Las Vegas Renaissance Festival

If you're a fan of Renaissance-themed events, the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival is a must-visit on your next RV trip to Sin City.

Event information

The Las Vegas Renaissance Festival, also called the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, is a themed fair that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the largest parks in the city, Sunset Park serves as the venue for the event. It is transformed into a medieval marketplace complete with knights, ladies, merchants, and young maidens.

LV RenFair is a family-friendly event that promises fun for visitors of all ages. Multiple stages are set up all over the site where actors dressed in period costumes entertain the crowds. Over 50 stage shows take place daily in addition to thrilling jousts, gladiator battles, historical re-enactments, and medieval contests.

There is also a lively marketplace where talented woodworkers, blacksmiths, toymakers, armor artisans, and others show off their skills and sell their goods. Music concerts featuring well-known, as well as emerging artists and bands, will take place all weekend.

One of the highlights of the event is a grand parade led by members of the royal court. Jokers, contortionists, jugglers, belly dancers, flame eaters, and other performers will be present throughout the site entertaining and interacting with guests. Visitors can also indulge in authentic food and drinks from the Renaissance era as well as more modern offerings.


You can choose from single-day passes, three-day passes, and the royalty package. These range in price from $20 (Single-Day Adult Ticket) to $50 (Adult Royalty Package). Tickets can be purchased at the front gate or on partner websites. The royalty package includes unlimited entry on all three days and branded festival merchandise like t-shirts and posters.

You can get your passes for a lower price if you purchase them online in advance. Discounted rates are available for children and senior citizens. Check out the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival website for updated information on tickets and pricing.

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The fair takes place in Sunset Park, which is located in the southeastern part of the valley. It is about two miles away from McCarran International Airport. You can reach the venue via Sunset Road if you're coming from the north or via Warm Springs Road from the south. Call 511 or check the event's social media accounts to see if any road alerts have been issued in Clark County or the surrounding areas.

Parking areas

Car parking is available at Sunset Park, but these spots tend to fill up fast on the days of the fair. If this happens, visitors will be directed to other parking lots in the vicinity. Shuttle services will be available to ferry guests from the off-site parking areas to the venue. Accessible parking areas will be allocated to patrons with disabilities. RV parking is not available at Sunset Park, so you may want to plan to leave your rig set up at your campsite and take public transportation to the LV RenFest events.

Public Transportation

Buses operated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) will get you within a 10-minute walk from Sunset Park. You'll find bus stops marked with the RTC colors and logo all over the city. Another option is to take a cab or use a ride-sharing service. You'll find taxi options outside most businesses in the area that can take you directly to the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival.

Where to stay


RV camping is not possible on site at Sunset Park, but Las Vegas is loaded with camping opportunities. There are a few onsite options for tents and yurt camping through the LV RenFair, but these do fill up fast and require a reservation. Be encouraged that finding a place to camp in your RV in Las Vegas is usually not a problem.


Thanks to the city's reputation as a thriving tourist destination, you'll find plenty of RV camping options for every budget. There are a couple of suitable RV parks less than ten miles away from the venue. These come with all the facilities you'll need for a comfortable stay like laundry services and hookups. Weekly and monthly rates are available to campers looking to stay awhile. While you may want to book a campsite in advance, Las Vegas has no shortage of RV parks and resorts.

Getting around

You're likely to be on your feet all day, so be sure to wear comfortable flat shoes. If you're traveling with children, taking a stroller is recommended. There are wheelchair accessible pathways throughout the grounds. However, some parts are grass or mud-covered and can be challenging to navigate, especially if it rains.

What to pack


Get into the spirit of the fair by going dressed as a historical character, or in a costume of your choice. Some visitors choose to keep things comfortable and cool in shorts and a t-shirt. Weapons like swords and knives that are a part of your costume are permitted. However, they must be sheathed and peace-tied. Since the LV RenFair takes place mid-fall, you may want warmer attire in the evenings at your campsite.


Be sure to carry a valid ID along with your ticket. Other essentials are sunscreen, a hat, a lightweight blanket, and a water bottle. Some vendors don't accept cards, so taking a small amount of cash is a good idea. ATMs will be available onsite, but the lines may be extended on fair days.

Health & Safety

Protect yourself from the harsh desert sun with plenty of sunscreen and a hat. For the safety of guests and fair staff, more emergency exits have been added throughout the site in recent years. These will be marked on the festival map. Drinking water stations will be present all over the venue, so be sure to stay hydrated.

Where to eat


Campgrounds in the area may not allow campfires if there is a fire ban in place, but portable grills are generally permitted. You can always whip up meals on the stove associated with your RV. There is a convenience store right outside Sunset Park, so you can stock up on supplies before heading to your campsite for the night.


Las Vegas is known for its world-class restaurants and bars. You'll find several great eateries a short walk away from the venue. These are perfect if you're looking for a quick, affordable meal. If you have the budget and are willing to venture a bit further away, you also can enjoy some unique fine dining experiences while in the area.


Whether you're in the mood for a typical medieval snack or a full English feast, you'll find it at Las Vegas Renaissance Festival. Be sure to try the delicious turkey legs and shepherd pies. There will also be a selection of authentic English ales and beers on offer for patrons above the age of 21.



Security personnel will be present on site during the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival working hours. They will also be conducting bag checks at the entrances and patrolling the grounds. Avoid wearing or carrying any valuable items since the grounds are likely to be crowded. Secure these in your vehicle, or better yet, leave them at home.


The weather is often hot during the day and considerably cooler at night. Be sure to pack some warm clothing, socks, and blankets to enjoy the chilly fall evenings. A little rain isn't likely to affect the proceedings, but the fair may be closed if the October weather turns severe.


A first aid station will be available at the venue. If you have an emergency, you can get assistance from a trained medical professional. EMTs will be on call around the clock for patrons staying at the campgrounds. ADA help and support can be found at the information center close to the front entrance. Medical and drug store services are available within the community of Las Vegas.