Meaher State Park


Meaher State Park is an excellent destination for those looking to relax to peaceful views, explore nature trails, or even get out on the water with your favorite rod and reel. This state park is situated on over 1,300-acres in the Mobile Bay Wetlands, and home to the Mobile Delta.

Meaher State Park is a great place to relax and wind down from the chaos of the week. You can visit the State Park via a day pass or reserve a campsite for the weekend. The views of the bay and the Mobile Delta are exceptional from Meaher State Park.

If you're a nature lover, you will be ecstatic to learn how much wildlife can be found in Meaher State Park. Owls, eagles, alligators, and fish are some of the many different animals that you'll see in the park. When fishing, there are many kinds of species in the waters of the Mobile Bay, as fresh and salt water collide here. With a 300-foot fishing pier, you'll be able to get out on the water and land that catch of a lifetime!

If you plan to visit in the summer, make sure to bring bug spray and your favorite shorts! Summers in Meaher State Park can be very humid and tend to stay in the upper 80s for most of the summer. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, nature watching, or relaxing, Meaher State Park is an excellent destination for anyone, of any age, and any interest!

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Meaher State Park is very easy to find, as it is located only eight miles from Mobile, Alabama, on Highway 98. All of the roads both to and in the park are fully paved, making the park accessible with your car or RV. Although the streets are paved, they can get quite a bit narrow at some points, so if you're only going from one end of the park to the other, you may want to consider walking to eliminate any headache.


Just in case you’re going for just the day, be aware that there isn’t much parking available within the park outside of the RV sites. There is a small parking lot just south of the boat launch area, but you will have trouble in this lot if you're in your RV. If you're planning to camp in Meaher State Park, you can, of course, park your RV and/or car at the campsite that you've reserved.

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Meaher State Park

If you're looking to take your RV to Meaher State Park, you're in luck.There are 61 RV campsites in the park, and that's in addition to the tent sites! All RV sites include 20, 30, or 50 amp electric hook-up, as well as water and sewer connections! Sites are spacious enough to accommodate almost any RV or camper trailer.

If you’re camping with an RV that doesn’t have a toilet or shower, there is a bathhouse in the park with men and women’s showers. You can even get a load of laundry done while you’re camping! There are on-site laundry facilities on the park property for those of you looking to stay a while.

Reservations for Meaher State Park must be made by phone. If you’re planning to camp in the park, be sure to make a reservation, as the park can get full very quickly in the summer months.

Seasonal activities in Meaher State Park



Biking is a great in-season activity at Meaher State Park, and the 5-Rivers Park is directly across the street from the State Park. You can also take a ride to the fishing pier, nature walks, and other facilities throughout the park. Although there are not many miles of bike trails, it is a great experience getting to feel the bay breeze on your face and seeing all that the Mobile Bay has to offer!


Meaher State Park is an excellent place if you love to be out on the water. No matter what your interest, the Mobile Bay is excellent for kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and the park has a boat ramp for those with larger vessels. Whether you’re out on the water for leisure or heading out on a fishing trip with some friends, you can’t miss out on the beautiful Mobile Bay when visiting Meaher State Park.


If you speak with someone who is an experienced angler, they’ll tell you that there’s no in or out season for fishing. If you want to fish, go for it! Fish have to eat year-round, so you still have a shot at landing that next big catch. While it can be year-round, it’s much more popular to fish in the warmer months. Meaher State Park has a pierthat is over 300 feet long to accommodate those looking to get a little further away from the shore and not having to worry about the hassle of loading and unloading a boat.


Wildlife Viewing

Meaher State Park is a nature lover's paradise. Whether you are more interested in wildlife or geographical beauty, Meaher State Park has something for everyone. The Mobile Delta is where five rivers meet and begin dumping into the ocean. The rivers that drain into the bay draw in many different species of fish, birds, and even reptiles. Don’t be surprised if you see a few alligators amongst your stroll through nature!


If you're looking to stay in Meaher State Park, but don't have the option to take an RV, there are other options that you could choose. Meaher State Park has two cabins available to reserve, as well as ten tent campsites! This is great in the off-season, as there will be fewer chances of the cabins already being rented out. The cabins are fully furnished with a full kitchen, TV, and living room for entertaining family and friends!

Nature Trails

In the park, you'll find two nature trails that includes a boardwalk to get an up-close view of the beautiful Mobile Delta. The Mobile Delta consists of over 20,000 acres of water, and Meaher State Park is the perfect place to view this natural phenomenon. These nature trails are self-guided, so you can take as much or as little time as you need! Keep a lookout when you're on the boardwalk, you might see an alligator or two in the water! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to see nature in its untouched state.