Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has a variety of RV camping choices and tracks offering visitors an experience that can't happen anywhere else.

Event information

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway originally opened in 1972 and included both a drag strip and road course. Over the coming decades, the track would change ownership multiple times, each with a new set of expansions that came with it.

Now this speedway comes outfitted with several tracks and attractions, many of which are wholly unique to the Las Vega Motor Speedway. Either watch amazing NASCAR races or get the thrill from right behind the wheel with the Dream Racing experience. Guests might also get to see what it is like to be a member of law enforcement with the exciting Police Chase Las Vegas activities.

RVers can feel at home here with the multiple camping spots located around the speedway, which is a good thing because you'll need a few days to fully appreciate the massive 1,200-acre property. You'll also get to taste all of the delicious food and drink from the concession stands like hamburgers, tacos, coffee, and beer. Situated just a short drive from the Las Vegas strip, this speedway is an exciting destination that'll create memories of a lifetime.


Because of the range of events and experiences offered at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, there are several different levels of admission. Seating for a typical NASCAR event generally starts around $60 for adults.

Upgrades are numerous with some ranging from rental of a headset to larger packages that include premium parking, tours, along with meet and greets with your favorite drivers. Driving experiences, which give you hands-on instruction behind the car of your choice, are through third parties with pricing typically starting around a couple hundred a going up from there.

Visiting RVers have numerous options for campsites as well, with pricing varying depending on the location of the grounds, the site size, and the hookups offered. Because of this, prices range anywhere from $200 to upwards of $8,000. For specific information, please look over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway website.

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The Las Vegas Motor Speedway sits about 15 miles north of the Las Vegas Strip, which is where much of the downtown activities are often centered. Regardless of which way you are coming, one of the best routes to take is usually I-15 to exit 54.

Located on Speedway Blvd, the stadium that houses the track is immediately visible and has been described as a diamond in the desert. Be sure to check road and weather conditions for Southern Nevada, and especially for Southern California if you will be coming from the west.

Parking areas

There are multiple lots to choose from with free parking located throughout the grounds. ADA approved parking is located near The Dirt Track before lot 6, while RVers have their choices along the back of the speedway and Checkered Flag Lane. RV drivers should try to come in from Las Vegas Blvd North as the vast majority of the camping sites are on this road.

Public Transportation

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has teamed up with a couple of transportation services to get visitors to and from the grounds at a reduced price. This includes car rentals or reserved shuttle services. Travel package options are available that consolidate multiple events into more affordable pricing.

Where to stay


There are several camping lots around the speedway, with the Boulevard, Bullring, Burnout, Infield, and Turn 1 all considered dry camping. Each site comes with showers and waste disposal. Vehicles are limited depending on the site, with additional passes purchasable. Generator use is allowed but must be turned off during quiet hours.


There are dozens of nearby campgrounds to choose from, with many along the major interstates in the area. Full hookups like water, power, and sewage often come standard for many of these, but it's best to check ahead of time what they exactly offer.

Campers can also look for uniquely themed RV parks in and near Las Vegas if camping at the track is not the first choice. Getting back is usually just a matter of taking one of the nearby highways in the direction of the speedway.

Getting around

The track stadium is composed of grandstands, RV lots, and the Infield, all of which are maneuverable by foot. The grounds themselves take up 1,200, acres and so the speedway management has implemented a shuttling service from some of the farther away lots to the track. Motorized vehicles like golf carts, hoverboards, dirt bikes, and so forth are not permitted on the grounds.

What to pack


Some of the biggest fluctuations in temperature can happen in the desert so you may want to be prepared for a range of temperatures. Dress light but well protected during the day and have something warmer on hand as the temperature can plummet in the evening, especially during the events held during the fall. Jeans, shorts, t-shirt, and a light jacket are must-haves.


Nevada is desert country, and you're going to want to pack some extra bits you might have in colder environments. In the stadium, you might be okay with a basic hat and sunglasses. If you're the adventuresome type and plan to enjoy the outdoors, consider investing in a wide-brimmed hat, water bladder, and hiking clothes that cover your skin and fit the season.

Health & Safety

Drinking water should be a top priority. While the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will have plenty, you will want to have some extra stashed away just in case. Because races can be loud, it is also recommended to have ear protection; radio setups equipped with headphones are preferable. Other items that should be included in ever RV road trip are first aid kits, sunscreen, and toiletry items.

Where to eat


Grills, cooking pits, and fire pits are permitted as long as they are fully enclosed, placed 20 feet away from flammable substances, and never left unattended. If you end up needing any cooking implements or food, there are multiple stores located just south of the grounds along N. Main Street.


While cooking and food options at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway are many, there are even more in the surrounding area. Whatever you're looking to experience on your trip, the City of Las Vegas will probably have it. Mouth-watering burgers, large breakfasts, spicy Thai, and dozens more wait to be enjoyed.


The concession stands, both through the speedway and independently owned, offer great food like hot dogs, nachos, and pizza. A multitude of drinks is available as well like soda, beer, and coffee. If you're looking for memorabilia than you're in luck as well as there are multiple souvenir stands along with the official Speedway World Gift Shop.



Security will be patrolling the lots and are available at the check-in tent 24 hours a day. While they want to keep everything safe, there are a few things you can do to make their job easier. For example, stay within designated walkways, have a flashlight on hand during nighttime hours, and follow all signage around the facility.


The temperature during the summer can skyrocket easily into the 100s, while winter temperature can dip below freezing. Being a desert, precipitation is at a minimum and hardly ever occurs in large amounts. While the speedway has state-of-the-art facilities, visitors should pack with temperature extremes in mind.


Medical facilities are located on site with teams patrolling through the grounds periodically. A fan assistance line is also available in case you have an emergency. There are dozens of hospitals in the greater Las Vegas area, many of which are within a fifteen-minute drive of the grounds.