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Come visit Maidstone State Park in Guildhall, Vermont, for a taste of the wilds of Vermont. The most remote of Vermont's parks, this is truly a step away from it all. You'll find a lovely taste of nature here, from the lake to the hiking trails.

The park surrounds Lake Maidstone, which is a major feature of the park. Loons, which are still a critical species in Vermont, nest around the water's edge. You'll find other birds throughout the park that you can spot, such as hawks and grouse. You can also swim in the lake during the summer. You'll also have the ability to enjoy other activities on the water, such as boating and fishing.

You will be able to enjoy a variety of hiking trails around Maidstone State Park. While there, catch glimpses of the native flora and fauna, from the loons to the spruce and fir trees. While at Maidstone, you'll have a variety of camping options available. There are 34 tent and RV camping sites, as well as 25 lean-to sites. None of these have hookups, so you'll be left primitive camping with your equipment. The park does have coin-operated hot showers and restrooms though.

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Maidstone State Park is located in Vermont, found within the town limits of Guildhall. You can easily access the park from Bloomfield. Travel five miles south on Hwy 102, then travel five miles southwest on State Forest Highway. The park is located on the Connecticut River Byway, and the area is hilly, so you'll want to be careful driving your RV or camping trailer.

You can bring your boat with you to Maidstone State Park. The park lacks a boat launch, but you are able to utilize the Fish and Wildlife Access Area to launch your boat at. If you did not bring your canoe or kayak, don't worry. You can rent boats from the Maidstone State Park park office, such as a rowboat or canoes.

There are two camping loops that are designated Camping Area A and Camping Area B. These have prime sites located on the water, as well as sites further back from the water for camping. You'll want to be careful when you make your reservations as many of the sites only allow a large tent as the maximum sized camping equipment that the site will allow. There is also a large parking lot by the day use area.


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Maidstone State Park Campground

Maidstone State Park campground has plenty of available campsites for you to choose from on their grounds. There are 34 sites designated for tents or RVs. It is important to note that many of the sites are only large enough to hold a tent, rather than an RV or camping trailer. If you have a question about which ones will fit your equipment, you should contact the park office. There are also 25 lean-to sites at the park for camping.

The park features prime camping spots right along the edge of Maidstone Lake. Further back, you'll find spots on either of the two camping loops that will involve a bit more of a trek to the swimming beaches. The sites lack hookups, even electrical ones, but there is a sanitary RV dumping station at the campground for you to utilize. The park has restrooms, as well as coin-operated hot showers in several of the restroom facilities.

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Make sure that you bring your swimming gear including swimsuits and goggles when you come to Maidstone State Park with your camping rig. The park features a glacial lake, so the water will be very cold, but it is clear and beautiful to look at. There are multiple swimming beaches and designations within the park, largely due to having two different camping loops. Because boating is allowed, you'll want to stick to the designated areas.


Bring your fishing gear when you come to Maidstone State Park in your camping trailer. You'll find some impressive fishing here, including the potential for a record-breaking haul. The main fishing includes bullhead, trout, and perch. You will need a fishing license, which you can get before your trip online.


When you are packing your trailer for your vacation to Maidstone State Park, don't forget the kayak or canoe. You'll enjoy taking the boat out on the water. If you don't bring your own, you can rent a boat from the park office; they have kayaks, canoes, and a rowboat. There is no boat launch at the park for you to use, but you will have access to the Fish and Wildlife Access Area to launch your boat.



Bring your hiking gear when you come to Maidstone State Park with your RV or campervan. There are several different trails that loop around the park, providing you with the opportunity to see the native flora and fauna found around the park, such as the loons nesting near the lake. Several of these trails include the Moose Trail, the Shore Trail, and the Loon Trail for you to explore while you trek around the park.


You will find plenty of spots for picnicking around Maidstone State Park when you come with your rig. Make sure to come prepared to enjoy a few good meals here. There are picnic tables at most of the camping sites, and you will also find areas to picnic around the beaches. There is also a picnic pavilion that can be rented; it also has a fireplace and tables, as well as easy access to the beach and swimming areas.

Bird Watching

You should make sure to pack your binoculars in your rig before you come to Maidstone State Park for camping. That will allow you the best way to view the birds and other wildlife that you can find in the area. The park is known for being a nesting spot for the loon, which was critically endangered. You can also enjoy bird watching for a variety of other specimens, including the yellow rumped warbler, goshawk, and snow bunting.