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Macomb Reservation State Park is part of the Thousand Island State Park Region and is located in the Lake Champlain area just outside Adirondack Park. The park offers RV enthusiasts the chance to unwind and kickback in pristine wilderness while still being fairly close to the city and suburbs.

The park has plenty to offer for campers seeking to spend a day or a week at this beautiful location. Davis Pond and Salmon River offer anglers and boating enthusiasts the opportunity to take to the waters while land lovers can trek on the many hiking trails and self-guided nature trails that wind through the dense woodlands.

A mixture of privacy, comfort and entertainment, Macomb Reservation State Park is a well kept secret of many New Yorkers seeking some peace and solace from their daily chaotic lives. The park offers campers plenty of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay including picnic pavilions, playgrounds, showers, flush toilets as well as ADA accessible electric hook-up campsites.

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Macomb Reservation is located two miles west of Schuyler Falls and close to Plattsburg. Depending on where you are coming from, take I-87 to Route 22B that leads to the park entrance. Some of the campsites are quite wooded and the gravel roads leading to them can be narrow and difficult to maneuver for larger RVs. Make sure to reserve a site suitable for your RV, motorhome or big rig before venturing too far out.


Guests to Macomb Reservation state Park will find parking available to them earn the ball field, near the swimming beach, and within the campground.

Public Transportation

Guests to Macomb Reservation State Park will find no access to public transportation available within the park.

Campgrounds and parking in Macomb Reservation

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Macomb Reservation State Park Campground

Macomb Reservation State Park has one large campground that features a total of 95 electric and non-electric wooded campsites. Some campsites offer a water view while others are completely surrounded by trees for greater privacy and shade. Some campsites offer both electric and water hookups and there are also campsites available for people with disabilities. The campground is located close to showers, flush toilets, playground, play area, boat launch, convenience store and dump station. Generator use is prohibited during quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and guests can stay for up to 14 days at a stretch. Pets are allowed on the campgrounds but not on the beach and picnic areas.

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Davis Pond and Salmon River offer plenty of fishing opportunities for keen anglers to toss in a line for the various species of panfish that dwell in the river waters. Don't expect monster catches; the fishing experience at Macomb Reservation is more about relaxing and taking a moment to reflect while enjoying the sensation and adrenaline of having a fish on the line!


Whether you are a kayaking, canoeing or non-motorized boating enthusiast you can take to the lake and river waters by renting a boat at the park store or bringing along your own and using the boat ramp area to launch into the calm waters. Paddle boards, swimming and other water-based activities are all entertaining and fun as long as you take the necessary safety measures. Always have your lifejacket on and adhere to the rules and regulations of the park.


Those that love a walk in the woods will simply adore hiking at Macomb Reservation. The park itself is nestled among dense woodlands that are home to abundant species of fauna and flora. Relaxing nature trails offer campers the chance to be at one with nature and enjoy the park's many wonders. More adventurous hikers can take more challenging rugged trails that lead to the fringes of the park to try and catch sight of wildlife, unique plants and exotic birds.



A remote private destination that is filled with all the outdoor activities you will ever need for a day out in the wilderness sounds too good to be true. But Macomb Reservation is just that. Picnic lovers can visit the park and take advantage of its many facilities including picnic tables, fire grills, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, and playing fields.

Winter Sports

During winter this woodland landscape is transformed as it is covered in snow and ice with leafless trees and frozen ponds and rivers. A winter wonderland, and one that caters to many wishes of winter thrill seekers. During winter the park offers visitors the chance to cross-country ski, ice skate, snowshoe, and snowmobile on the well-groomed trails and frozen pond waters.

Playing Field

A large playing field makes Macomb Reservation ideal for sport based activities with family or friends. Enjoy a day out playing baseball/softball, soccer or some ultimate frisbee to burn those calories while enjoying a day out in this beautiful woodland setting. A nearby playground is also great for younger children who want to spend time on the slides and rides available.