and 20 km (12 miles) north on the access road to the campground.

There are 40 campsites at this campground, all of which are available on first-come first-served basis only. The campsites can accommodate RVs/trailers up to 50 ft, but no hookup options are available. Amenities at the campground include firepits, fish cleaning stations, firewood and pit/vault toilets. A boat launch is also available. You are advised to bring your own drinking water to the campsite.

Touchwood Lake Campground

Touchwood Lake Campground is located 43 km east of Lac La Biche on Hwy. 663.

There are 93 campsites available for RVs and tents in the campground, none of which is equipped with RV hookups. A boat launch and fish cleaning stations are available at the campground. You’ll find other amenities such as firepits, pit/vault toilets, playground, and sewage disposal at the campground. A Lifejacket Loaner Station is also available for swimming enthusiasts. Bring your own water.

Ironwood Lake Campground

Ironwood Lake Campground in Lakeland Provincial Park is located on the shore of Ironwood Lake, and features 26 campsites available for RVs and tents on first-come first-served basis. At the campground, there are unique opportunities to enjoy birding, wildlife watching, and paddling. No RV hookup options are available, but you’ll be able to make use of amenities such as boat launch, firewood, firepits and hand launch pier at the campground. Fish cleaning stations and pit/vault toilets are available too. Bring your own water.

RV length limit at the campground is 50 ft.

Seasonal activities in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area


Flora and Fauna

Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area is a classic example of a boreal mixed and old growth forest which hosts various wildlife species. Within the park, you’ll be treated to wonderful views of aspen, balsam poplar and white spruce. Areas within the park are also decorated by black spruce, jack pine, willow and tamarack, all of which enhance the park’s natural beauty.

The unique flora of the park makes the area a favorable habitat for wildlife species. Large animals you’ll see in the park include woodland caribou, moose, and deer. You will also encounter some fur-bearing animals like wolverine, beaver, wolf, lynx and river otter within the park.


Several fish species have been found and documented in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area as the park is a popular destination for RV campers that enjoy angling. Within the park, both sport fishing and catch and release fishing are popular. Due to the fishing demands that often exceed the area’s capacities, especially for walleye, catch and release fishing is recommended. The use of barbless hooks is, in fact, mandatory.

The fish species commonly found in the park include northern pike, yellow perch, and lake whitefish. Anglers often catch different species of suckers too.


Plenty of hiking and cycling opportunities are available within Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area. Combined, the Dabbs Lake Staging Area, Jackson Lake Staging Area, and Shaw Lake Day Use Area provide RV campers access to about 45 km (28 miles) of exciting hiking trails. As a result, you will definitely have a lot of fun along the trails in the park. Stay on the well-defined trails and don’t create your own pathways.

If your preference is cycling, numerous opportunities abound in the park. All riders are required to use bells when approaching bends and blind corners and stay alert on the trails, so as not to startle the bears and wildlife in the park.



Boating and canoeing are pleasurable activities at Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, thanks to the lakes and waters in the park. As you enjoy motorboating and paddling on the lakes, safe boating procedures, which are available in the Safe Boating Guide from Transport Canada, are to guide your adventure.

The Interior Lakes Canoe Circuit in the park offers added fun for all paddlers on four lakes - Jackson, Kinnaird, Blackett and McGuffin Lakes. Challenging portages also connect to Dabbs Lake, Seibert Lake, and Touchwood Lake.

Bird Watching

With an international recognition as an Important Bird Area, Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area is a sweet destination to watch various bird species within a variety of habitats. The area serves as a nesting habitat for western and red-necked grebes, and features bird species from song birds to birds of prey and breeding waterfowl. One of the places you’ll find the grebes within the park is the large marsh area around Snug Cove on Pinehurst Lake. American White Pelican and great blue heron are other common birds in the park. The great blue heron is found in most of the lakes and wetland areas in the park in summer. Bird-watching opportunities within the park are endless and exciting.


Within Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, year-round hunting is only open to First Nations hunters and recognized Metis harvesters. RV campers are however restricted to recreational hunting during specified hunting seasons. In addition, any RV camper who wishes to hunt in the park will require a hunting license. While hunting, you will be need to exercise extreme caution because the park’s areas are used by hikers, canoeists, cyclists and campers. As a result, no hunting is allowed within a 400 m (1300 ft) radius of campgrounds.