Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

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Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is a 3 sq. km (1.3 sq. mile) park that sits on the shore of Meziadin Lake and offers comfortable camping options for RV vacationers. Located along Highway 37, just south of Meziadin, this provincial park is a well-loved destination for campers, visitors, and residents in the area. Furthermore, the park is a great base camp for exploring northern British Columbia.

Recreational opportunities available at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park include fishing for rainbow trout and dolly varden, canoeing and kayaking on the lake, wildlife observation, biking on the park roadways, swimming in the park’s cool waters, picnicking at scenic spots with waterfront views, photography, nature observation, pet walking, and lots more.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park features 66 RV campsites that are available by reservation and on first-come first-served basis. More than 25% of the campsites in the park are equipped with electric RV hookups. Other facilities and amenities at the park include fire rings, pit toilets, picnic shelter, garbage facilities, handicap access toilets, food cache, drinking water hand pump, boat launch, picnic tables, small dock, firewood, and Wi-Fi.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park was established in 1987.

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Transportation in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park


Located along Highway 37, just south of Meziadin, Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is a simple drive-in park that is easy to locate and access by RVs, trailers, and other motorized vehicles. The local road within the park connects the various campsites and places of interest and make navigation within the park very easy. There are no driving restrictions within the park.


There are no designated parking areas within Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, however RV campers and vacationers at the park can park their trailers and rigs at their respective campsites within the campground. Furthermore, overnight parking is available.

Public Transport

There are no direct public transportation services to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Meziadin Lake Campground

Meziadin Lake Campground in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park features 66 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. 18 campsites in the campground are equipped with electric hookup options for RVs. RV length limit at the campground is 32 ft (10 m), however, vacationers with larger rigs can call the park ahead to find out if there is space available.

Facilities and amenities available at the campground include drinking water hand pump, tent pads, pit toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, handicap access toilets, garbage facilities, food cache, boat launch and a small dock.

25 campsites in the campground are available by reservation while the remaining 41 campsites are available on first-come first-served basis only.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park



Meziadin Lake Provincial Park features black and grizzly bears that are commonly seen by vacationers and campers at the park. The high value grizzly bear is the most common wildlife in the park. Remember to keep your distance if you encounter a bear, and never feed the wildlife.


There are wonderful opportunities to enjoy canoeing and kayaking on Meziadin Lake, since the lake is popular among paddlers for the beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes that are seen from the lake. The gravel boat launch in the park is the perfect place to set upon such adventures.


Excellent fishing opportunities are available in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park for RV campers that enjoy angling. The main fish species in Meziadin Lake are rainbow trout and dolly varden, however, sockeye salmon are commonly found in the nearby creeks in the park. Hence, fishing is a popular activity at the park, year-round.



There are several amazing picnic spots at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park that offer scenic and beautiful views of the lake and feature nice facilities such as picnic shelters, picnic tables, wheelchair accessible toilets, pit toilets, and fire rings. All of these make the park a comfortable place to enjoy picnics and lunch with family and friends.


Meziadin Lake is open to swimmers to enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the park. Even more, a designated area within the lake is marked for swimming providing RV campers required information on how far they can go swimming in the lake. No lifeguards are available at the park.


RV campers can explore the entire park along the roads on bicycles as biking is a popular activity at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park. All riders are required to wear bicycles helmets when cycling in the park. There are few better ways to enjoy the scenery in the area than by covering some miles on your bike.

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