Macedonia Brook State Park
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Macedonia Brook State Park is spread over 2300 acres of hard rock terrain that makes for exciting hiking and trekking trails offering majestic views of Cobble Mountain, New York State’s Catskills and Taconic mountain ranges. Natural springs, mountains, wildlife, vegetation and many species of plants and trees cover the landscape which makes for picturesque and scenic views wherever you look. The park offers many recreational activities including hiking, biking, fishing, climbing and wildlife watching, to name but a few, which makes it a must-visit on your next RV road trip.

The mountain and forest views of Macedonia Brook State Park are awe-inspiring, and its unique topography and terrain include rivers, streams, forests and steep cliffs. At an elevation of over 1000 feet, the air is cooler and the views are better, making for some truly amazing hiking trails. The park is also rich in history as most of the land once belonged to the Scatacook Indians and later become an important source of iron for the region.

Upon arrival, Macedonia Brook State Park leads off into many trails that venture off into different areas of this beautiful yet rugged landscape. The Blue Hazed Macedonia Ridge Trail offers a challenging 11.5 mile oval trek of the park with stunning views of the nearby mountains and the brook forging its way through the valley. Macedonia Brook State Park is a must visit for anyone wanting to escape the concrete jungle and venture out into the wild. The park is open from April until September and closed during winter months except for the cross-country skiing trail.

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Macedonia Brook State Park is only a mile or so east of the New York border and is easily accessible by car or RV. Located in central Kent the park is located west of the intersection of Route 341 and Route 7. The local gravelled Macedonia Brook Road leads directly to the park and road signs are present which help direct the way. Once inside, trails lead to different regions of this large park including the campgrounds, picnic areas and hiking trails. Whether you are in an RV rig or car it doesn’t matter as there are no driving restrictions within the park campgrounds, so accessibility shouldn’t be a problem.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Macedonia Brook State Park

Campsites in Macedonia Brook State Park

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Macedonia Brook State Park Campgrounds

Macedonia Brook State Park features 51 campsites out of which 22 are standard nonelectric sites meant for RVs and trailers while the rest are for tenting only. Pets are not allowed in the campgrounds and facilities and amenities are limited. Campgrounds are equipped with picnic tables, grills, fire pits and are relatively close to access to drinking water. Sewage hookups and toilet facilities are also available within the park.

A gravel road connects all the different campsites and is narrow so only RVs, Trailers and Motor-homes up to 35 ft are allowed inside. A lot of this land has a rustic, rugged feel to it and without modern amenities, the experience of being truly outdoors is somehow enhanced. The park is open from April through September for camping, hiking and picnicking.

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Macedonia State Park offers challenging hiking trails for more seasoned hikers that loop around the park and offer scenic views of the rugged terrain with lakes, rolling hills and local wildlife. The most popular hiking trails are the Macedonia Brook Loop and the Blue Trail that are difficult hikes past lakes, springs, woodlands, and mountains with steep inclines and declines. In total hikers have 11.5 miles of foot trails to choose from depending on there level of comfort and experience. Trails leading towards the east of the park are relatively easier hikes than those leading to the west. However, your efforts hiking west are duly rewarded as you come across majestic views of the Taconic range and Cobble Mountain with many springs and streams providing relief along the way.

Stream Fishing

The brook that runs through the park is what gives this park its name and is the highlight for all who come to visit. The eight-mile long brook is ten ft. wide is some places and the ideal spot for some stream fishing. The gurgle of the brook water matched with the woods and greenery is an almost therapeutic experience for anglers as they try their hand at catching the local wild brown trout that can grow to monstrous size thanks to fishing regulations and conservation programs. If stream fishing is your thing, then this stream is definitely a must visit on your next camping/fishing adventure.


When the weather is just perfect and you can’t take being indoors any more, Macedonia Brook State Park is where you need to head if you are a New Yorker or live in the surrounding Kent area. The park offers tranquil spots where you can relax and enjoy nature in all its glory. The lake water and brook is cold and refreshing in case you fancy a swim while the woods offer shade and respite from the heat. Bring your RV with you or simply drive down in your car and use the picnic pavilions for a day of relaxation and picnicking with family or friends.


Historic Areas

In the months of April until May when the weather and conditions are not ideal for fishing or swimming, visiting the historic areas around the park offers a fun and educational way to spend the day. Macedonia Brook State Park has a rich history as this land belonged to the Scatacook Indians who later joined the settlers in making Kent the centre for iron production in the region. A large iron furnace and iron ore mines once covered the landscape which is all but lost to nature now. Only remnants of the old iron forge and stamping works remain that are still visible to the keener eyed history buff at the southern end of the park. To learn more about the park's history you can visit the camp office and meet the friendly local rangers who have extensive knowledge about the terrain and its historic significance.

Rock Climbing

Macedonia Brook State Park’s rocky terrain makes for some challenging freestyle climbing routes, especially on the western side of the park. The brook itself is surrounded by steep cliffs and ridges well over 1000 ft. high for the more experienced and skilled climbers to take on. Plenty of rocks, boulders, and cliff faces run alongside the trails that are much easier climbs and an enjoyable activity during your hike up the mountain.

Cross-Country Skiing

During winter months, when the snow covers the valley and mountains and the brook water freezes up, the park transforms into a winter play land and the ideal place for winter enthusiasts to come out for some cross-country skiing. Skiing up the trail leads to spectacular views of snow capped peaks, glaciers and vast expanses of open sky that will leave you breathless. The well maintained ski trails are open to all - just don’t forget to bring all your gear!