Los Angeles to Sacramento Road Trip Guide


You can never have a dull moment when they are in Los Angeles, CA. Even the locals who have seen everything that Los Angeles has to offer love the fact that there is no boredom that cannot be killed by a short weekend trip to San Francisco or Sacramento.

It’s like Los Angeles offers adventures within and outside its boundaries. If you have had your fill of the Hollywood vibes and the casinos and only have two or three days to spare, we suggest you head north to Sacramento and let that city spoil you for the weekend.

There are two routes from Los Angeles that leads to Sacramento, one is via Interstate-5 and the other is Highway 99. The first one is a little on the dull side, so make sure you go for highway 99 to have a fun-filled weekend road trip in your RV.

At the end of your short weekend RV road trip, Sacramento will welcome you with warm smiles and open arms. The capital city of California is perfect for family trips and even a great meeting place with your family friends.

The city is gentle and warm and rich in history. In fact, one part of the city is called Old Sacramento as it covers eight blocks of numerous historic buildings at the city’s waterfront.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest


Stockton is a small town by the San Joaquin River, in California’s Central Valley with an abundance of activities. It is simply not right to just walk past this city by the river that has such a happening atmosphere.

You can catch a game of Ice Hockey at the Stockton Arena or you can watch a show at the Bob Hope Theater, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Stockton is a perfect stop especially when you are with the kids because Stockton Children’s Museum is just the place of fun and learning for them.

This museum was founded by a survivor of the Cleveland School Shootings, Janet Geng. Geng was a teacher and was wounded during the attack. She created this interactive space for kids who can actively participate and engage with the exhibits. And most importantly, if your dog is accompanying you on this family RV road trip, then take them to the off-leash Barkleyville Dog Park.

Castle Air Museum

Uninterrupted road trips can sometimes get quite dull with very few signs of life along the way. Break up a long stretch of driving with a stop at Castle Air Museum in Atwater and enjoy the fascinating collection of vintage military aircraft.

Castle Air Museum was formerly an Air Force Base where now, more than 70 military aircraft have been painstakingly restored for the public eye. Here you’ll be able to see B-25 bomber as well as a life-size drawing of a Lazy Daisy Mae.

The world’sfastest plane, the SR-71 Blackbird has also been restored here. A collection from historic World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam Conflict military aircraft are exhibited in the museum as well. Nearly 70 years of military aircraft can be seen here. Park your RVs at the parking lot and walk the 20 acres to admire the awe-inspiring collection up close.

Kids will simply love this place and so will adults, making the ideal pit stop for a fun and refreshing family day.

Harris Ranch

Your next stop has to be at Harris Ranch in Fresno County in Coalinga, 20 miles north of Kettleman City. This Central Valley oasis midway between Grapevine and Sacramento makes for a very beautiful and relaxing pit stop. Harris Ranch is just the place for a quick meal and to stretch your legs before continuing your road trip.

Harris Ranch is a modern inn that offers delectable treats and eats in its country store. Their Western general store allows road trippers to pack some fresh items for their long trip ahead. You can get your hands on freshly baked bread, pastries, and Harris Ranch beef.

You can also get fresh cuts at the meat counter if you plan on RV camping somewhere ahead and would like to cook your own meals. Additionally, you can get your hands on handcrafted gifts and specialty housewares for any friends you might be meeting in Sacramento.

Bravo Farms

A trip through the history of California is certain to leave you famished, which is the perfect opportunity to stop at Kettleman and enjoy the famously delectable Tex-Mex cuisine at Bravo Farms. Along with the food, you also get to enjoy other activities they have lined up for RV road trippers just like yourselves.

It’s a great place for lunch and snacks and especially known for its delicious burgers, tri-tip sandwiches, and honey-drenched cornbread. You also get to enjoy farm-fresh homestead cheese, nuts, direct fruit, and candy.

After eating, you can walk around to the petting zoo and have a good time at the farmers market. Shopping, wine tasting, a shooting gallery, antiques, and a playhouse for the kids are just some of the fun times offered by Bravo Farms. Locals nearby drive for an hour or so to visit here, and they do it again and again.

Kern County Museum

After an hour or two of driving, you’d want to halt somewhere and take a break. A great place to do that during this road trip is Kern County Museum at Bakersfield, CA.

The museum was founded in 1941 and provides an interpretive experience via objects to tell the visitors about the history of Kern County. The museum also highlights the role of religion in shaping California into what it is now. Kern County Museum is as beautiful physically as the treasures in its epic collection.

Numerous historical and cultural artifacts are exhibited around 56 historic buildings along 16 spectacular landscaped acres. The combination of looking at displays of centuries-old artifacts in such a serene setting is magical.

Additionally, the tour to the museum will take you to see enthralling things such as a one-room school, a jail, an oil derrick, a general store, as well as a world-class oil museum.


Sacramento is the beautiful capital city of California and you couldn’t have chosen a better city to bring your unforgettable road trip to the end. Sacramento is modern and ancient at the same time making it a great place to unwind and sightsee some historic locations. Your first stop in the city should be the California State Capitol.

With its white-domed top and classy interior, it’s a great place to be. Crocker Art Museum founded in 1885 is historic in itself, as it was the first art museum west of the Mississippi. The city also has its share of parks that keeps the city green and allows it to be an amalgamation of everything natural and manmade, old and new.

The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park and Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park are two of the most popular parks within Sacramento. The latter was the first outpost of Europeans in California, created by Johann August Sutter. From adults to kids, Sacramento promises fun times and engaging activities for everyone.

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