Start summer with a bang by planning an RV adventure to LaureLive in Russel and Chester Townships, Ohio. Let the family-friendly fun begin!

Event information

What better way to welcome summer than with a weekend-long music, arts, and culinary festival? If you’re in desperate need of a holiday and don’t mind a trip to Ohio, then pencil LaureLive on your calendar.

LaureLive is an all-ages festival held on the 150-acre Butler Campus, which forms part of Laurel School in Russell and Chester Townships. It boasts standout entertainment, as well as culinary and artisan experiences, children’s activities, and educational events. In the past, LaureLive has even played host to much-loved performers such as Hozier and Sheryl Crow.

The action-packed schedule of events takes place over two full days with three stages. The entire facility is also well planned out with a leisurely area for relaxing, information booths, villages, food areas, and more.

While RV camping is not available, those who are traveling to Russell and Chester Townships in Ohio from out of the area will revel in the convenience of a shuttle service to get you to and from the campus with ease, all before you bunker down in one of the area’s many standout RV campgrounds.

Once the curtain goes down on LaureLive for the final time, there is also plenty to do in the wider area to keep the vacation theme going. Go picnicking at Frohring Meadows, exploring at South Chagrin Reservation, or walking at The Holden Arboretum. You are also a stone’s throw from the center of Cleveland, which means even more adventures await. Purchase your LaureLive tickets today, and start planning your RV vacation.


Whether you want to attend LaureLive in Ohio for one day or the full weekend, the organizers have you covered. You can purchase general admission, VIP, and children’s tickets in the weeks leading up to the event online. In the past, prices have ranged from between $30 for a children’s single-day general admission ticket to $495 for a full weekend VIP pass.

Your ticket provides you access to the festival, parking, shuttle service, and some activities. Purchase your tickets fast to avoid missing out on your preferred ticketing choice.

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The venue of LaureLive is on the outskirts of Cleveland in Russell and Chester Townships. It’s a little off the beaten track on Fairmount Road and crosses through I-271 that forms a significant thoroughfare of Cleveland. It’s also east of County Line Road and west of Caves Road in Geauga County.

However, guest are not to drive to 7420 Fairmount Road, the Butler Campus of Laurel School. Instead, you’ll park your RV at one of the many selected parking locations chosen by the event organizers and jump aboard the shuttle. These parking lots are often in small townships on the outskirts of Cleveland, so you might want to compare them with your campground selection for simplicity.

Parking areas

Before you set off on your RV journey to Ohio for LaureLive, work out the closest parking lot to your starting location. The closer you are to the lot, the sooner you can be at LaureLive. In recent years, the fee for parking in these areas has been covered within the price of a ticket. Remember to lock your RV and hide valuables out of sight before you leave it.

Public Transportation

The best way to navigate around Ohio before and after LaureLive is in your RV, for there is so much to see and do in places where there is no public transportation. You will, of course, jump aboard a shuttle bus to get to the music festival venue, with the costs covered in your ticket.

Where to stay


The Butler Campus of Laurel School might cover 150 acres, but the festival is so expansive that there is no room for RV-goers. When you book your LaureLive tickets, book a campground in the area at the same time. Given the late finish time of the festival on both days, give your host prewarning of late check-in if you are not visiting the campground before the festival begins.


Nearby campgrounds to Laurel School’s Butler Campus may be a little tricky to find, but they exist. The Streetsboro / Cleveland SE KOA is within a short 23-mile drive of the festival venue, and there are more options a little further out. Get creative and consider off-the-grid camping in approved locations if established campgrounds with service hookups are a little far away.

Getting around

Getting around the LaureLive venue is a little different from many other festivals and outside events. Once the shuttle drops you off, you can use the main paved road to put you in the vicinity of stages and grass areas. The natural terrain of the venue can prove a little challenging for some, especially if it rains, so wear your most comfortable and durable footwear. Bikes, scooters, carts, and other wheeled transportation are prohibited on festival grounds.

What to pack


LaureLive is a two-day festival that begins before lunchtime and ends before midnight. Even though it’s summer and temperatures are often beautiful, you will need to think about clothing for those colder nighttime temperatures in Russell and Chester Townships. Durable footwear is a must, but bring extra layers that you can put on and take off as the early summer temperatures fluctuate.


First and foremost, it’s crucial to pack all the camping and cooking equipment you are going to need for your summer vacation. But equally as important is what you can and should bring to LaureLive. Your ticket provides you access to the venue and also allows you to receive your festival wristband. Make sure you bring government-issued ID for any alcohol purchases.

You can also bring an empty bottle to make use of the water refill stations, and tote your hula hoops, selfie sticks, and low lawn chairs. Baby strollers and small blankets are also allowed. You may bring cash and payment cards, but ATMs are on site for cash withdrawal, as well.

Health & Safety

LaureLive organizers put a lot of effort into ensuring everyone is healthy and safe when they attend LaureLive. They allow you to buy water on site, refill your empty bottles, and bring non-aerosol bug spray and sunscreen. Any toiletries and medication you might require are worth packing into a small, soft-sided bag to bring with you. Cigarette smoking is not allowed.

Where to eat


Cooking rules and preferences can depend on where you end up parking your RV for the evening. You will not be able to bring food or cooking appliances into LaureLive. Before you haul out your charcoal grill or start a campfire, check the RV camping rules or talk to your host. You can also pick up supplies at a grocery store within six miles of the festival venue.


Wherever your travels take you in Cleveland, Ohio, you will not get all that far without seeing somewhere to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Even within a short ten-mile driving distance of LaureLive, there will be a brightly branded building emblazoned with the name of a reputable eatery. Treat yourself and try something new while in the area.


Because you will be shuttled into the LaureLive festival, it’s often quite convenient to eat on site instead of venturing into the city to grab a bite. You are also not allowed to bring in your own food or beverages, which makes the onsite offerings even more desirable.

Take a peek in the vendor village, or try any of the artisan food prepared with love. Cocktails and beer are also available for those with valid ID. Withdraw cash at the ATM, take a seat at one of the many picnic tables, and relax while you enjoy the atmosphere.



LaureLive is a family-friendly festival that promotes safety and a good time for all. Law enforcement will be at the gate to search all those who enter while checking IDs and tickets. If you require help at any time during the festival, security will be located in the information centers. Pack light and bring only the bare essentials to move smoothly through the screening process.


There is minimal chance of rain during LaureLive, but it’s not impossible. Prepare for any weather by packing some wet weather essentials. You will be pleased to know, however, that in rain or shine, the show must go on in Cleveland. Download a weather app before you travel so that you’re aware of any adverse weather conditions.


Aside from water stations to ensure patrons stay hydrated, medical care will also be provided for those who require it. There is a first aid area near one of the stages with trained medical professionals to offer first aid care. For anything serious, approach an official who can dial 911. There is also a hospital within six miles of the festival site for peace of mind.