Little Jacks Creek Wilderness


Are you ready for your next great RV adventure? Why not plan a trip to Idaho's Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area? It's a great place to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area is a Bureau of Land Management property located in Owyhee County, Idaho. This popular recreational area was declared a national wilderness in 2009 and consists of over 50, 930 acres of naturally landscaped property. Situated within driving distance of the metropolis of Boise, Idaho, a visit to Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area affords families the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of rural living coupled with proximity to the attractions of the big city.

The property is transected by the Owyhee, Bruneau, and Jarbidge Rivers which offer the ideal locale for families looking to enjoy much-loved outdoor recreational activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. An extremely secluded spot, Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area possesses an air of tranquility, making it the ideal spot for catching up on some much-needed R&R. The natural landscape is littered with such impressive topographical features as immense canyons, calm pools, whitewater rapids, impressive rock face cliffs, and even rich grassy valleys. The region is also home to a wide expanse of plant and animal life, with California bighorn sheep and an abundance of brilliant-hued wildflowers found on the grounds.

Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area experiences a rapid increase in elevation, moving from 3,500 feet to almost 5,900 feet in total. Many of the canyons reach up to 1,000 feet and provide incredible views of the creeks flowing below them. An area that is known for its remoteness, it is challenging to find this beautiful wilderness area due to the poor road conditions. To reach the heart of the wilderness, it is necessary to park all vehicles in the trailhead parking lots and navigate the challenging terrain on foot.

Families looking to enjoy some camping can stay directly on the wilderness premises, though this type of overnight stay is best suited to tenting. There are also several area campgrounds in the town of Bruneau which permit both RV and tent use for year-round camping.

For an amazing vacation you'll not soon forget, plan a trip to Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area. It's a fantastic place for an RV getaway!

RV Rentals in Little Jacks Creek Wilderness



Travel to Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area proceeds along a two-lane highway of paved construction which cuts through a wide expanse of desert. From Mud Flat Road (also referred to as Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway), there is a trailhead parking lot where vehicles can safely be left.

To reach the wilderness grounds, it is recommended that families navigate the challenging terrain on foot. The distance from the trailhead lot to the wilderness is approximately 100 feet. It is important to note that desert bighorn sheep are quite prevalent in the area.

A portion of Halfway Gulch Road is partially washed out, so travelers are directed to stay to the right for their safety.

For families brave enough to attempt travel to the wilderness by car, a four-wheel-drive vehicle is strongly recommended.


Parking can be found in an on-site lot just outside the Little Jacks Creek trailhead. The lot can safely accommodate cars, RVs, and travel trailers.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation available to Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Little Jacks Creek Wilderness

Campsites in Little Jacks Creek Wilderness

Reservations camping

Cottonwood Park Campground

Cottonwood Park Campground is a recreational area managed by Idaho Power. It is found near to the C.J. Strike Reservoir within the popular Cottonwood Park. This campground is currently undergoing a number of renovations; however, the 34 campsites remain open for public use year-round for RV and tent camping.

Each of the campsites is complete with a picnic table, fire pit, and barbecue. The on-site amenities include drinking water and garbage facilities. Power hookups are not available on the premises.

Currently, there is only one vault toilet situated on the grounds for the public to use.

Pets may join their owners here but must remain leashed at all times.

Cell phone service is not accessible on the grounds due to the remote locale of the campground. A waste disposal station can be found at nearby Locust Park.

Some of the most loved activities at this campground include fishing, picnicking, boating, swimming, and hiking.

Reservations are required for this popular campground.

First-come first-served

Jacks Creek Campground

Jacks Creek Campground is found within the C.J. Strike Wildlife Management Area in Bruneau, Idaho. This camping facility is situated off Highway 78 at the milepost marked 74.

Camping conditions are quite rustic at this facility, with only a portion of the property developed. There is a boat ramp on the grounds for the public to use, and fishing is plentiful in the region.

RV and tent camping is permitted year-round at this popular campground. The on-site amenities include vault toilets and fire rings.

No power or water hookups are available at Jacks Creek Campground.

Though sites at this camping facility are free of charge, there are limited spots available for overnight camping. Stays are restricted to a maximum period of 14 days.

Alternate camping

Little Jacks Creek Wilderness

Backcountry camping is permitted on the grounds of Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area. No amenities except a vault toilet are found on the grounds. However, there is plenty of access to water. To ensure the safety of the water, it should be boiled prior to drinking. It is otherwise fine for bathing.

A maximum stay of 14 days is permitted at Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area.

Since the wilderness must be reached on foot, it is not advisable to plan on doing any RV camping at this BLM-managed property. The grounds can be accessed by a vehicle with four-wheel-drive if hiking is not an option.

This property sees a lot of predatory wildlife, so campers must be certain to properly store all of their waste and food to keep the animals at bay.

Seasonal activities in Little Jacks Creek Wilderness


Wildlife viewing

Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area is a natural haven for many different species of wildlife. Families who enjoy watching different varieties of animals in their habitat will be delighted by the unusual creatures they may spot here.

Among the most popular animals seen at Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area include mountain quail, pronghorn antelope, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, mule deer, and bighorn sheep. This desert locale also hosts some of the most common predatory animals in the region including cougars, badgers, and raccoons.

Many different birds also love to flock to the riverbanks at this popular recreational area. These include songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, and shorebirds. Many different varieties of snakes, toads, and salamanders also make the wilderness their home.

Bring along a camera, a naturalist's guide, and some binoculars and get ready for a great day of fun!

Bruneau Overlook

Bruneau Overlook offers families the opportunity to enjoy incredibly scenic views without having to experience a strenuous hike. The Bruneau Overlook sits 800 feet above an immense canyon comprised of basalt and offers the opportunity to glimpse the beauty of the region in panorama.

Located 1,300 feet from the overlook are the Bruneau and Jarbidge Rivers which travel through a dense outcropping of sagebrush. It is a short hike to the overlook; however, for families wishing to extend their outdoor adventure into a more vigorous workout, they can travel south along the edge of the brush to the tip of the overlook. The scenery is so picturesque here that it has become a popular spot for photographers looking to capture the perfect photo to add to their portfolios.

The Bruneau Overlook is approximately 19 miles outside of town. For those hoping to replenish their camping supplies, both gas and groceries can be found in Bruneau.

Owyhee Byway

The Owyhee National Backcountry Byway is a stretch of gravel highway that connects Grand View, Idaho, to Jordan Valley, Oregon, via a road that is over 100 miles in total length. This rustic country lane travels through Little Jacks Creek Wilderness and is found directly next to the popular Pole Creek and North Fork Owyhee Wilderness regions, giving families the opportunity to explore the finest remote locales in the state along the same route.

Several of these wilderness regions offer rustic-style camping conditions for RV and tent campers to enjoy. Since no parking is available on-site for most of these wilderness properties, it will be necessary to walk to reach them.

For families looking to replenish gas or groceries, both are available in the town of Grand View.


Parker Trail

One of the most popular hiking spots in the region, the Parker Trail consists of 2.4 miles in total. The path leads through dense sections of wilderness which are located in the vicinity of Big Jacks Creek. Though this hiking trail is not long, it is quite intense with its sharp inclines and deep valleys.

Parker Trail is not recommended for novice hikers, and good hiking shoes are an absolute must for this outdoor adventure. Along the path, hikers will discover incredible views and areas which have been deeply impacted by wildfires throughout the years. The terrain is diverse, rocky, and quite difficult to navigate.

This trail is found off Wickahoney Road, a turnoff from Highway 51. A rustic kiosk marks the beginning of the hike. Parking is available just outside this area.

Hikers are advised to pay careful attention to signs noting closed sections of roads leading to the mouth of the trail.

Wickahoney Creek

Wickahoney Creek is a wonderful place for families who love the water to visit. An area which enjoys warm temperatures throughout the fall months, swimming, boating, and fishing are popular here year-round.

There is a section of desert where a confluence of the Wickahoney and Big Jacks creeks occurs. This area is renowned for its immense beauty. From stunning desert vistas to lush creek waters and more, Wickahoney Creek will not disappoint.

To reach the creek, it is necessary to hike a short distance through terrain of moderate difficulty. It is recommended that hikers bring along snacks and drinks to remain hydrated and well-fueled.

Though there is no outlined path leading to the creek, it can be accessed from the kiosk found at the beginning of Parker Trail. Hikers will need to trek through some uncharted territory to meet the confluence of the two creeks, then travel along the water's edge.


With such incredible scenery to its credit, photography is a very popular activity at Little Jacks Creek Wilderness Area. Amateur and professional photographers alike will not want for worthy subject matter at this much-beloved outdoor haven.

From stunning creek views, desert vistas, and impressive canyons to a vast array of plant and animal life, there is lots to train a lens on here.

Since the terrain is both steep and rugged, it is important to wear appropriate footwear for hiking conditions. Bring along food and water to keep all energy and hydration needs properly met.

Some hiking may be necessary to capture the best landscape shots.