Lost Maples State Natural Area
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Popular for its glamorous bigtooth maple trees, Lost Maples State Natural Area sits on 2,174 acres of land and water and offers several miles of rugged trails that pass through sheltered canyons, steep slopes, scenic woodlands, and spectacular views. Located five miles north of Vanderpool, Texas, Lost Maples State Natural Area is just the perfect place for you to camp on your RV vacation. The park has a diversity of flora and fauna that make it beautiful to explore.

Lost Maples State Natural Area has 30 pet-friendly campsites with electric and water hookups for your RV/trailer, and dozens of pet-friendly primitive (hike-in) campsites. The park also features a designated wheelchair accessible picnic site, as well as restrooms and showers that are also wheelchair accessible. Many Edwards Plateau plants and animals are showcased in the park. Activities at the park include bird watching, hiking, stargazing, fishing, nature viewing, and picnicking.

Lost Maples State Natural Area has steep and rugged limestone canyons, springs, plateau grasslands, wooded slopes and clear streams which present campers with amazing views and opportunities. The fall foliage of the large, isolated stand of uncommon Uvalde bigtooth maples in the park is a beauty to behold. As a result, about 200,000 people visit the park annually. No wonder this area has had visitors since prehistoric times.

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Lost Maples State Natural Area is located five miles north of Vanderpool on Ranch Road 187, hence it is easily accessible by your RV or car. There is only one road within the park, and it does not extend to majority of the areas in the park. The road however connects to the Electric Loop Area, picnic areas and bird viewing site. Most of Lost Maples State Natural Area is accessible via the four trails in the park. No driving restrictions exist for areas accessible by road in the park, hence you’ll be able to get around the places where the road leads to with ease.


There are only two parking lots for RVs, trailers, and vehicles in Lost Maples State Natural Area, and parking is limited to 250 vehicles. If you are an overnight guest on your RV vacation, overnight parking is available. The parking lots are located around the picnic and bird viewing areas in the park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation facilities at Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Lost Maples State Natural Area

Campsites in Lost Maples State Natural Area

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The Electric Loop Area

The Electric Loop Area in Lost Maples State Natural Area has 30 pet-friendly campsites, all of which are wheelchair accessible. The campground has electric and water hookups for your RVs and trailers during your vacation. The RV length limit at the Electric Loop Area is 67 feet. Amenities at the campground include a dump station, restrooms, showers, picnic tables with shade shelter, fire ring, and back-in for parking your RV. The campground is accessible by road from the park entrance and is close to the Sabinal River. Quiet hours at the campground are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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Lost Maples State Natural Area has more than ten miles of trails for you to explore on your RV vacation. The trails include a loop that will take you along the top of a cliff 2,200 feet high. Hiking on the Maple Trail, East Trail, West Trail, or West Loop Trail, will reveal the crystal-clear creeks, streams, pond and river that add to the beauty of the trails. Some of the trails, such as West Loop Trail and West Trail, consist of portions that are steep and rugged, requiring high level of endurance and plenty of water. When on the trail, it is recommended that you walk on designated trails only and not climb on hillsides or cliffs.

All the trails in Lost Maples State Natural Area are hiking and biking trails for the first mile after which all trails are hiking only. Therefore, you can come along with your bike and enjoy biking on the trails in the park.


Lost Maples State Natural Area is home to different species of birds all year round, including rare and endangered ones such as the golden-cheeked warbler, black-capped vireo, and green kingfisher. Therefore, while on your vacation, you should look around for these rare species for your bird viewing pleasure. The black-capped vireos and golden-cheeked warblers nest and feed in the Lost Maples State Natural Area in spring and early summer.


Do you know your stars, or would like to see celestial objects without leaving the earth surface? Then, Lost Maples State Natural Area is the place to be at night to have the best stargazing experience ever! Whether you are alone on your RV vacation or with family, friends, or a group, the stargazing tools at the park will make your views absolutely like no other. As part of the features to make you have a memorable stargazing experience, Lost Maples State Natural Area has a real-time sky monitoring device for measuring the relative darkness of the sky above the park.


Fall Foliage

Lost Maples State Natural is well known for its picturesque fall foliage. Between the last two weeks of October and first two weeks of November, the foliage at Lost Maples State Natural Area changes color, giving off beautiful displays in the park. This natural phenomenon makes the park a popular site for visits during the fall. The colors range from green to yellow, brilliant reds ad oranges. You do not want to miss the sight of these color variations and separations on your RV holiday! The view is just indescribably great!


Get your hook and net and head off to Sabinal River or Can Creek in Lost Maples State Natural Area to fish! You do not need a fishing license to fish from the shore at the park, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from having a wonderful fishing experience when you are at the park.

Wildlife Viewing

Enjoy the sight of wildlife such as gray fox, white-tailed deer, armadillo, raccoon, rock squirrel, bobcat, javelina, skunks, rabbits at the Lost Maples State Natural Area. Occasionally, RV campers encounter feral pigs, exotic axis deer, and ring-tailed cats at the park. These faunas are present along the trails in the park, so look out for them.