Mary Jane Thurston State Park
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Visiting Mary Jane Thurston State Park is perfect for campers of all interests, as well as those looking to use the day-use amenities. There are many different things to do in the park, from team sports to boating and fishing.

This 104-acre park was originally dedicated as a park in 1928 by a Grand Rapid schoolteacher. The original park only covered 14 acres of land. It wasn't until 1968, after several leases and transfers that the property was officially dedicated as the park we know today.

The park offers several winter activities such as sledding, cross-country skiing, and sledding. These are all activities in which you usually won't find in parks in the Southern United States. These activities make Mary Jane Thurston State Park the perfect park to enjoy in all four seasons.

While there are around 20 primitive tent campsites, this park is very RV friendly in both the aspect of navigation and amenities. There are no sewer hookups in the campground, but there are four with water hookups and 27 with electric hookups. Although there are no sewer hookups, there are restrooms within walking distance of the campground, as well as a dump station near the campground office!

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Accessing Mary Jane Thurston State Park is a breeze, as the park is located just a half hour Southwest of Toledo, OH. Located on State Route 65, the park is easily accessible via car or full-sized RV.

If you're planning to use the day-use features of the park, there is plenty of parking for your car, RV, or car and boat trailer. There are two entrances to the park, both of which are located on State Route 65. Since one portion is home to the marina, you must navigate between the two sections of the park via the main road.

The campground is located on the East portion of the park, and the boating and marina areas are located on the West portion of the park. All roads within the park are easy to navigate with your RV, as all roads are wide enough to accommodate RVs and cars towing boats. All roads within the park are paved, making it even easier to maneuver around in your RV.

If you're staying in the campground, everything that you'd want to do is located within walking or biking distance. Even the marina portion is close enough to the campground to walk to!


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Mary Jane Thurston State Park Campground

Camping in Mary Jane Thurston State Park is a perfect place to enjoy the season's activities. This campground is open all year, but the peak seasons are considered to be April through October. Whether you're camping in the summer or winter, there's always an adventure to be had in the park.

The campground offers many amenities for you and your family. If you're camping with the whole family, there are playgrounds located within the campground portion of the park. Within walking distance of the park, you'll find opportunities for fishing, hiking, boating, and even an amphitheater where you can catch Saturday night movies!

While the sites are limited, four of the 23 electric sites offer water hookup. There are no sewer hookups in the campground, but there is a dump station located near the campground office for your convenience. Picnic tables and fire rings are offered at all campsites.

Within walking distance of every campsite, there are restrooms available for active camper's use.

There is also a day-use lodge available for reservation in the campground. This heated lodge is the perfect place for meetings or reunions, and is handicapped accessible!

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Mary Jane Thurston State Park is located on the Maumee River, making it a great park for those that love to get out on the water! The state park is home to a 96-slip marina, and docks can be rented on a daily basis!

This area is also great for those that are looking for kayaking and canoeing areas. While the river is wide, many areas around the state park have calm waters great for paddle boats.


Picnicking is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Each campsite within the park has it's own fire pit, picnic table, and grill! Since you will be at your own campsite, you don't have to worry about being the first to the table!

If you have a larger group, there are two picnic areas on the shore of the river that have picnic tables and grills at each site. There are also restrooms in the picnic areas, all of which make this state park perfect for your next picnic.

Team Sports

Within the park, there are several different places to enjoy some fun team sports. Within the campground, you'll find both a volleyball court and a basketball court. Whether you're traveling with friends or traveling alone, this is a great way to make some new friends and enjoy two fun team sports.

Make sure to bring your own volleyball or basketball, as only the court is offered in the park.



Whether you're a beginner hiker or experienced, Mary Thurston State Park is perfect for those looking for a relaxing hike. All trails within the park are considered easy, making these trails great for good conversations with friends and nature watching.

There are four trails in the park; the Tow Path, the Orange Trail, the Blue Trail, and the Yellow Trail. These trails range from .3 miles to just over a mile. The Tow Path even continues into the Grand Rapids Park!


Fishing is the perfect universal activity in Mary Jane Thurston State Park. Fishing is ideal in both summer and winter, making it excellent for any time of year. In the summertime, fishing from a boat and bank fishing are common, and in the wintertime, when weather permits, there are opportunities for ice fishing.

The most commonly fished species in the park are northern pike, walleye, white bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, bullhead, sheepshead, and crappie. Many places don't have this many species in one area, so take advantage of this fishing opportunity!

Winter Activities

While camping season is primarily in the summer months, there are many things to do in Mary Jane Thurston State Park in the winter months as well! While all of these things depend on temperatures, they are usually permitted all winter long.

Cross-country skiing, sledding, and ice fishing are excellent activities in the park in the winter months. If you plan to visit in the winter, pack your skis, sled, and warmest coat!