Liberty Falls State Recreation Site
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Liberty Falls State Recreational Site is located in Alaska’s Big Delta near Chitina in the Copper River Valley. This picturesque landscape is a nature lovers dream with snow-capped mountain ranges, pristine lakes and rivers, and breathtaking fauna and flora.

Many parks lie in Alaska’s famous Big Delta region but few are as picturesque and remote as Liberty Falls State Recreation Site. This discreet campsite is only ten acres but offers campers a beautiful canyon camping site overlook Liberty Falls and Liberty Creek.

A camping site in a canyon-like setting with waterfalls and a burbling creek offers a relaxing and intimate experience with nature. Hiking trails and fishing opportunities are also available at the park for more adventurous RV campers.

The Alaskan landscape is one of the few remaining natural habitats that can still support a wide variety of animal and plant species. Liberty Falls State Recreational Site is a small refuge in this expansive and magical landscape with its own unique habitat and vibe.

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Getting to Liberty Falls State Recreation Site is fairly straightforward. Upon reaching Mile 82.5 on Richardson Highway take a turn on to Edgerton Highway East and keep going until you reach Mile 23.5. You will spot the entrance of the park from afar and they are signs on the Highway itself if you are not keeping track. The Highway roads are wide and well-maintained and the roads leading to the campsites inside the park are also paved for easy RV and motorhome access.


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Campgrounds and parking in Liberty Falls State Recreation Site

Campsites in Liberty Falls State Recreation Site

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Liberty Falls Recreation Site Campgrounds

Liberty Falls State Recreation Site has a total of only ten campsites that are equipped with 30 amp electricity hook-ups. The campsites are all shaded and offer plenty of privacy for those that are seeking a more remote and quiet camping experience.

The park offers campers a comfortable camping experience with well-maintained ADA accessible toilets, access to clean drinking water, as well as a day parking and picnic site area for daytime visitors. The campsites are pet-friendly and campers can stay for up to 15 days at a stretch.

Liberty Falls State Recreation Site campground offers the ideal setting for a remote yet comfortable camping experience with friendly staff, clean facilities, and a beautiful canyon-like backdrop.

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Located by Liberty Falls and adjacent to Liberty Creek, the park offers visitors the opportunity to fish by its banks for a reclusive and private fishing experience. Alaskan river waters are teaming with many varieties of fish such as pike, trout and arctic char. Anglers can find some nice quiet spots for a day of meditative fishing while catching some truly delicious fish for supper.


The canyon setting that surrounds Liberty Falls Recreation Site makes for some challenging hiking trails on mountainous terrain. Walking along the bridge overlooking Liberty Falls is a nice relaxing walk for those that want a less strenuous experience. More adventurous hikers can take on Alaska’s complex terrain and enjoy some truly stunning views of this beautiful and vast delta.


Even though the park is small in size campers can still experience quite a bit of wildlife in the surrounding trees and creek area. Alaska is home to a wide range of animal and bird species that roam the Big Delta largely uninterrupted by man. In remote sites such as Liberty Falls State Recreation Site, it is not uncommon to spot foxes, coyotes, beavers and even bears patrolling the surrounding mountain terrain. Eagles and many other species of exotic birds can also be spotted flying above the tree canopy or diving into the creek waters to catch fish



Stopping by Liberty Falls State Recreation Site for a spot of picnicking is highly recommended. Visitors will fall in love with the shaded picnic site overlooking Liberty Falls that offers such a soothing and relaxing experience. One can enjoy their snacks on the picnic tables and spend a day parked at the Day Parking area enjoying the sights and sounds of the Copper River Valley.


Liberty Falls State Recreation Site is among the most picturesque campsites available on the Edgerton Highway. Apart from the amazing pictures you can take by the falls, you can also capture breathtaking images of the surrounding Alaskan landscape. The snow-capped mountain ranges, waterfalls, burbling creeks, winding rivers and dense woodlands offers plenty of opportunities to capture some truly memorable moments.


The entire drive along Richardson Highway is one to marvel at with amazing landscape on either side including lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and of course the vast delta plains. Stopping by Liberty Falls Recreation Site allows you to experience a reclusive and picturesque site that is sure to rejuvenate your travel experience. They are many spots for sightseeing both inside the park and along its fringes.