Livingston Roundup

No summer vacation planned yet? Dust off your best cowboy boots and take an RV trip to Montana for three days of rodeo action at Livingston Roundup.

Event information

Known as one of the best PRCA rodeos in Montana, the Livingston Roundup is not an event you’re going to want to miss. Whether you’re looking for a destination for your summer vacation, somewhere to celebrate the 4th of July, or you never miss a chance to wear your best cowboy boots, Livingston Roundup may just be for you.

Every year, this three-day event is held in the summer at the Park County Fairgrounds and Parks at 46 View Vista Drive, Livingston, Montana. It regularly brings in sell-out crowds as well as some of the best PRCA rodeo competitors in the industry.

Spectators can expect to enjoy steer wrestling, barrel racing, saddle bronc, bareback riding, tie-down roping, and more. There is even a spectacular firework display every night of the rodeo, as well as a significant purse for rodeo winners to ramp up the competition.

The Livingston Roundup has been an integral part of the city’s history since the roaring 1920s, but that’s not all that will bring you to the area. You can go fly fishing at the famous Yellowstone River, or take your motorhome and family to America’s first national park, Yellowstone National Park. Here, there are opportunities galore for outdoor activities.

The history buffs in the family will enjoy the Livingston Depot, a restored rail station, and museum, while the avid fishers will not be able to help but visit the International Fly Fishing Federation's museum.

This southwestern Montana city, known as the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, will make an excellent road trip destination. Don’t delay in securing your Livingston Roundup tickets and dusting off the motorhome for a summer adventure.


Tickets for the Livingston Roundup sell out fast, so you don’t want to leave it until the last minute to secure yours. Visit one of the participating businesses in Livingston, or be the early bird and buy general admission tickets for the whole family online. The sooner you buy your tickets, the earlier you can start planning the best camping trip.

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Livingston is on the doorstep to the Guster Gallatin National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, and many other natural attractions. Therefore, it makes for a pleasant driving experience along I-90 or US-89. By sticking to the main highways, you will make good time on your travels to the area. You can also enjoy up-to-date travel information courtesy of a traffic app such as MDT Travel.

Upon arriving in Livingston, you can make your way along the edges of the Yellowstone River to find Park County Fairgrounds and Parks next to the Livingston Golf Course.

Parking areas

The Park County Fairgrounds and Parks venue is nestled between the Livingston Golf Course and residential housing, which means there are not a lot of parking spots available for either cars or RVs. As Livingston Roundup is often a sold-out event with a lot of traffic expected, you may like to consider bringing your pilot vehicle bright and early, or making use of accommodation shuttle services or rideshare providers.

Public Transportation

Livingston is a small city with often-limited public transportation options. If you are unable to park your RV or pilot vehicle at the event site, then consider arranging a taxi or talking to your accommodation host about the best transportation methods. On-street parking may also be an option, but possibly not within a comfortable walking distance.

Where to stay


Onsite camping has, in the past, only been available for competitors. Those are who visiting Livingston for the 4th of July weekend may like to consider checking out the city’s offerings well in advance. Given its proximity to famous American national parks, you won’t be short of RV campgrounds near the rodeo or even primitive RV camping sites near Yellowstone National Park either.


You will find some of the best places for RV camping within a 20-mile radius of Livingston. Many of the available RV camping sites offer service hookups such as water, sewer, and electricity, while others will require the use of your generator and self-containment facilities. No matter where you stay in Livingston, you are bound to be close to your favorite state park as well as many stunning natural attractions to visit after the rodeo.

Getting around

After getting dropped off or parking at the Park County Fairgrounds and Parks, you will be able to walk into the facility on foot. The conservative size of the venue, as well as the central location of all the entertainment, means you won’t have to walk for miles. Take a seat, get comfortable, and enjoy a few hours of rodeo entertainment in Montana.

What to pack


Aside from your cowboy boots, hat, and flannel shirt, it’s a good idea to pack a few summery items that can serve you well over the three-day rodeo event. Prepare for mid-80 temperatures in Livingston in the middle of summer, but add a few long sleeves for the lower nighttime temperatures. Don’t forget your waders for fishing at Yellowstone River, or bring your best outdoor clothing for day trips to Yellowstone National Park.


Your motorhome is likely to be packed to the brim on your trip to Livingston, Montana. You’re going to need all your camping and cooking equipment, as well as necessities for off-the-grid camping should it be needed. For the rodeo, however, you will only need a small bag, credit card, and cash. Strollers, coolers, large bags, and non-service dogs are not allowed.

Health & Safety

With a lot of outdoor activities, natural backdrops, and intense summer sun, you’ll need to put some thought into health and safety. Don’t forget allergy medication and other prescriptions, bug spray, sunscreen, toiletries, and drinking water. A first aid kit tucked away in your RV can offer peace of mind as well.

Where to eat


When you’re considering taking an RV trip, cooking can be one of the most exciting things about it. You get to try new things and prepare food in a new environment. Before you light a campfire, check the local RV camping rules to make sure it’s okay. Otherwise, use your RV kitchen appliances and stock up on supplies at the local convenience store or market within a one-mile drive of the rodeo.


Livingston may be small, but that doesn’t mean your taste buds are going to be bored when dining in the area. You can expect to enjoy many of your favorite fast food outlets, but also privately-owned establishments as well. Try ribs or delicious craft beer, frozen desserts and ice cream, and even tacos and burgers.


If you want to take a quick break at the rodeo to get a bite to eat, you won’t be disappointed. Within a short walking distance of the general admission seating is a range of vendors waiting to take your order. Enjoy hot food, sweet treats, refreshing beverages, and more. Make sure you carry both a credit or debit card and cash. There may not be ATMs for cash withdrawal on site.



Livingston Roundup officials recommend that you travel light when you attend the rodeo. Lock your vehicle, bring only a few necessities, and leave your coolers, strollers, and large bags back in your motorhome. Screening is at the discretion of security staff.

If you require assistance at any point during your stay in Livingston, Montana, then the Livingston Police Department is within a one-mile distance of the rodeo site.


It doesn’t matter whether you visit Livingston in winter or summer, you’ll find the temperatures to be more than suitable. This city has some of the warmest winters in the state but is also one of the windiest places in the entire country. Average temperatures in summer are around the mid-80s, but nighttime temperatures are similar to the rest of Montana of around 50 degrees.


For any bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, or bites, there is a first aid site at the Livingston Roundup with trained medical staff to help. For anything more serious, you may like to make your way to the Livingston medical center within a three-mile drive of the rodeo. In an emergency, dial 9-11 or approach a rodeo official for assistance.