Laura S. Walker State Park
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Featuring a 120-acre lake, Wildlife Observation Boardwalk and a golf course, Laura S. Walker State Park is a great destination for RV camping trips. Located nine miles southeast of Waycross on Georgia route 177, Georgia, near the northern edge of the mysterious Okefenokee Swamp, this 626-acre state park is the perfect place for you to visit on your next RV vacation.

Laura S. Walker State Park is home to many plants and fascinating creatures, including alligators and carnivorous pitcher plants. Walking or biking along the lake’s edge and nature trail in the park, RV campers spot the shy gopher tortoise, numerous oak varieties, saw palmettos, yellow shafted flickers, warblers, owls and great blue herons.

The park also offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, swimming and boating, golfing, geocaching, birding and kayaking. Kayaks and bicycles are available for rent in the park. Facilities at the park include sportsman's cabins, tent, trailer & RV campsites, picnic shelters, group shelters, a group camp, a pioneer campground, a gazebo, playgrounds, a dog park, sand beach, boat ramp, Wildlife Observation Boardwalk, Wi-Fi available in the Visitor Center. The Lakes, a championship 18-hole golf course, features a clubhouse, golf pro and junior/senior rates. Greens are undulating rather than tiered.

The park was named after a Georgia writer, teacher, civic leader and naturalist who loved trees and worked for their preservation.

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Laura S. Walker State Park is located nine miles southeast of Waycross on Georgia route 177, and is hence an easily accessible park for RVs, trailers, and other motorized vehicles. The roads within the park are paved offering easy access and navigation to various parts of the park.


There are two parking areas for RVs, trailers and cars in Laura S. Walker State Park You’ll find these parking areas around the campground in the park. Furthermore, RV campers can park their rigs at their campsites within the campground. Overnight parking is available at the park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation facilities available at Laura S. Walker State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Laura S. Walker State Park

Campsites in Laura S. Walker State Park

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Laura S. Walker Campground

Laura S. Walker Campground features 44 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. The campground consists of 13 premium campsites and 31 standard campsites. Two of the campsites in the campground are ADA-accessible. Four of the campsites are equipped with full hookup options (electric, water, and sewer hookups) for RVs while the remaining campsites are equipped with electric and water hookups only. The RV length limit at the campground is 40 feet. Amenities at the campground include restrooms and showers, playgrounds, a dump station, a dumpster, laundry, Visitor Center, and waterfront access.

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There are two designated swimming areas in Laura S. Walker State Park for RV campers and visitors at the park to enjoy swimming in Lake Laura S. Walker. As a result, you can enjoy cooling off and picnicking all day at the sandy swimming beaches in the park while you are on RV vacation. For safety reasons, swimmers are advised to always stay in roped-off areas and designated swimming areas. Lifeguards are not guaranteed.


Laura S. Walker State Park is a well-loved destination for lovers of geocaching. With caches hidden across the park, campers on RV holiday set out to find these caches while enjoying the thrill of the search and discovery of places where they would otherwise not have been in the park. Finding the caches in the park can vary from easy to very difficult, adding to the thrill for cache seekers.


RV campers enjoy golfing at The Lake Golf Course in Laura S. Walker State Park. The golf course was designed by Steve Burnes and features native sand for the many bunkers and waste areas. The site is popular for great course conditions and mild weather and was voted the 2011 “Hook A Kid On Golf” Best New Site of the Year in the Nation and the 2009 Best Municipal Golf Course in Georgia by Golf Digest.



Boat lovers think of Laura S. Walker State Park as their favorite vacation home. The park offers a boat ramp and canoe boat house for RV campers to kickstart and enhance their boating and canoeing experience at Laura S. Walker State Park. Private boats are permitted at the park. However, a 10-horsepower limit exists at the park for boats in order to preserve the tranquil setting and wildlife in the lake.


Laura S. Walker State Park is a great place to enjoy fly fishing, bass fishing and trout fishing. As a result, anglers and RV campers enjoy interesting fishing exercises on 120-acre Lake Laura S. Walker in the park. A fishing deck is available in Laura S. Walker State Park. The Fishing Tackle Loaner Program in the park is perfect for those who do not have their own equipment. This program provides a way for budding anglers to try fishing without having to purchase any equipment.


Laura S. Walker State Park offers four miles of hiking trails to RV campers and visitors. The 1.3-mile Big Creek Nature Trail offers campers amazing views of the natural features in the park. The 0.8-mile Laura Walker Lake Trail along the shore of the lake offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and ends at the Wildlife Observation Point. More sensational experiences on the trails in Laura S. Walker await RV campers and visitors on holiday at the park.

Bicycles are welcome at the park and bike rentals are available. State law requires that riders 15 and younger must wear a helmet.