Merrick State Park
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Situated on the beautiful backwaters of the Mississippi River, Merrick State Park stretches across an area of around 322 acres. It is bordered by the stunning waters and lands of the upper Mississippi River, and the National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. The park is one of the most sought-out areas for activities such as camping, fishing, and boating. Situated right next to the natural waterfronts of Fountain City, Merrick State Park has become a year-round haven for tourist and anglers. The park offers a pet-friendly environment that allows you to bring your pets along with you as long as you put them on a leash.

Famous for its scenic camping spots, Merrick State Park offers sixty-five individual campsites, situated within three different campgrounds and a fifty-person group tent. The campsites are surrounded by large rocks that cover the shoreline and offer tranquil sounds of water crashing against the rocks. A recycling center and a trailer dump station are located right across the park entrance. These sites are large enough for an RV; however, some are private and only good for tenting. Situated right next to the Mississippi River, Merrick State Park is also considered a hotspot for fishing and kayaking enthusiast.

Merrick State Park is a perfect weekend spot for people who are looking to spend some quality time with their family. Making campsite reservations is encouraged and can be done up to 11 days prior to the date of occupancy.

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Located within the Wisconsin State Park just around three miles away from Fountain City and five and a half miles away from State Highway 35, Merrick State Park is easy to visit by car, RV, motorhome or Big Rig. A vehicle admission sticker is required for any vehicle brought into the property and anyone without a sticker will have to buy one for each night of their camping trip. Once you are inside, you’ll be able to get around easily in your RV or any other vehicle as the park has wide roads that connect to the different campgrounds and various facilities.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Merrick State Park

Campsites in Merrick State Park

Reservations camping

Merrick State Park North Campground

The park is open throughout the year from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and offers a large number of campsites in three campgrounds situated in different parts of the park. The campground on the North offers basic facilities like a flush toilet and a shower building. There are a total number of 25 camping sites in which 22 of them have electrical hookups. In addition to that, camping site-6 is also accessible to the disabled offering all basic amenities like restrooms, showers, dump station and nearby clean water source.

Merrick State Park Island Campground

The Island campground at the park offers two group campsites that are on opposite sides of the island. The five walk-to tent family campsites as well as group sites are connected with the mainland by road. The island campground has facilities like a log shelter, parking area, vault toilets, drinking water, picnic tables and canoe/ boat launches and landing area. Camping here feels like being amidst the Mississippi itself!

Alternate camping

Merrick State Park South Campground

The campground at the South of the park offers 35 campsites, out of which 28 are waterfront sites sited overlooking the Fountain City Bay area. In flooding season, the camping area in the South is closed until the flood recedes and the ground is dried out completely. Many hiking trails lead off the campground with basic facilities available such as vault toilets and access to clean water.

Seasonal activities in Merrick State Park



The Mississippi River flows through Merrick Park offering anglers scenic and private spots for fishing crappies, bluegills and small & largemouth bass, along with the many other species that dwell in the river waters. The park also offers free fishing equipment to anglers of all ages in case you fancy a spot of relaxing fishing.


The park offers sporting activities like canoe launch, two boat landings, canoe rental and self-guided canoe trails to help you fully enjoy the Mississippi River. The quiet river backwater offers an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for a silent-sport water experience while enjoying the sun and panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.


For hunting enthusiasts, hunting and trapping are only allowed in the park during the hunting and trapping time frame decided by Wisconsin State Park. Trapping is restricted to state park property and is not allowed within an area of 100 yards of any designated use area or trail. A wide species of fauna reside in the surrounding wilderness including heron, deer, egrets, muskrats, ducks and kingfishers that can be seen and heard around the river banks and in the more rural spots of the park.



The park has a number of picnic areas right across the Mississippi River offering everything from water, wildlife viewing, fishing opportunities and a chance to simply relax and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. One picnic area close to the lower boat launch is also open to leashed pets. In addition to that, Merrick State Park also offers three picnic shelters extended throughout the park.

Winter Activities

During winter season, the park offers many different recreational activities including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing in various sections of the park and river. The hiking trails offers skiers the opportunity to explore different areas of the park and enjoy its winter marvels.


The park offers around two miles of hiking trails that are available for use all year round. This hiking trail stretches along the length of the park winding its way alongside the river and the parks various facilities. This relaxing hike is on level ground and offers disability access throughout the trail with breathtaking views of the river, woodlands and rocky river banks.