Maha Music Festival

Maha Music Festival is an Omaha-based annual event featuring different genres of music. It is a must-visit on your next RV trip through Nebraska.

Event information

The Maha Music Festival is a four-day music event that takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, every year within Aksarben Village. The lineup features many different genres of music played by chart-topping national artists as well as emerging local acts.

The event was expanded to two-days in 2018 when it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since its inception, Maha Music Festival has expanded to include a conference portion and many other parallel events.

Multiple stages are set up for the Maha Music Festival throughout Aksarben Village, often especially in Stinson Park. The headlining acts perform on the main stage while the smaller stages are reserved for the local artists.

Belle and Sebastian, Built to Spill, Dashboard Confessional, Superchunk, Guided by Voices, Garbage, Dum Dum Girls, The Flaming Lips, The Thermals, Death Cab for Cutie, Purity Ring, Grimes, The Joy Formidable, and Weezer are some of the artists who have performed at Maha Music Festival in the past.

It aims to shine a spotlight on talented local musicians, artisans, and performers. Visitors can enjoy film screenings, art installations, fashion shows, speaker panels, food showcases, and many other events in addition to live music.


Patrons can choose between General Admission and VIP tickets. Single-day and two-day passes go on sale a couple of months before the event. They range in price from $35 (Advance Single-Day Pass) to $175 (Advance Two-Day VIP pass). Ticket prices go up closer to the dates of the event. Passes for individual shows may also be available at the gate.

Children 10 and under can enter for free as long as they are with a ticket-holding adult. Get tickets for the Maha Music Festival.

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Maha Music Festival takes place throughout Aksarben Village, and you may find many of the concert activities happening in Stinson Park, which is in the same area. You can use your GPS app of choice to find the location easily. Motorists may want to avoid taking the Mercy Road route from 72nd Street as traffic can be excessive, and you may encounter road closures. Call 511 to check for road and weather alerts in Douglas County before starting on your trip.

Parking areas

There are three large garages near the festival venue where free car parking is available. Travelers with larger rigs may want to park at a campsite in the area and use public transportation since RV parking may be limited near the event site.

Public Transportation

You can get around the area using metro buses operated by the city. These are very frequent and will get you within ten minutes of the venue. Biking to the site is recommended, and there is a free corral available at the site. Many visitors also get to the grounds using taxis and ride-sharing apps.

Where to stay


Camping or overnight parking is not possible on site, but there are several campgrounds and RV parks in the vicinity. It is an excellent area for camping thanks to the number of well-equipped state parks and privately owned campgrounds in the region.


Seasoned RVers often set up camp at Louisville State Recreation Area, which is a little over 20 miles away from the concert venue. It has sites that are accessible with a large RV and sits right by Louisville Lake. Another good option is the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park which is about 30 miles away.

Getting around

Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, and other personal vehicles will not be allowed into the festival grounds. There is a volunteer-monitored bike parking area close to the entrance where you can drop off your bike. Patrons with disabilities can get around using wheelchairs, and there are dedicated ADA viewing areas.

What to pack


Most festival-goers will be dressed in casual, comfortable clothing. Lightweight fabrics like cotton are recommended to stay cool under the midday sun. Carry a lightweight jacket for the evenings, which can be significantly cooler than the daytime. Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, no matter how stylish they may be.


Large bags, handbags, and backpacks will not be allowed into the venue. Carry a small one packed with items you’ll need to stay comfortable through the day like wet wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, and a portable charger. Take sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Health & Safety

Be mindful of what you take to the site and avoid leaving behind any waste. There will be free filtered drinking water available on the grounds. Carry a refillable water bottle and stay hydrated. Pack a good flashlight, covered footwear, and extra batteries to navigate around your campsite at night.

Where to eat


Pick up a few marinated steaks or some fresh veggies and grill them using a portable stove or on a campfire. Before lighting a fire, talk to the camp manager to check if there are any restrictions. Several markets are available in Omaha in case you need to restock your shelves or replenish with your campsite favorites.


While the region is famous for its delicious beef and corn-based dishes, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from as well in Eastern Nebraska. Some of the must-try foods are the gourmet burgers, Reuben sandwiches, and the chicken-fried steaks. Visitors with dietary restrictions or preferences will have access to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


Whether you’re craving classic American festival food, want to sample exotic cuisine, or in the mood for something sweet, you’ll find it at the Maha Music Festival. Your RFID wristband also functions as a digital wallet. So you can load it up to buy food, drinks, or merchandise. Vendors also accept other forms of payment.



In recent years, security at the Maha Music Festival has been adapted to keep up with its exponential growth. Bags will be searched at the entrances, and patrons will be asked to move through metal detectors. Visitors will need to pass through security every time they exit and re-enter the grounds.


Temperatures often range in the mid to high 80s during the day in Nebraska. It can get considerably colder at night, so carry some warm clothing, extra blankets, and socks in your RV. A little rain does not often affect the schedule, and the performances will continue unless the weather turns unexpectedly severe.


Patrons can head to the onsite first aid station if they need medical assistance. There will also be an ambulance available for emergencies. Patrons with disabilities will find information and support at the first aid station. Special medical or accessibility requests can be made by writing to the organizers in advance.