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Lundar Beach Provincial Park


Located in the Canadian Goose country, 18 kilometers west of Lundar on the east shore of Lake Manitoba, is an ideal destination for lakeshore camping enthusiasts. It seems nature has built the Park for picturesque sunsets and ornithology enthusiasts. 23.41 hectares of lakeshore heaven, waiting to be your next vacation spot.

With development beginning in 1957 and completed in 1961, Lundar Beach Provincial Park boasts a natural marshland which is home to pelicans, songbirds, and a variety of ducks. Canadian Geese also migrate to the Park every year, as the Park also plays the role of ideal breeding grounds for them.

The Park is almost unique in that, while there are marshes on one side, on the other, the fauna in the campground and surrounding areas includes trees of aspen, willow, and oak. Activities at the Park include boating, kayaking, hiking, and fishing. The Lundar Museum is also located nearby if you want to learn more about the history of the area.

The beach area offers plenty of sunbathing and relaxing opportunities while picnic benches and the park's various amenities and facilities make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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The Park is located on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba, 120 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg and 18 kilometers west of Lundar. If coming by car from Winnipeg, drive 110 kilometers on PTH 6 towards North to Lundar, then take the PR 419 west for another 18 kilometers. The highways leading to the park are wide and well-maintained so bringing larger motorhomes and RVs shouldn’t be an issue. Gravel and paved roads inside the park lead to the campground office, campsites and other park facilities.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Lundar Beach Provincial Park

Campsites in Lundar Beach Provincial Park

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Lundar Beach Campground

Lundar Beach Provincial Park has one campground that consists of over 33 campsites with 26 of them being partial service sites with 30 amp electrical hook-ups. The remaining campsites are basic sites for those that enjoy a more rugged camping experience.

Lundar Beach Campground has modern restrooms and shower facilities that are located on site along with a dump station. Firewood is supplied in the campground and can be sourced from the Park management office. The site is family and pet-friendly and also has a playground to keep kids occupied.

The park office is located at the entrance and the staff there are friendly and helpful. The sites are spacious and shaded offering privacy and basic amenities such as access to drinking water, picnic tables, and fire grills.

Some campsites are situated right by the beach area and boat launch site if you plan on spending most of the time enjoying the many water-based activities.

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Maintained by the Rural Municipality of Coldwell, the Park has an over 3 km long hiking trail known as the “Dianne Jacobs”. Located on the east side of the Park, the trail leads through the marshlands and has viewing platforms, allowing you to take in the picturesque sunsets. The hike is guaranteed entertainment for bird watching enthusiasts as the trails winds through the more interior regions of the park that are home to a variety of wildlife and many species of birds.


The Park provides a water access point to Lake Manitoba for smaller boats. There is another water access point located on the south side of the Park. If you don’t have your own boat, then feel free to hire one from the nearby vendors for a day of fun on the water.

Considering the peaceful setting, it’s no wonder that many kayakers choose Lundar Beach Provincial Park as a go-to destination. Park that kayak or canoe in the middle of the water and watch the sun go down on the horizon with birds taking to the skies.


Swimming is allowed on some sections of the beach. However, please be aware that there are no lifeguards on site, so be extra careful in the water and never leave children unattended at any part of the beach area. The refreshing blue lake waters can be enticing but this large lake is quite deep and so it is always best to stay as close to the shoreline as possible.



Lundar Beach Provincial Park is a popular day-use and picnicking destination thanks to its beautiful sandy beach shoreline and clear blue waters. Lake Manitoba is a massive body of water that lies to the west of the park while the marshlands lie to the east. Depending on what kind of picnicking adventure you fancy you can either choose to relax by the beach area or choose more secluded picnic spots hidden amongst the trails, woods, and marshes. A beach playground area is also a great way for the kids to have fun outdoors while you partake in other activities.

Bird Watching

With such rich marshlands, the Park is a popular destination for ornithologists and bird watching enthusiasts. Along with birds native to the area, you can (depending on the season) see Canadian Geese use areas of the Park as breeding grounds. Pelicans and songbirds also maker frequent appearances for those looking for something more colorful. The Park is also a habitat for the endangered Piping Plover and many other local and migrating waterfowl.


Lundar Beach Provincial Park is famous for its simply breathtaking sunsets over Lake Manitoba as well as its unique ecosystems. The flora of the marshlands and nearby woods combined with wildlife and many species of exotic birds makes bringing your camera a must. Enjoying a romantic picnic watching the sun go down on a sandy beach is a moment worth capturing.