Las Vegas Supercross

This heart-stopping Supercross event brings dirt track racing to Sam Boyd Stadium, which is just moments from the Las Vegas Strip.

Event information

Often associated with gambling, lights, and Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas is also home to one of the most thrilling Supercross events of the year at Sam Boyd Stadium. Held in late spring when the Mojave Desert weather is warm even after dark, this outdoor event features a dirt race track complete with twists, turns, and jumps inside an open-air stadium with ample seating and easy access to refreshments.

Supercross fans can cheer on their favorite racers in a series of qualifying rounds and then settle in for the main events, which pit the best Supercross competitors in the country against each other. Fan parties, VIP events, and a celebratory spirit are all hallmarks of this Las Vegas event.

Held at the Sam Boyd Stadium on the eastern edge of Las Vegas near Clark County Wetlands Park, the Las Vegas Supercross takes place approximately nine miles from the Las Vegas Strip in a venue with 40,000 seats that is operated by the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

You won’t find RV camping on site here, but you will find a wide selection of RV campgrounds and stores selling RV supplies nearby, as well as plenty of uniquely Las Vegas diversions to hold your attention when you’re not in the stands at Sam Boyd Stadium.


Tickets for the Las Vegas Supercross at Sam Boyd Stadium typically start at $20 and can be bought online in advance. Pricing may go up as the event draws closer and ticket availability becomes limited. Separate tickets can be purchased online for fan parties and VIP events. Groups of 15 or more can contact the event organizers by phone or email for bulk ticketing prices.

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Sam Boyd Stadium is situated on the eastern edge of Las Vegas in a mostly residential area that is typically free from heavy traffic. RVers staying in the surrounding area will find wide, flat roads and often enjoy dry weather, which makes navigating easy. Heavy rain causing flash floods is rare but possible. Driving an RV around Las Vegas only becomes challenging on the Las Vegas Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas, as these areas are crowded with vehicle and pedestrian traffic and can often involve one-way roads and parking garages with low clearance.

Parking areas

Parking is free and included with the price of your ticket to this event. Oversized parking is available for RVs during races and can be found on the east side of the parking lot. Overnight parking is not allowed. Parking for regular-sized vehicles is located anywhere on the southern and eastern sides of Sam Boyd Stadium.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is widely available in Las Vegas via a wide network of city buses. Those who do not wish to drive their RVs to Sam Boyd Stadium can utilize the bus system or take advantage of cabs and rideshare services. Shuttles may also be available from some RV campgrounds in the Las Vegas area.

Where to stay


RV camping is not available at Sam Boyd Stadium, and overnight parking is prohibited. However, there are many RV campgrounds on the east side of Las Vegas that make it possible to stay in an RV just a few miles away from the event. For those who don’t mind a slightly further drive, it is easy to find RV camping throughout Las Vegas.


Motorists will find a wide range of RV camping options in the area surrounding Sam Boyd Stadium including locally-owned businesses and well-known chains. Some RV parks may prioritize long-term residents over overnight guests, as Las Vegas is popular among snowbirds and retirees who live in RVs.

RV campgrounds are available all around Las Vegas, including on the Las Vegas Strip and near wilderness areas such as Red Rock Canyon. RV campgrounds in Las Vegas range from bare-bones parking lots to resorts boasting pools, clubhouses, and restaurants.

Travelers who choose an RV campground east of Las Vegas Boulevard will have an easier time accessing Sam Boyd Stadium. Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town is under five miles from the stadium and is a good place to stay with an RV.

Getting around

With a capacity for 40,000 guests, Sam Boyd Stadium is a mid-sized open-air venue surrounded by paved parking lots. Getting around on foot is the normal mode of action, though guests will have to walk a few hundred yards from the parking area to the stadium and may have to climb steps to seats. ADA ramps are available at every entrance and are accessible at Gates 1 and 2.

What to pack


Las Vegas Supercross is a motorsport event, so unlike most Las Vegas venues, no fancy dress code is needed at Sam Boyd Stadium. Pack comfortable clothes for sitting in the stands, such as jeans and a t-shirt. Bring layers including long-sleeved shirts and jackets, as temperatures in the desert vary dramatically during the day and at night.


Bring RV camping and cooking essentials for wherever you choose to camp, as most campgrounds offer full hook-ups, which will allow you to cook as you desire. For the Las Vegas Supercross event itself, bring cash for food and retail vendors. Only small purses and clear bags are allowed into Sam Boyd Stadium. Large bags and coolers are prohibited. Cameras are allowed, but selfie sticks and tripods are not. Bring a seat cushion if you are uncomfortable sitting in the stands for long periods of time, but ensure that it does not have any pockets, covers, or zippers.

Health & Safety

If attending an event during the day, bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. At night, have warm layers ready for cooler weather. Supercross is a loud sport, though not as loud as NASCAR, so if you are sensitive to this, you may want to consider bringing earplugs. Bring necessary prescriptions and medical devices with you, but be aware that you may need to provide an explanation for these items when bags are inspected at the entrance.

Where to eat


Most RV campgrounds in Las Vegas will allow you to cook at your campsite. Some may even offer onsite stores with cooking supplies or kitchens for you to use. Outdoor cooking may not be available at all campgrounds. You will find a variety of grocery stores throughout Las Vegas, including popular chains, discount stores, and organic grocery stores. Prices tend to be more affordable away from the Las Vegas Strip.


In the immediate area surrounding Sam Boyd Stadium, you will find both locally-owned restaurants (small taco shops are especially popular in this neighborhood) and chain restaurants, including fast food options. For buffets, fine dining, and drinks, head to the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a late-night bite after the Las Vegas Supercross, you’ll find plenty of 24-hour options both on and off-Strip.


Stadium-friendly fare is available at Sam Boyd Stadium, including beer, soft drinks, bottled water, and the hot, salty food you’d expect to find at a sports venue. Concession options may vary, but expect items like hot dogs and popcorn to be priced slightly above average. Not all vendors may accept credit cards, so have cash on hand.



The nearby Boulder Highway can experience higher levels of mischief than other parts of Las Vegas, so inquire about security measures at your campground. At Sam Boyd Stadium, always lock your car or RV and walk together to your locations. Strict security measures have gone into effect in recent years, so be prepared for screening and a bag check upon entering Sam Boyd Stadium.


Weather in Las Vegas in late spring is very warm during the day and slightly cooler at night. Expect daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s and nighttime temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Nevada is very dry and sunny, so drink plenty of fluids and seek shade near the concession areas if you’re sitting in the stands at Sam Boyd Stadium during the day.


EMS staff will be on site if you need first aid or are experiencing a medical emergency. There are several hospitals and urgent care centers near Sam Boyd Stadium, plus additional options in the greater Las Vegas area and in Henderson. You will find a number of pharmacies within a mile or two of the venue.