Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Lousiana Renaissance Festival will take you back in time to relive an era long lost. RV campers can expect to have endless camping and food fun!

Event information

Louisiana Renaissance Festival (LARF) is a unique renaissance festival that is organized during multiple weekends near the City of Hammond in Louisiana. The festival is typically held for a period of about six weeks. The event is ideal for RV campers wishing to drive their RVs right into the middle of some fascinating medieval action.

A sixteen-century English village, which the festival calls “Albright," is created at the venue. Almost six hundred performers, artisans, and educational demonstrators, will take you back to the best parts of the 16th century. The festival was first organized in the year 2000 and is themed around renaissance crafts, art, theatre, and music. You can also enjoy endless shopping fun. The great thing about this event is that activities are bundled into unique adventures.

Already craving for a glimpse of Albright village? Well, this is a charming place reverberating with romance, excitement, and adventure. It has such an enchanting ambiance! You can enjoy performances by several professional performers and witness a variety of shows daily.

Those who love handmade articles will be delighted by the hundreds of booths with unique creations. Consider joining the local festival cast and the Albright players and participate in the monthly acting workshops to get into the mindset of your favorite medieval character. You’ll find the cast members dressed in 1560s attire. There’s something for every visitor at Louisiana Renaissance Festival no matter what your interests.


The tickets to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival are made available soon after the festival lineup is announced. The tickets can either be purchased online or onsite and are priced according to age groups, typically varying between $20 to $100. You can also purchase a season pass which entails discounted pricing.

The festival provides two different types of passes: the admission passes needed to access the event and the reservation passes, which include camping or lodging as well. The prices usually shoot up as the festival dates draw closer, so it is best to purchase the tickets online in time to bypass the booth queues onsite. You can check the current ticket pricing on the official Louisiana Renaissance Festival website.

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Louisiana Renaissance Festival is perfect for those taking an RV trip. The event is held at a sprawling site at the River Road near the community of Hammond in Louisiana. If you’re driving in from Texas, Baton Rouge, the Gulf Coast area, or New Orleans, you might take I-12 to get to the venue. If your route will bring you across the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, remember to monitor the conditions as this route often closes to larger vehicles.

About two miles from the venue, you will see the signs directing you to the parking lot. Check the current road conditions with 511LA before you plan your journey. It is best to consult with the festival staff who’ll be able to guide you better when it comes to the local roads rather than depending on the GPS-recommended routes as you near the venue.

Parking areas

You will need a valid parking pass to be able to park your vehicle in the festival campground. The festival allows parking just a single domestic vehicle in every camping lot. Differently-abled guests might contact the festival staff for handicap exceptions.

Public Transportation

Driving to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in an RV can help you make the most of your time at the event. However, if you are considering public transport options to reach the venue, you will find public transit systems in the City of Hammond nearby. Be sure to check with the operators regarding the schedule as you plan your trip to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Where to stay


Go medieval and enjoy rustic camping with friends on the festival grounds. Primitive RV camping is available at the venue. The campground is quite basic and provides only sufficient place to park your RV or campervan. Not all campsites have electricity access, so it is recommended to book a site choosing the electrical access option as soon as possible if you desire this option. Arrive with the water tank pre-filled. Do not forget to enjoy an evening bonfire with friends and other guests during your trip through time.


Staying at the festival campgrounds has its advantages as you won’t have to travel to the festival village every day. Those who do not want to stay onsite can enjoy their stay at one of the full-service campsites nearby. Some of these campgrounds will provide you with electricity, water, and a dump station. It may also be helpful to get in touch with the local tourist commission to explore more camping options in the area.

Getting around

A common phrase you may hear while inside the festival venue is how huge it is. The faire spreads over a 16 acres area, so if you wish to explore the entire village of Albright, you can expect to walk an equivalent of sixteen football grounds with endless fun. Your feet will thank you for a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals.

What to pack


There is perhaps not a better way to enjoy the Louisiana Renaissance Festival than to come prepared in a period costume of your choice. However, the importance of a comfortable outfit cannot be overemphasized. Dress according to the weather, and consider that you’ll be walking around for most of the day. As festival creeps into the last few weekends, guests may notice the temperature dropping and will want to prepare with warmer attire.


Guests can use electronic gadgets, professional cameras, and speakers as long as they do not breach the security and safety policies of the festival. The use of audio recorders is permitted on site. You can enjoy your personal instruments, but the use of amplifiers is not allowed. The event encourages acoustic renditions of your favorite song in the campgrounds to celebrate unforgettable moments with your fellow campers. No personal generators are allowed inside the venue.

Health & Safety

Plan your costume to accommodate a secret pocket for hiding items that do not reflect your character's persona but that you will need to have with you. As the festival village and campground are open areas, guests are advised to carry insect repellant and sunscreen for protecting their skin. Remember to carry a bottle of water with you at all times and stay hydrated. The festival has water booths available, too. Guests are advised to bring a basic first-aid kit with essential medications.

Where to eat


Guests should take prior approval from the festival security team for the use of any fire pit. The festival management mandates keeping a water bucket or a fire extinguisher handy while using the fire pit. Open fires are allowed depending on the weather conditions prevalent. Louisiana Renaissance Festival has open fire cooking demonstrations where the chef would gladly show you the right way to cook vegetables, soups, and meats to perfection.


Louisiana Renaissance Festival abounds in culinary delicacies, but if you’d like to go into the surrounding community to relish tasty food with friends and family options sit only a 10-minute drive west. You will find plenty of good restaurants, cafes, and pubs in the City of Hammond.


You will find more than a hundred merchants offering hand-crafted articles at the festival. Guests can purchase select 16th-century perfumes, jewelry, ceramic horns, and explore renaissance clothing and gift options.

Foodies can enjoy the festival with modern and historic food delicacies, awesome spirits, and drinks. Guests can savor famous foods, including turkey legs, gourmet mushrooms, jester chips, and bread bowls. The festival is a great way to experience a glimpse of pre-industrial lifestyle enacted live by the cast members in the large living village. You may also enjoy whiskey, wine, and beer in the tasting events.



The Louisiana Renaissance Festival maintains a dedicated security team that works around the clock to ensure the safety of all guests and participants. The festival management does not allow underage drinking, and the use of illegal drugs inside the festival campus is also prohibited. Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the festival premises.

There is a lost and found cell within the event compound. Guests are allowed to bring handheld weapons of their favorite era, but they must meet regulations at all times. Any weapons must be "peace-tied" with sharp edges covered. The use of firearms is not permitted.


The weather usually remains pleasant at this time of the year in the City of Hammond. It might get hot in the open areas in the daytime, especially early in the season. Guests should always keep themselves hydrated. It is still best to pack for all seasons since the chances of showers cannot be ruled out in the fall. Remember to bring your rain gear


Contact the nearest volunteer or festival staff in the event of any medical emergency. Several hospitals operate in the community of Hammond. Attendees with mobility needs are honored, and guests are requested to register with the festival staff beforehand to better help the event prepare for what might be needed. Drug store services are as easy as swinging into Hammond.