Los Angeles to Las Vegas Road Trip Guide


The City of Angels. La-La Land. No matter what you call it, Los Angeles is somewhere everyone should visit at least once. Known for its sunny and warm climate, LA is home to iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater, and the Capitol Records Building. The opportunities for shopping are only limited by your wallet, and you can visit museums of art, natural history, and science.

Even with all there is to do in Los Angeles, you may want to explore further afield in this unique part of the country. Its location makes it an ideal starting point for RV road trips all over the west coast and a great day trip is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Once outside the city, you'll escape some of the infamous LA traffic and travel on large, well-maintained, and easy to navigate interstates. Since this route totals less than five hours of drive time (without rush hour traffic), there are still plenty of hours in the day to fill with some interesting roadside stops. You can watch the scenery change as you travel inland from lush and coastal to arid desert.

Finding entertainment and accommodation will be easy once you reach your final destination of Las Vegas. There are multiple RV-friendly campgrounds within the city limits, including the Las Vegas KOA. Experience the nightlife of Vegas and take in a show, dine at a world-class restaurant, or try your luck at one of the tables. The entertainment capital of the world awaits!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 1 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: couple

Point of Interest

Mojave National Preserve

When traveling between two major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, it's nice to escape into the wilderness for a while. Luckily, this RV road trip route takes you right by the Mojave National Preserve. The perfect scenic detour, you can spend only an hour touring the sights in your vehicle or get out and explore for as long as you can spare.

While you are free to tour the park as you choose, there are two sights that you shouldn't miss. The Mitchell Caverns on the east side of the Providence Mountains are two limestone caves. The entrance to the caves is by guided tour only, so you'll need to plan a little. If you're already on your way, check at the Visitor Center to see if there is any space available when you arrive.

The Kelso Dunes is another attraction not to be missed within the preserve. It's the Mojave Desert's largest area of aeolian sand deposits, covering 45 square miles. Towering dunes reach up 650 feet, so the opportunities for pictures are endless.

Calico Ghost Town

In San Bernardino County, the Calico Ghost Town is an old abandoned mining town set in the picturesque Calico Mountains of the Mojave Desert. Formed in 1881, the town's surrounding 500 silver mines were responsible for producing over $20 million of silver. The drop in the price of silver in the mid-1890s caused the population of the once-thriving town to drop as well.

Now known as California's Silver Rush Ghost Town, the park offers extensive entertainment options in a small space. Visitors can take a ghost tour for info on the town's history and paranormal activity, take a train ride on the historic Calico Odessa Railroad, and explore the authentic Maggie Silver Mine. Additional museums and camping facilities are also available.

For travelers answering the call of adventure, there are mountain bike trails of every skill level to attempt, and off-road vehicles are welcome. Restaurants and shops complete the list of things to do here.


The city of Las Vegas is easy to spot at night. The neon lights and the tall hotels are a strange sight when you travel through the desolate desert. Everyone knows that nighttime activities are abundant here, but there are tons of things to do during the day as well. Visit the outdoor artists' murals downtown, learn about the Hoover Dam, and tour the unique Mob Museum. While the city might be famous for gambling, marriages, and Elvis, it has so much more to offer.

Diverse scenery, bucket list-worthy attractions, and well-known parks are just outside your RV when you take a day trip from LA to Vegas.

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