Martinsville Speedway

Want to add some speed to your next RV trip? Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, VA welcomes campers to enjoy the races from a unique vantage point.

Event information

The Martinsville Speedway is a NASCAR stock racing short track located in Ridgeway, Virginia. The track can host anywhere from 44,000 to 65,000 patrons and, in the past, has played host to several big events like the First Data 500 Monster Energy and TruNorth Global 250. The 30-acre site was originally opened in 1947 and has gone through many iterations, repairs, and expansions since then providing thousands of people with great opportunities for food, fun, and camping for the weekend-long events.

The spacious campgrounds make the track a perfect spot for an RV camping trip. The speedway itself hosts its biggest events during the mildest times of the year, allowing visitors to see and feel all the beauty of the Virginia countryside. Pick up some fun merchandise with the vendors, get involved in the pre-race experience, or see pre-race intros and awards before the race even starts.

The Martinsville Speedway itself is one of the smaller tracks on the circuit. Because of this, fans are much closer to the action when compared to other tracks, with the vehicles never more than a few hundred yards away.


Ticket prices for the Martinsville Speedway can vary depending on the event, the seating, and any extras you might want. As a starting point, expect to pay around $60 for a ticket for most larger events. From here price point can vary up or down depending on the size of the event and the age of those visiting, with reduced admission often given to senior citizens, children, and active military personnel.

Campsites have a general admission fee that usually hovers around $100 with additional fees required depending on how much space you will need. Site reservations also include one parking pass with any additional vehicles needing to use the parking lot. While each RV site is outfitted with basic hookups, sewage pumping is an additional fee. For more information, please check out Martinsville's website.

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Despite its name, the speedway is just south of Martinsville, located officially in the city of Ridgeway. North and south drivers typically take US-220 to US-58, while east and west drivers may take US-58 for a longer portion of the ride. The speedway is just a few minutes north of where US-220 and US-58 meet. The grounds are located on Speedway Boulevard and Speedway Road.

Parking areas

RV camping is available on site just east of the speedway itself. A parking pass is in the camping package but is limited to a single vehicle only, with any additional vehicles needing to park elsewhere on the Martinsville property. Parking is free, with deputies and other personnel there to help you navigate.

Public Transportation

Transportation to and from the Martinsville Speedway is available through taxis, shuttles, or online private services. Buses are also available but make sure to check their scheduling beforehand to ensure that what you pick will meed your chosen itinerary.

Where to stay


Basic RV hookups like electric and water are provided free of charge, with a fee required for any sewage disposal. Camping areas include premium spots held for seasonal ticket holders, a location just for RV campers, and finally an area for tents. Private toilets are also available for rent in case you will have a large crew with you.


If the campgrounds on the Martinsville site are packed, you do have other options. Spread throughout the greater Martinsville area are campgrounds located both north and south of the grounds. While it can ultimately differ, these grounds often provide basic hookups along with other features like free wifi, laundromats, and swimming pools. Most of these campgrounds are just a few minutes drive from US-220 or US-58 and may have the address of a neighboring town within 10 to 20 minutes of the speedway.

Getting around

The grounds of the speedway are relatively large but usually passable by foot. Motorized vehicles like ATVs, golf carts, and scooters are not permitted on the site, with the exception given to people with disabilities. To improve accessibility for people with disabilities, carts often shuttle these fans from the parking lot to the speedway.

What to pack


The two largest events take place in May and October, with the former having particularly warmer weather than the latter. If going in the spring, make sure to wear light clothes like jeans and a t-shirt. Fall weather can fluctuate more, so make sure you have a jacket on hand just in case.


While entertainment like a ball or some other sports equipment isn't prohibited keep in mind that the grounds can get cramped. When on the speedway, it is recommended to bring a hat, sunglasses, and some earplugs, along with a small bit of cash. To stay refreshed, you are allowed to bring a cooler into the stands, but it can be no larger than the specified dimensions.

Health & Safety

First aid stations are located on site, but basic precautions should be kept in mind. Personalized kits that include sunscreen, bug spray, and ointment can greatly improve the simplicity of your visit. Anything specific to you needs to be on hand as well, such as prescription drugs or allergy medication.

Where to eat


In the weeks before going to the campsite, check to see if a burn ban might be in effect. Charcoal and gas grills may not be permitted, and you will want to be prepared to cook inside the RV if needed. Multiple stores can be found in the surrounding area for you to buy supplies, with the brunt of them across US-220.


If cooking isn't your thing, there are a variety of options to choose from in the greater Martinsville area. A variety of fast food joints are located just a few minutes away just off of George Martin Drive. Down US-220 guests will also find multiple sit down restaurants that serve steak, seafood, and much more.


All vendors at the Martinsville Speedway are usually able to take both debit and credit cards, but cash is always fastest. Concession stands are available throughout the grounds and provide BBQ Sandwiches, Boss Dogs, and Nachos. Other vendors offering memorabilia and souvenirs are located just outside of the speedway itself.



Like any significant event, security might need to look through your bags. No weapons of any kind are permitted. The campgrounds, while secure, are not adequate protection in the chance of a major storm and anyone visiting should take necessary protections. Earplugs are highly recommended for all attendees as the races can be extremely loud, especially for younger guests.


Climate conditions in the greater Martinsville area vary greatly depending on the time of the year. Thankfully, most of the major events take place during milder portions of the year. Regardless, it's best to be smart and know the signs of exhaustion. For example, if you feel yourself feeling cold even though it is hot out, you might be suffering from heat sickness.


First aid and EMS services are located on the ground underneath the front stretch grandstand and behind the Clay Earles Tower. All team members are equipped to help and can contact 911 in case of an emergency. In a severe emergency, patrons may be taken off-site to one of the many hospitals in the surrounding area, with the closest located just east of the grounds.