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Marble Canyon Provincial Park


Looking for a great Canadian destination for your next RV vacation? Why not a plan a stay at Marble Canyon Provincial Park? It's a spectacular spot to catch up on some R&R in a beautiful outdoor oasis in Canada.

Marble Canyon Provincial Park was established in 1956 primarily as a refuge of protection for the limestone structures found at the southern tip of the Marble Range of mountains. A small and tranquil recreational area and camping facility, the property rests between two bodies of water: Turquoise Lake and Crown Lake. Both of these lakes provide excellent opportunities for fishing as does the larger Pavilion Lake which is located nearby.

With 355 hectares (877 acres) of geologically significant land to explore, families are sure to have a ball hiking through the grounds at Marble Canyon Provincial Park. The park is situated in the middle of the Pavilion Mountain Range and offers incredible, picture-perfect views that are particularly magnificent when seen from the campsites. Among some of the most beautiful geographical features are a waterfall and the hilly, white chalk slopes of the mountains.

The climate is hot, humid and dry during the summer months but is much more moderate during the off season. The land was originally inhabited by the Interior Salish people but later became a haven for pioneers and gold prospectors. In May 2012, a vast portion of the forest was devoured by fire in the section near to Pavilion Lake. Today, those areas of the park are marked off to prevent accident or injury to visitors due to the still decaying earth.

For an amazing vacation at one of British Columbia's most scenic spots, plan your next RV stay at Marble Canyon Provincial Park. It's an amazing place for a holiday!

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RV Rentals in Marble Canyon Provincial Park



Travelling to Marble Canyon Provincial Park from Lillooet, British Columbia covers 49 km (or 30 miles) of on a single stretch of two lane highway. The route consists of only one road, making the route uncomplicated and easy to follow. Simply follow BC-99 N until you see the destination on the left hand side of the road. The highway is kept in good condition and is free from dirt and snow year-round. Road construction does occur on occasion. Be on the lookout for wildlife that sometimes makes an appearance on the highway.

At 39 km (or 24 miles) away, it is a relatively quick journey from Cache Creek, BC to Marble Canyon Provincial Park. Begin by taking BC-97 N until you reach the signs for BC-99 S (Lillooet S/British Columbia 99 S/Whistler). Take this exit and continue along the highway until you spot the park just ahead. This route is comprised of well-maintained highways of two lane stretches. Because the journey travels along country roads, traffic moves at a moderate pace but remains fluid. Road construction is unlikely.


Parking is available in the lot found at the entrance to Marble Canyon Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation available to this recreational area and campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Marble Canyon Provincial Park

Campsites in Marble Canyon Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Marble Lake Campground

Marble Lake Campground is small in size but big on charm. There are 30 campsites suitable for RV and tent camping, and they are available on a first come, first served basis. The camping facilities are quite rustic, providing families with the opportunity to enjoy real rural living in a serene environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. Generator use is permitted. Dogs are also welcomed on the property but must remain on a leash.

Among the amenities at Marble Lake Campground are picnic tables, pit toilets, firepits, firewood, and tap water. There are no power hookups nor is there any place for sewage disposal on the premises. The area is quite remote with the nearest pay phone found 10 to 15 minutes away in Lillooet.

There are many fun recreational activities at this campground including swimming, picnicking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, and kayaking.

Seasonal activities in Marble Canyon Provincial Park


Rock climbing

Marble Canyon is well-renowned for its unusual rock structures that are comprised of limestone. These natural geographical features make the area ideally suited to rock climbing. There are many areas avid rock climbers can choose from, but some of the most popular sites can be found directly from Marble Canyon Provincial Park itself. Each of the rock climbing areas is well marked and offers its own unique topography for families to enjoy. Among the most favorite haunts are Great Gully, Chimney Rock (also known as Coyote Rock), and Headwall.

Bring along drinking water and snacks and be sure to wear appropriate footwear to prevent accidents and injury.


Marble Canyon Provincial Park is ideally located to offer avid fishermen the opportunity to practice their sport on three beautiful lakes: the Pavilion, the Turquoise, and the Crown Lakes. All three lakes are well stocked with rainbow trout. To legally fish in British Columbia waters, it is required that you obtain a fishing licence.

Though fishing in the summer months is the most popular activity, many people also love to engage in ice fishing on the lakes when the snow begins to fly and temperatures drop.


With the Pavilion, Turquoise, and Crown Lakes to choose from, visitors to Marble Canyon Provincial Park are spoiled for choice when it comes for places to enjoy some watersports in the summer. Pavilion Lake is the most popular choice for these activities since it is much larger in size than the other two neighboring bodies of water. Among the most popular activities at this trio of lakes includes scuba diving, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking.

Bring along drinking water and snacks to enjoy. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to avoid succumbing to sunburn.


Geological exploration

Marble Canyon Provincial Park is home to several unique geological phenomenons. It is one of the few sites worldwide to have a growth of stromatolites, a living organism with prehistoric origins. Stromatolites are similar to coral and are a protected and endangered species under British Columbia law.

Exploring the park's vast terrain also yields many interesting geographical features thought to be the result of glacier activity in the prehistoric years. Among the most interesting items are a waterfall, an icefall, and the impressive white chalk cliffs.

Turquoise Lake Waterfall

The waterfall found at Turquoise Lake is impressive to behold and is well worth the trek to see it. Families can enjoy a relaxing afternoon hike out to the waterfall's location on the furthest side of the body of water. This water feature has contributed to limestone erosion, making it an interesting lesson in the effects of pressure on solid objects.

Bring along your camera to capture video of this breathtaking site. Your dog may join you on your hike to the Turquoise Lake Waterfall, but do please keep them leashed at all times.


Hiking is a favorite pastime of many visitors to Marble Canyon Provincial Park. With 355 hectares to explore, there is no shortage of opportunity. Grab your best running shoes and some drinking water and head out in search of adventure on foot.

Along the each trail, you will find spots where you can stop to enjoy a picnic lunch as well as unique geographical features that make the region special including wildlife, waterfalls, unique vegetation, and magnificent cliffs. The area is also a maze of canyons, making the terrain diverse, and in places, challenging.