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Set amid the rolling prairies of South Dakota, Little Moreau State Recreation Area is the perfect RV getaway for nature lovers. The open fields surrounding Little Moreau Lake are packed with a wide variety of wildlife from deer to red foxes and are a great spot for wildlife viewing and photography. The lake also attracts dozens of bird species, including great-horned owl, bald eagle, and golden eagle, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers.

The park’s main attraction is Little Moreau Lake. Explore the long shoreline of the lake by canoe or kayak. Or bring fishing gear and cast a line into the waters populated by a large number of catfish. The park also has a well-maintained swimming beach for hot summer days, as well as a volleyball court and picnic areas. If you need anything for your beach day, you can grab it from the park shop nearby.

The RV campground in the park is secluded and private, with only five sites. You’ll be right by the water, giving you views of the lake from your rig. The campground is open year round and is first-come, first-served.

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Little Moreau State Park is located in northern South Dakota, far from the main highways that cut through the state. Although this makes the park a bit harder to access, it also makes it quite private and secluded. Once you reach the park, you should have no issues driving your RV to the campground.

Driving from Bismarck, take ND-6 out of the city and merge onto SD-63 to reach the park in around two and a half hours. From Pierre, take SD-1804 and US-212 and you’ll arrive at the park in a little over two hours.

The park is small, with only one road which takes you directly to the main swimming area and the campground. Large campervans should have few problems on the roads, although they may get some ice during the winter. If you visit after a winter storm, you should consider bringing snow chains, as the roads may not always be cleared.


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Campgrounds and parking in Little Moreau Recreation Area

Campsites in Little Moreau Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Little Moreau State Recreation Area Campground

The campground found within the park is small, with five sites that are all first-come, first-served. Most of the sites come with a picnic table as well as a fire pit. All of the sites are within walking distance of showers and flush restrooms.

The campground is situated next to the park’s main swimming area, as well as the boat ramp. You’ll also be near the volleyball court and the park office, where you can buy swim gear and rent boats.

The campground is quite small, with only five sites. If you plan on visiting during the summer, you should call ahead before you get to the park. Sites tend to fill up fairly quickly, and the park office can let you know if there are any spots open. Try to get to the park as early as possible when visiting during peak season.

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Little Moreau Recreation Area is an excellent spot for RV campers interested in birdwatching so don't forget to pack your binoculars in your RV or camper. The river that cuts through the park is home to dozens of different bird species. You’ll be able to spot species such as pheasant, turkey, sharptail grouse, gray partridge, and great-horned owl.

Bird species vary greatly depending on the season you visit the park. If you come during the winter, you may be able to spot bald and golden eagles. They may also come with their hatchlings, a rare and amazing site.

Check with the park office to learn more about species that are found in the park. You can also find field guides and bird checklists from local audubon societies, many of which provide educational information online.

Wildlife Viewing

The open prairies that surround Little Moreau Lake are home to a wide range of animal and plant species. The fields were once used by cattle herders in the late 19th century. Now, they are home to large numbers of deer, as well as red foxes, bobcats, and coyotes.

The open vistas of the park are also perfect for anyone interested in nature photography. The wildflower blooms in spring are spectacular, and the park is also beautiful when the forest is draped in autumn colors.


Little Moreau Recreation Area is also a great fishing spot. The river leading into the lake provides a steady supply of catfish, which you can catch just about any time of the year.

The boat ramp makes it easy to get your vessel onto the waters. The lake is a no wake zone, so only small electric motors are allowed. Fishing is also permitted from the shoreline, although you’ll have to stay away from the swimming area.


Playing Beach Volleyball

The beach area has a full size beach volleyball court. There’s a number of picnic areas near the court, where you can relax between matches. The park office near the swimming area rents out volleyballs, as well as other beach gear. The court is usually set up beginning in spring and running through fall, although this can vary by year depending on the weather.


Park your campervan at Little Moreau Recreation Area and get ready to swim, with a fully maintained swim area near the campground. You can get from your RV to the water in just minutes.

The swimming area has a large sand beach that gives you plenty of room to splay out and enjoy the sun. It’s also marked off, so you won’t have to worry about any boats. During peak season in the summer, there is a lifeguard on duty. There is also a small shop near the swimming area that sells basic supplies.


The recreation area is a popular choice for summertime boating, with acres of water to explore by canoe or kayak. Much of the park’s wildlife can be seen by the shores of the lake as you paddle by.

There is a boat ramp located near the campground, and it’s wide enough that you can access the water with large rigs. The park rents out small fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks from the office near the boat ramp.