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This sprightly park is vivid and picturesque with all the colors of natural flora surrounding it. Located in the southeast corner of Oklahoma, Little River Park is home to 3750 acres of dense woodlands and home to Pine Creek Lake that offers 74 miles of pristine shoreline. The glistening lake isn’t the only idyllic feature of this park, the hardwood-pine forest that borders the park adds its own charm, and on the far horizon, you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent Ouachita Mountain range.

When you get a chance to spend days in such tranquil and unruffled surroundings, few people can ever let that memory go. This is why, RV campers from all over the states come all packed and ready to experience the true delight of sleeping under the clear sky, with the river reflecting the moon, and the forest singing quietly.

The park offers a number of facilities and amenities that make outdoor recreation a lot more fun and convenient. And also a lack of it, for those who want to travel back in time when people had to search for water and live without basic amenities like electricity. The park has something to offer to everyone. The wide lake allows water lovers to fish and swim or take their boats and canoes far out into the lake waters to enjoy uninterrupted tranquility and serenity. Little River Park is the perfect little spot for a weekend getaway with friends, family and even colleagues.

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Getting to the Little River Park is trouble-free! Bring along your sizeable RVs without any worries. To get to the park from Broken Bow, OK simply take Highway 3 West and drive along for about twenty three miles to arrive at the park entrance. The access road leads to the park entrance that has enough room for your RVs and motor homes to maneuver once inside. Gravel and paved roads lead to the various campsites and facilities available at the park. Some sites are larger than others so it always a good idea to reserve a site in advance before setting out.


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Little River Park offers RV enthusiast and outdoor camping enthusiast the opportunity to spend 14 days at a time camping on the 55 campsites dotted around the lake and woodlands. These campsites are available to both tent and RV campers and have plenty of space between them for added privacy and seclusion. 30 out of these 55 campsites have access to 30 or 50 amp electric. The majority of these campsites provide partial-hookups with water and electric hookups available, and a few of them have sewer hookups as well. The 25 remaining campsites are for those who like the unadulterated primitive camping experience living in tents without water or electricity hookups. The parking sites are made of both concrete in some campsites and of gravel in others. Additional amenities include two dump stations, three showers, and two boat ramps. One shelter is available for groups and has RV parking for guests. It also comes with five electric hookups to accommodate a large group of campers. The busiest time of the year in the park is from March through October.

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Little River Park is the perfect place to spend all day fishing. The Pine Creek Lake is home to largemouth bass, white bass, channel catfish, and crappie. Sit on the dock and cast a line, or post your fishing boat in the spot you think you’ll catch the most fish. The ratio of shoreline length to the water area is great which means plenty of secluded fishing spots for an uninterrupted fishing experience. Nothing teaches patience and reflection the way fishing does and anglers love Little River Park because of its ability to offer that sense of serenity and clarity.


To have a lake right before the eyes and not be able to swim in it would be a little unfair, so the park management allows the summer vacationers to get some respite from the hot sun and enjoy a splash in the cool lake water. Campsites that offer lake views allow campers to take in the awe-inspiring lake views and entices them to jump right in. It’s the perfect place to give swimming lessons to your kids and introduce them to nature at the same time.


Spring is the best time to pack your baskets and plan a trip to the Little River Park. This wouldn’t be an ordinary picnic but one that is full of vivid flora and booming wildflowers. The dense woodlands and lake are home to a vast species of trees, plants and birds that can all be spotted and adorned during seasonal months. All the picnic sites have picnic tables, fire rings, grills and sanitary facilities nearby. A parking area is also available to safely park your car and enjoy your day in nature. There are also playgrounds near picnic areas for families who are bringing their children and pets with them.



Little River Park is surrounded by pine forest and provides a number of hiking trails to its campers. Some of the trails are accessible directly from the campsites. The thrill of the hike is not in the trails alone, but the scenic view offered by the adjoining lands. The trails differ in their difficulty levels with some trails challenging even the more seasoned hikers, while other are adventurous enough to seduce new ones. As the hikers climb up the trail, the view of the mountains, the cluster of pine trees and the vast shimmering lake is simply breathtaking.


Whatever your choice of watercraft, you can enjoy it all on Pine Creek lake with Little River Park’s boat launching ramps. Boating is one of the most popular activities among locals as well as visitors to enjoy while they camp in the park campsites. You can either go solo on the boat or take your squad with you and kayak or canoe your way across the lake.


Little River Park offers spectacular views spread over a diverse and untouched landscape. From the glistening lake water, to open blue skies and mountain peaks jagging out into the horizon this park
is a photographers dream. The sights offered by Little River Park are mesmerizing and capture the attention and imagination of everyone who chooses to visit here. If you are looking for a little alone time, grab your camera and visit the park.