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Loveland Bay Provincial Park


Sitting on the northern end of the peaceful Lower Campbell Lake is Loveland Bay Provincial Park, a premier getaway point for RV campers. Located 4 km (2.5 miles) west of Campbell River, Vancouver Island, this small provincial park offers a quiet and refreshing camping experience for vacationers. The park is uniquely positioned as a base camp for exploring various sites of attraction in nearby communities of Campbell River, Sayward, Kelsey Bay, Gold River, and Quadra and Cortes Islands.

Recreational activities to enjoy at Loveland Bay Provincial Park include canoeing and kayaking on Lower Campbell Lake, fishing for trout in the lake, biking on the roads in the park, swimming in the lake, waterskiing and windsurfing, pet walking, photography, sunbathing, and many more.

Loveland Bay Provincial Park features 31 RV campsites available by reservation and on first-come first-served basis. Facilities and amenities available in the park include group camps, toilets, water taps, garbage disposal stations, Information Center, boat launch, and wharf. Some facilities in the park are wheelchair accessible.

Loveland Bay Provincial Park was established in 1989.

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Camping Accommodations

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RV Rentals in Loveland Bay Provincial Park



Located west of Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Loveland Bay Provincial Park is accessible by RVs, trailers, and other motorized vehicles via active logging roads off Highway 28. When driving to the park, campers are advised to bear in mind that the logging trucks have the right of way at all times. Local roads within the park connect the campsites and other places of interest. There are no driving restrictions within Loveland Bay Provincial Park.


There are no designated parking areas in Loveland Bay Provincial Park for RVs, trailers, and cars. However, vacationers can park their RVs and trailers at their designated campsites at the park. Overnight parking is available at the park.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Loveland Bay Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Loveland Bay Provincial Park

Campsites in Loveland Bay Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Loveland Bay Campground

Loveland Bay Campground in Loveland Bay Provincial Park features 31 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. There are no RV hookup options available at the campground. RV length limit at the park is 32 ft (10 m), however, vacationers with larger rigs can call the park ahead to find out if there is space available.

Amenities available at the campground include water taps, pit/vault toilets, garbage station, picnic tables, fire pits, and boat launch. Generator use is allowed in the campground between 9am – 11am and from 6pm – 8pm. Maximum stay in the park is 14 days per calendar year.

28 campsites in the campground are available by reservation, while 3 campsites are available on first-come first-served basis.

Seasonal activities in Loveland Bay Provincial Park



Opportunities for canoeing and kayaking are available at Loveland Bay Provincial Park on Campbell Lake. Paddlers can begin their adventure at their campsites, or choose to begin from the boat launch that is available at the middle of the campground in the park. No boat rental facilities are available in the park. A wharf on the lake provides tie-up facilities.


There are good opportunities to engage in trout fishing at Lower Campbell Lake in Loveland Bay Provincial Park. As a result, RV campers visit the park with their fishing gear and tackle to enjoy angling in the lake. Vacationers who wish to engage in fishing or angling in the park require an appropriate license.


Biking is allowed on the roads in Loveland Bay Provincial Park and this activity allows RV campers fully explore the park and its various features. All riders are required to wear bicycle helmets when cycling in the park.



There are no designated swimming areas at Loveland Bay Provincial Park, however, there are good swimming opportunities at Lower Campbell Lake in the park. No lifeguards are on duty at the park.


Waterskiing is a popular activity at Loveland Bay Provincial Park; hence water skiers find the park to be a favored destination for their skiing adventures. Remember that there are no rentals available here, so you will need to bring your own equipment, including a boat.


Windsurfing opportunities are also available at Loveland Bay Provincial Park for RV campers who enjoy the activity. Hence, enthusiasts look forward to their holiday at the park and do not forget their windsurfing boards to enjoy the adventure. The winds tat blow across the lake make it an ideal spot to enjoy this thrilling sport.