Madison International Speedway

If you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then an RV road trip to Madison International Speedway could be the answer.

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The goal of any holiday is to spend time with loved ones, relax, and recuperate. If the hustle and bustle of city life have you feeling glum, then maybe an RV road trip to Oregon, Wisconsin, could be in the cards.

Not only does it offer a slower-paced way of life for a while, but it’s also home to Madison International Speedway. You can take that well-deserved break in a far more relaxed part of the country, while also catching some of the best racing action in the area.

Madison International Speedway at 1122 Sunrise Road, Oregon, Wisconsin, is a mere four miles from the center of the Village of Oregon. It’s a stock car racing oval and is known as The Track of Champions and Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile. It can cater to around 10,000 people, offers plenty of racing action, and isn’t too far from civilization for your convenience.

This race track also boasts weekly events during the peak season of April to September. With dry camping opportunities, plenty of fresh air, and natural tourist attractions well worth your inspection; there are plenty of reasons to load Oregon, Wisconsin into your RV’s GPS. Make sure you pencil a weekend away in your calendar sooner rather than later.


While you can line up to purchase your tickets at the gate upon entry, it may be faster and more convenient to purchase them in advance on the organizer’s website. Once you choose the event you want to buy tickets for, you can then visit the will call window on the day with your receipt to receive your tickets. Ticket prices vary by the event with adult tickets often around $15 to $25 and discounts for seniors. Family tickets are also an option and may save you some cash.

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If you’re driving from a larger city in Wisconsin or another state, then your trip to Oregon may be like a breath of fresh air. There are pastures for as far as the eye can see, and easy-to-navigate roads such as US-14 and WI-138 only broken up by small townships and villages along the way.

When you travel between April and September, you’re less likely to encounter adverse weather conditions. However, to be on the safe side, download a travel app onto your mobile device such as 511 Wisconsin. This app can alert you to congestion, accidents, weather, and any road challenges. Upon arriving in Oregon, you can travel down WI-138 to reach the race track six miles out of the village center.

Parking areas

Madison International Speedway caters to 10,000 spectators, so it’s safe to say they will have parking spaces available for RVs. However, if you are camping overnight in your parking spot, you will need to reserve this in advance as a dry camping space. Alternatively, you can park at another accommodation provider you have booked and arrange alternative transportation to the speedway.

Public Transportation

While there are not that many public transportation options in Oregon, Wisconsin, you won’t be left stranded. There are private ride services in operation, as well as a taxi service in nearby Madison. Fortunately, because you can camp at the race track, you may not need to call upon a transportation service for help.

Where to stay


If you’re looking for a camping adventure, then you’ll get that at Madison International Speedway. Dry camping with no service hookups is available for those with self-contained RVs. To secure your spot, you need to book in advance. While you won’t be able to fire up the generator too close to the racing action, you are more than welcome to use it once the checkered flags are up.


If you prefer a peaceful night’s sleep with service hookups, then camping offsite may be a better option for you. Not only does Madison International Speedway have preferred accommodation providers, but they are nearby as well. There are several different campgrounds within nine to 25 miles away from MIS, including Lake Kegonsa State Park.

Getting around

The easiest and quickest way to get around MIS is on foot. The facility is a mixture of grass and dirt with both grandstands and vendors within close proximity. The camping and parking area isn’t all too far away from the action either. You won’t need bikes, scooters, or any other wheeled modes of transport.

What to pack


Temperatures average around 71 degrees between May and September, which is when much of the racing action at MIS occurs. The hottest month of the year tends to be July. As the days can be a mixture of bearable through to uncomfortably hot, it’s a good idea to pack a variety of items. Breathable layers will be perfect for wearing during the day, while warmer clothing will be ideal for at night.


It’s always helpful to have a fair idea of what to bring to a racing event. Don’t forget your receipt to access the tickets you purchased online, and cash in case you are yet to buy your ticket. There may not be an ATM on site, so bring cash for vendor purchases as well. You will also need camping and cooking equipment to live comfortably off the grid during your stay at the track.

Health & Safety

If you are going to be camping at the track, then you need to factor in the remote nature of the venue. The nearest amenities are at least six miles away. As a result, it’s a good idea to pack anything that you may find challenging to replace.

Toiletries, medical supplies, prescription medication, sunscreen, sun safety supplies, and a first aid kit are all convenient items to pop in your RV. You then don’t need to worry about traveling too far to locate any last-minute supplies.

Where to eat


One of the wonderful things about traveling in an RV is the ability to cook while you’re on the road. Once you’re at MIS, you can make use of your onboard RV kitchen appliances and generator. Some accommodation providers in the area may also offer shared cooking facilities. If you need to stock up on any grocery supplies, there is a small store just three miles from the racing track or a few larger options within 15 miles.


Even though Oregon, Wisconsin, is only a small village, its hospitality will surprise you. Even in a township of around 9,000 people, you can still find the finest artisan cheese, coffee, and baked goods. There are also fast-food restaurants, quaint dining establishments, and all manner of eateries to satisfy those hunger pangs.


During the peak racing season, MIS has a range of different food options near the grandstands. From hot dogs and French fries through to cotton candy and other sweet treats; you won’t go hungry. Remember to bring cash with you as most vendors will not accept credit.



When you arrive at Madison International Speedway, there will be people at the gates to check your tickets. Be prepared to open your bags if they request it, and get that smile ready for MIS staff members as well. If you require any assistance during your visit to MIS, approach a uniformed official. Otherwise, the Oregon Police Department is under four miles away.


Oregon, Wisconsin’s warm season runs from May until mid-September. Temperatures average around 71 degrees but can reach into the mid-80s as well. Summer can be hot and dry, but rain can also rear its head when you least expect it. The best way to be prepared for all eventualities is by downloading a weather app. You can then know what you’re up against before you hit the road.


It’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit in your RV, but you’ll be pleased to know that help is close at hand in Oregon as well. You can approach any MIS official for a helping hand or dial 9-11 in an emergency. The nearest hospital is under 15 miles away in Madison.