Lucidity Festival

Head to the Lucidity Festival in your RV for a truly transformational experience filled with world-class music, dancing, and art.

Event information

Lucidity is a three-day music and arts festival that takes place in Santa Barbara, California every year. The name of the event is derived from the phrase "lucid dreams," and it has a dream-like, otherworldly vibe. The festival follows a similar format to music events like Burning Man, Electric Daisy Carnival, San Francisco New Year's Eve event, Sea of Dreams and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Live Oak Campground serves as the venue for the event. It has hosted many other concerts and festivals in the past such as Lightning in a Bottle. Various art and music stages are set up all over the site showcasing performances by top bands, DJs, spoken word artists, performance artists, and dancers.

The event features music from a number of different genres like Bluegrass, Dubstep, Folk, Funk, House, Hip Hop, Rock, and Techno. Musicians and bands like Emancipator, Moon Hooch, J.Phlip, Egyptian Lover, Gene Farris, Earth Arrow, Henry Pope, Mikey Pauker, CelloJoe, and Subko have performed at Lucidity Festival in the past.

Attendees are encouraged to co-create the event with the organizers by bringing art, leading a workshop, or simply dancing along. The festival aims to create a transformational experience for guests and to bring together a community of family and friends. Head to the Lucidity Festival in your RV for a truly transformational experience filled with world-class music, dancing, and art.


For Lucidity Festival, you can choose between a one-day single pass, a one-day family pass or a family pass for two or all three days. One day tickets are only available for Sunday. They range in price from $50 (one-day pass for young adults) to about $240 (three-day adult passes). Children under the age of 12 often enjoy the festival for free.

All tickets will need to be purchased online, and hard copy tickets are not available. Two and three-day passes include tent camping with size regulations. RV Camping Passes are offered separately. There are payment plans available for patrons who'd prefer to pay in installments. You can get more information on the tickets and pricing by checking out the festival website.

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Motorists often prefer to set a GPS app for the Live Oak Campground and enjoy the scenic drive to the area just north of Santa Barbara, California. Whether you come approach from the north or south, you are likely to travel on CA-154 through the Los Padres National Forest. Other routes might be possible but may also be more difficult in an RV. Drivers are encouraged to carpool to the event to cut down their carbon footprint. If you plan on driving to and parking your RV at the Lucidity Festival venue, you'll need to have an RV camping pass.

Parking areas

If you want to park on the festival grounds, you'll be required to pay a parking fee. Concessions will be given for cars with more than one person to encourage carpooling. A free shuttle service will be ferrying patrons to and from the parking lots on the days of the event.

Public Transportation

The Live Oak Campground is about 25 minutes away from both Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. Most festival patrons choose to drive to the event since the venue is not centrally located. There are often a couple of bus routes that will get you there. You also have the option of using a taxi service or a car rental service.

Where to stay


A limited number of RV camping passes are available in order to ensure that there's enough camping space for everyone. Camping is not allowed in the general parking lot, with a special area is reserved for RVs. By purchasing an RV camping pass, you'll be able to park a single vehicle and camp in it overnight for Lucidity Festival.


Apart from the RV camping options at the festival venue, you'll find no shortage of campgrounds and RV parks to choose from within a 20 to 40-minute drive depending on if you prefer to camp near the beach or in the forest. It is easy and affordable to set up camp at one of these sites. Many of them will get you close to nature, and you can enjoy facilities like full-hookups, pool access, and free WiFi.

Getting around

Bikes, scooters, ATVs, and other personal motorized vehicles will not be permitted on the festival grounds. These aren't necessary anyway since the venue is relatively small and easy to navigate. Around the campground, you'll also find a few designated shuttle stops. You can use this service to get around from place to place. Most areas of the site are navigable by wheelchair.

What to pack


Anything goes for costumes at Lucidity Festival, and you're likely to see people dressed in some pretty over-the-top attire. There will be plenty of color, costumes, and headdresses. So use the event as an opportunity to express your individuality through your clothing. Make sure you carry a light jacket to stay warm and wear comfortable shoes.


You will want to be able to carry or wear everything you will need in the concert areas. Sunglasses, a hat, ear plugs, a portable charger, and a refillable bottle can come in handy. Be sure to take a lightweight blanket or a portable chair, so you have some form of seating. Remember to check for themed options for your camping area in advance and bring any items that might help you share your artistic style.

Health & Safety

Take a refillable bottle and fill it up frequently at one of the water stations to stay hydrated. Carry a few trash bags to collect any recyclable, compost, or landfill waste as you will not be able to leave anything behind on the grounds. Take frequent breaks and protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Where to eat


Cooking on a camp stove or propane barbecue is be allowed. Charcoal burners or open flames of any kind are strictly prohibited. Patrons are requested to be mindful of any grey or black water creation when cooking on site. Since there are no dumping facilities, you will need to dispose of any waste responsibly outside the grounds.


It is a short drive from the festival grounds to the City of Santa Barbara, where you'll find numerous excellent restaurants and bars. From exquisite fine dining eateries by the ocean to fast food joints, you'll find something to suit every taste and budget. There are also several great cocktail bars and wine tasting rooms all over the city where you can grab a drink.


A large part of the venue for Lucidity Festival is dedicated to vendors selling food, beverages, clothing, jewelry, and other sustainable goods. The food vendors are SolFood (Sustainable, Organic, and Local) regulated and will be serving up delicious food and drinks throughout the event. Patrons are encouraged to bring and use their own reusable utensils and plate.



Security personnel and volunteers will be present at the centrally located information headquarters. They will also be making rounds. If you need assistance, simply flag down a crew member with a radio. They will be able to get you the help you need or connect you with the correct Lucidity Festival team.


Lucidity Festival is a rain or shine event. Since most of the performances are held outdoors, there is always a chance of rain affecting the proceedings. Ideally, all your camping equipment should be waterproof, easily protected, or placed in your rig. It's also a good idea to carry a waterproof tarp to protect your gear in case it rains.


A medic pavilion will be present on site and staffed with trained medical professionals. They will be able to jump in and assist anyone who needs help. There will also be first aid tents throughout the grounds. Service animals will be allowed in with the proper certifications, and every effort will be made to accommodate patrons with disabilities.