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Lowden State Park boasts the second-largest concrete monolithic statue in the world. The statue, informally called the Black Hawk statue, weighs 100 tons and stands 50 feet high. Created in the early 1900’s, it quietly overlooks the Rock River, north of Oregon, Illinois. Lowden State Park was established in 1945 in memory of Governor Frank O. Lowden, who served Illinois during World War I.

The superbly forested park featuring a bluff with amazing landscape and wildflowers is the perfect site for your RV vacation. If you are interested in hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, water skiing, boating, picnicking, or sports like volleyball, basketball or baseball, Lowden State Park has got you covered. You won’t be disappointed on your adventure.

Lowden State Park has several campgrounds consisting of 80 Class A campsites equipped with electric hookups for your RV, 38 Class B campsites, with shower access, and 8 Class D hike-in campsites that will give you the real wilderness experience. Other amenities at Lowden State Park include a shower building, and a sanitary dumping station for your rig. The park also has a campground cabin which has two sets of bunk beds, a full-sized bed and electricity.

Plan to visit Lowden to have the best of RV camping experiences. The main park hours are from sunrise to sunset.

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Lowden State Park is located one mile north of Oregon, off Illinois Route 64 on River Road. Lowden State Park is a simple drive-in park with easy accessibility whether driving an RV, trailer, or smaller vehicles. Local roads within the park link all the campgrounds and trailheads. RVs/trailers longer than 40 feet are not permitted in the park, but those within the length limit do not have driving restrictions within the park.


Lowden State Park has five dedicated parking lots for your RVs and trailers of up to 40 feet length. You’ll find two parking spots around Sun Valley campground, another two around Shady Rest Area, and one parking lot at White Oak loop for you to park your rig.

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation facilities within the park.

Campgrounds and parking in Lowden State Park

Campsites in Lowden State Park

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Sun Valley Campground

The Sun Valley Area in Lowden State Park consists of Class A RV-accessible and pet-friendly campsites with electric hookups (up to 50 Amps) for your RVs. In addition, the campground features a sanitary dumping station for trailers, picnic shelter, a shower building, drinking water facilities, a playground and concession area, restrooms, volleyball and basketball courts, a cabin, and Taft shelter. Black Hawk Trail is accessible from the Sun Valley Loop leading to the Black Hawk statue. RV/trailer length limit at Sun Valley Loop is 40 feet. The campground has two parking lots. An added option for you at Sun Valley is a campground cabin furnished with two sets of bunk beds, a full-sized bed and electricity. Pets and cooking are not allowed in the cabin. Alcohol is prohibited in the campground.

Shady Rest Camping Area

The Shady Rest Area in Lowden State Park comprises Class A and Class B RV-accessible and pet-friendly campsites with electric hookups (up to 50 Amps) for your RVs. Facilities at the campground include two playground areas, showers, restrooms, drinking water facilities, a baseball court, picnic shelter, and two parking lots. The campground connects to Heckman Trail which leads to Rock River. RV/trailer length limit at Shady Rest Area is 40 feet. Alcohol is prohibited in the campground. All the local roads in Shady Rest campground are well laid out, paved, accessible so you can get around with ease within the camp.

White Oak Loop

The White Oak Area campground in Lowden State Park features over 20 Class B and Class C RV-accessible and pet-friendly campsites available all year round. The campsites in White Oak Loop do not provide electric hookups for RVs but have access to drinking water and showers. At the campsites in White Oak, there is a playground area, and direct access to Pines Trail. Alcohol is prohibited in the campground. RV/trailer length limit at White Oak loop is 30 feet. The campground is accessible to other parts of the park by local paved roads and River Road and has a dedicated parking lot for RVs, trailers and vehicles.

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Black Hawk Statue

Lowden State Park is most known for the 50-foot statue of a Native American with his arms folded across his belly, quietly gazing at the lovely view and beauty of the bluffs of River Rock Valley. The statue officially known as “The Eternal Indian” was created by Lorado Taft and John G. Prasuhn in the early 1900s. The view of the statue, commonly referred to as the Black Hawk Statue, is definitely going to be the highlight of your RV vacation. What’s more, if you take the stairs below the statue, your legs will definitely feel it, but you won’t regret the walk. Besides, should you get tired on the way, there are benches for you to rest if you need to.


Pack your good hiking boots in your RV/trailer and enjoy the four miles of great hiking trails at Lowden State Park. The trails lead through beautiful vegetation, fascinating woods, and the natural wonders of the park. The trails are moderate to difficult to hike, so prepare yourself for the exercise. The Black Hawk Trail being campers’ favorite trails leads to the statue. The Heckman Trail leads to the beautiful Rock River with landscapes replete with bluffs and hills.


Lowden State Park is well known for its great picnic areas open to both individual and groups all year round. So, prepare for non-stop excitement and enjoyment at any of the picnic areas in the park while on your RV trip. Facilities and amenities at the picnic areas in the park include tables, park stoves, drinking water, outdoor toilets, and litter cans. The picnic areas are strategically located near the parking lots in the park so that you can park you rig and just set up nearby for your recreational activities.


Boating and Water Skiing

The scenic Rock River which flows through 34 miles of Ogle County and through Lowden State Park has as average depth of three feet in the summer, making it the perfect spot for boating and water skiing if you are on vacation during this period. If you are interested in boating on your RV camping trip to Lowden, boat docks and a boat launching ramp are located just across the river from the park. Motor boating on Rock River is open to all RV campers, however, swimming is not allowed.


Come prepared to enjoy fishing on Road River during your vacation at Lowden State Park. With the right fishing gear stowed in your RV, you can spend time at the park catching various species of fish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish, northern pike, walleye, bullhead, carp, sucker, channel catfish, and drum.


Compete with your fellow RV campers in sporting activities such as basketball, volleyball, and baseball in the well-equipped sports facilities available at Lowden State Park. The basketball and volleyball courts are located in the Sun Valley Area while the baseball field is in the Shady Rest Area. When you are done, clean up by strolling into the showers at the playgrounds.