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McDonald Creek Provincial Park


Located just south of Naskusp on the Arrow Lake reservoir, McDonald Creek Provincial Park is a fantastic RV holiday destination for those wanting to have some fun in the sun. First established as an area for homesteading, there are still several remnant structures located in and around the park. The park was formerly recognized in 1982 and was introduced to offer recreational activities for the local community and tourists along the travel corridor.

The park features facilities on the eastern shoreline of Arrow Lake reservoir that includes long, fine sandy beaches, lakefront camping sites and open grassy meadows. The park also has a large day use/picnic area, playground and many quiet areas that you can go and explore during your stay. Taking on the water is one of the most popular activities for visitors and there is a boat launch available for you to use if you need it. If you are looking for some wildlife there is a diverse population of small mammals, including squirrels, chipmunks and porcupines. In late August and mid September the spawning kokanee are popular and once the winter hits elk and deer are commonly observed.

The camping at McDonald Creek Provincial Park is great for those wanting to have a lakeside camping experience. In total there are 73 RV friendly sites, including three double sites and 18 that are equipped with electrical hookups. Peak season at McDonald Creek Provincial Park runs from May until the end of September.

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RV Rentals in McDonald Creek Provincial Park



McDonald Creek Provincial Park is located in the south-eastern area of British Columbia and is around eight miles south of Nakusp. The park has one entry and exit point that is easily accessible and can be found off BC-6.

Since the park is in a relatively remote location, and there are no major cities that are close by. Because of this we recommend you access any services, specialized amenities or stock up on supplies during your trip to the park rather than relying on those in the small town of Nakusp. In addition to Nakusp there are also a few small towns near the park, including New Denver (around 36 miles away or 58 kms), Silverton (around 39 miles or 64 kms) and Slocan (around 56 miles or 91 kms away). The closest city to the park is Vernon, which is 112 (around 181 miles) to the west.

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the access road to the park is located right off BC-6. The road into the park is very short and is kept in great condition so you should have no troubles navigating it. During the winter the gate to the campground is locked and the park has no services.


There is plenty of parking available at McDonald Creek Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to McDonald Creek Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in McDonald Creek Provincial Park

Campsites in McDonald Creek Provincial Park

Alternate camping

McDonald Creek Campground

McDonald Creek Campground is the only campground at the park and has some great facilities for RV lovers. The campground has a two-way, gravel road situated on the edge of the forest that you enter on that features turnarounds at different intervals. In total there are 73 vehicle accessible sites in the park including, three doubles and 18 sites with electrical hookups. These electrical sites can be found at one through to 18 and will have either 30 or 50 amp connections.There are no pull through sites, however the campground has a mix of small to large sites, with the larger ones being able to accommodate larger RVs.

The majority of sites at the park are lakefront and offer access to the beach. All sites are also shady and amenities in the campground include toilets, showers, water collection points and a dump station.

From June 23th to September 3rd all of the sites in McDonald Creek Campground are reservable. Non-occupied sites can accommodate first-come, first-served customers depending on availability.

Seasonal activities in McDonald Creek Provincial Park



Arrow Lake reservoir is an excellent place to go and take a dip during the warm summer months. The water is known for being refreshing in the summer and there is a combined shoreline of over three miles (six km) for you to explore and enjoy. The reservoir has no marked swimming areas but there are plenty of natural sandbars and coves that will give you hours of entertainment. Please note there are no lifeguards on duty at McDonald Creek Provincial Park so swim to your abilities.


The large reservoir is also a great spot for those who love to spend their summer days out on the water. There is a boat launch located at the south end of the park that features a concrete plank and singlewide ramp. There is no wharf available but boats are often beached during the day. Canoeing, windsurfing and waterskiing are all popular but there are no guarantees rentals will be available so make sure to call ahead to the park office before you arrive.


There is one day-use/picnic area at the park that can be found before the campground. The area is very busy during the summer and features six tables, two pit toilets and a water tap. If you are looking for other picnic opportunities you can also take a rug and go picnic down on the shoreline of the reservoir. Please note there are no change houses, toilets or barbecue stands at the picnic area or along the shoreline.



Love to fish? If so, look no further than McDonald Creek Provincial Park. The reservoir is known for spectacular fresh-water fishing and if you do cast a line you have a chance of landing kokanee, bull and rainbow trout. Since the park closes down during the winter time fishing mostly occurs during the spring. There is no fishing gear rentals available at the park so bring your own pole if you want to go fishing. Remember that fishing or angling in British Columbia requires you to have an appropriate license.


While there are no specifically marked hiking trails at McDonald Creek Provincial Park there are miles of sandy beach, open meadows and small walks that you can do if you are looking to explore more of the park. A fun thing to do if you want to check out the beach is to go beachcombing. This is an activity that consists of searching the beach and the intertidal zone for things such as shells, fish bones or driftwood.

Wildlife Viewing

McDonald Creek Provincial Park is home to a very diverse population of small mammals that you may be able to catch a glimpse of during your trip. Squirrels, chipmunks and porcupines have been known to call the park home, as well as spawning kokanee in mid-August/early September. Elk and deer are also commonly observed during the off season. Be aware that bears also are spotted in the park and that you should never feed or approach bears or other wildlife.